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    Default RIFT 3.1: Hotfix #11 4/8/2015

    RIFT 3.1: Hotfix #11 4/8/2015

    NA: 4/8/15 7:30 AM PDT
    EU: 4/9/15 1:00 AM GMT



    * Radical Colaescence: Fixed a bug that could cause this ability to fail to provide the Fanaticism buff if it was cast while the user already had 4 stacks of Life and Death Concord
    Zealotry: Fixed a bug that caused this ability to only lose stacks on the first three critical hits when both Fanaticism and Radical Coalescence were used consecutively.
     - Zealotry will now always subtract a stack when an ability critically hits while Zealotry is present on the caster.

    * Courage of the Panther: The damage increase effect is now a 14% damage buff, up from 10%.
    * Cold Blooded: Now provides a 4% increase to damage dealt per talent point spent in this talent, up from 3% per talent point.
    * Deep Freeze:
     - Now has a 30 meter range.
     - Now requires an enemy target to be cast.
     - Now affects 5 targets-- your target and 4 others-- in a 10 meter radius around the primary target, changed from 50 targets in a 7 meter radius around the caster.
     - These changes allow Deep Freeze to be used more consistently on large enemies in PvE content, and eliminate some edge cases where it could have an outsized impact in chokepoints on PvP maps


    * Dire Corruption, Power Leech, and Flesh Rot are now classified as a diseases and as such can be cleansed.


    * Strafe: Increased damage done to correct the reduction in damage from a previous hotfix.


    * ZE: The Ravenous Devourer:
     - Ojingeodon now takes longer to kill fish for the failure objective in Phase 1.
     - The player objective in Phase 1 has been lowered to 60.

    * Items with powerful procs now trigger their abilities’ internal cooldowns when equipped.
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