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    Default RIFT 3.3: Hotfix #5 7/29/2015

    RIFT 3.3: Hotfix #5 7/29/2015

    NA: 7/29/15 7:00 AM PDT
    EU: 7/30/15 1:00 AM GMT


    The Nightmare Saga: Act II is now live!
    Players who have completed Act 1 can return to the Throne Room in Tempest Bay to continue the story.

    * Fixed some visual artifacts caused by models loading.
    * The number of appearances required to complete the top Cape and Chest wardrobe achievements have been lowered.

    * Level 65 equipment dropped from Supply Crates and Troves now have a new upgrade tier.
    * All service items that drop from Supply Crates or Troves after today's hotfix can no longer be traded.
      Any existing service items that have already been obtained will remain tradeable, and there are no plans to force them to be bound.

    * The Water Saga quests Atonement and The Solace Cabal should function much more reliably now.

    * IA: Clearing the Forest: Fixed an issue that could block larger adventure groups from progressing on this quest.
    * IA: Goblin War Council: Reduced health and damage of bosses. Also removed the ability "Elemental Swarm" from the bosses. (Thank you to Shedelin!)
    * IA: Fire Brigade: Fixed an issue where quest objective fires were not visible to some players

    * Quest: What's Yours Is Mine: The cooldown on the quest objective has been removed. (Thank you to Velorek@Gelidra!)

    * Daily Quest: Kill It With Fire: This quest should work properly once again. (Thank you to Lufia5!)

    * Fixed a rare mob issue where Drone Bennkaa would spawn instead of Overseer Primarch.


    * Fixed a bug that caused Savantís Crystalís interaction with Synthesis on one target to persist after re-applying Synthesis to a different target.
     - Known Issue: Chloromancers with Savant's Crystals who re-apply Synthesis to a target they already have Synthesis active on will lose the benefit of their 2 and 4 piece bonus.
     - This can be worked around by casting Synthesis on a second target, or by having the initial target cancel their buff before you re-cast it.
     - This will be fixed in an upcoming hotfix.

    * Smooth Guffin Pebble: This item can now only be used in the open world.
    * Column of Housed Souls now has an DPS upgrade path for a relic item.
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