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    Default RIFT 3.4: Hotfix #3 10/14/2015

    RIFT 3.4: Hotfix #3 10/14/2015

    NA: 10/14/15 7:30 AM PDT
    EU: 10/15/15 1 AM GMT

    * Fixed the Guild Log to correctly display achievements and completed quests prior to 3.4.
    * Fixed an issue with suggested prices on the Auction House.
    * Changing shards will no longer remove and not re-apply the scene based abilities you are granted in Plane Touched Wilds.

    * An additional login bonus has been scheduled for Friday, October 16th to make up for the incorrect loot in the Pinatas available on Tuesday. A Primal Celebration Gift – Redux will be available to claim in the RIFT Store, once per account.
    - If you accidentally claim it on the wrong character: don't panic! The pack itself is BoA as long as you don't open it.
    * The Rift Store now includes level 10-50 pvp weapons for Primalists.
    * Updated the tooltip for the Red Crabnarok. It now correctly states that it’s a 155% speed mount.
    * Fixed bad previews for Pet Skin: Shalistiri Spirit and Pet Skin: Skyhunter.
    * Fixed nameplate UI settings not persisting.

    * Fixed player colors in the Warfront scoreboard to display red and blue for the correct sides.
    * Fixed an bug with the Store resetting the filters and scrollbar.
    * Fixed an issue with the Store reopening after closing.
    * The UI Layout system has been overhauled to fix various HUD elements from gradually creeping across the screen, and improved placement through window resizing and resolution changes.
    - Note: If player has Global UI scale enabled and resizes the window, UI elements jump to unexpected positions. This is a bug and will be fixed in a future hotfix.
    * Fixed a bug that could cause /reloadui to clear all your bag positions.

    * Nightmare Saga: Nightmare Scenario is now listed as a group quest.
    * Some older zone events have had their Void Stone payouts normalized.

    * It seems that the upheavals caused by the return of Planetouched Wilds were not confined to Mathosia. Over in Brevane, the boundaries of Arakhosian Hinterlands have shifted, and now include a small area that used to be in the Biofoundary.

    * Quest: Usuk Hel: Players will no longer have their pets parrot Tam’s lines. Thanks to Darosarabean for bringing it to our attention.
    * Ancestor Spirits have been spotted roaming the ruins in Cosmic Steppes.
    * Quest: The King and You: Queen Bloodhorn is no longer masquerading as a rhino.
    * Quest: Primal Meditations: The crystals will now properly sparkle when on the quest.
    Players will now earn rested XP in Shal Korva.
    * Finding the Finder: Researcher Jessa is now a little easier.
    * Quest: Spirit Buster: Fixed an issue was preventing Malicious Spirits from respawning appropriately


    * Fixed a bug where a Primalist at level 50 could put too many points in a talent tree.

    * Pass Fixed a bug causing Ancestral Force to be capable of critically healing.

    * Fixed an issue causing Conservation to calculate as a spell instead of a melee attack.
    * Fixed a bug where Nature's Blessing (lvl 65 Mastery) stacked with Divine Favor (lvl 65 Cleric Mastery).
    * Fixed a bug causing Invigorate's healing to only work on the casting Preserver, not work if cast on an ally.
    * Fixed a bug which caused Overgrowth not to function.

    * Titanic Spirit: Increased threat modifier from 200% to 300%.
    * Increased threat of Essence Strike, Crystalline Lance, and Earthquake.
    * Primal Avatar - Ram: Fixed an issue preventing this from increasing the caster’s maximum Absorb.
    * Fixed a bug where Earthquake dealt Death damage instead of Earth damage.
    * Increased Earthquake's damage multiplier by 50%.

    * Fixed an issue causing Divergence and Wind Shear to be counted as Instant abilities instead of Cast Time abilities.
    * Updated tagging on Typhoon abilities to respect line of sight.

    * Precise Aim: Increased buff duration to 15 seconds, up from 10 seconds.
    * Beacon of the Drake: Fixed an issue preventing this from scaling properly with attack power, weapon damage, or physical critical hit chance.
    * Lava Lance: Now works correctly.
    * Primal Warp: Now works correctly.
    * Stroke of Brilliance: Fixed an issue where this was doing too much damage while not at true harmony.


    * Increased the damage of the initial tick of Soul Sickness, Necrotic Wounds, and Flesh Rot.
    Shadow Warp will now drop flags when used in Warfronts.

    * Stonespear is now properly tagged as a damage ability.


    * Fixed the description text on Contra Tempo to display the correct amount it increases per talent level.
    * Removed the debilitate text from Weapon Barrage.

    * Voidstone costs for many Storm Legion essences have been drastically reduced.
    * Ghar Badge of Honor now appears on Ghar notoriety vendors when only the Primalist calling is selected.
    * Epic upgrades on ranged weapons that drop from the Rhazade Canyon boss now have ability procs.
    * Nomi found a new supplier for Rainbow Glue and will be selling it for a much reduced price from now on, although it’s still not cheap. It is Rainbow Glue after all.
    * Calzrix, the Primal Edge, the upgraded Primalist tanking axe from the Intrepid Guild of Prophecy raid is now correctly set to Relic rarity.

    * Fixed an exploit which allowed companion pets to be targeted by Earthen Punishment.
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