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    Default RIFT 2.5: Hotfix #7 12/18/13 NA @ 8AM PST || 12/19/13 EU @ 2AM GMT

    RIFT 2.5: Hotfix #7 12/18/13

    == FEATURES ==

    Intrepid: River of Souls Chronicle
    We've reached our final weekly feature of content updated for level 60! Our sixth feature is the Intrepid: River of Souls Chronicle, with mobs brought up to max level, with some new rewards to boot!

    * Account-bound Radiant Infinity Cells can now be used for upgrading items.
    * Fixed a safety hazard with Empyreal Walkers that caused player limbs to stick out of the mech suit. Please Keep All Limbs Inside the Vehicle At All Times.
    * The Silverwood Guard's Outfit cannot be dyed correctly. This will be fixed in a future hotfix.

    * To give more time for snowflake farming and achievement chasing, Fae Yule will be extended a week! Phase 3 now ends on Jan. 9th, 2014.
    * Some lingering holiday cheer will remain until the 15th, primarily the Store items and the droppable chests.
    * Many new Fae Yule achievements have been added for in-game activities!
    * Fae Yule teleporters in Tempest Bay should now work correctly for players that have purchased a race or faction change. Thanks to Beanster on the forums!
    * Eli Wyllyce, the Fae Yule dimension item vendor, has located his correct inventory. Revelers rejoice!
    * The bonus Fae Yule artifacts spawned when a Fae Yule village is built up through Instant Adventure have been reworked for better reliability.
    * Store incentive achievements no longer count towards the Achievement Score.
    * Dark Ice bells now stack to 99.

    * New Years Fireworks are now available under the Fae Yule section of the store. Happy New Years!
    * Transcendent versions of Boosts are now available on the Rift Store 24/7!
    * Life and Death themed costume weapons are now available in the Wardrobe section.
    * Players viewing a wishlist as it's being modified will see the modifications as they happen.



    * Opportunity: Now reduces the global cooldown of abilities it affects to 1s.
    * Conflux: Now applied to the Mage instead of the enemy, and is no longer on the global cooldown.
    * Salvage Corruption: Increased the duration to 30s.
    * Void Barrage: Can now be used while moving.
    * Choke: Cooldown reduced to 30s.
    * Mortality:
    - Now consumes less Charge.
    - The mage is now immune to crowd control abilities while this spell is being cast.
    * Defile: Now increases the chance for damage over time abilities to critically hit by 3%.
    * Seeping Corruption: Now causes your damage over time abilities to ignore 10/20/30% of your target's Resistances.
    * Dark Power: Now also increases the range of non-melee damaging abilities by 1/2/3/4/5 meters. Increased range does not stack with the other range increasing effects.
    * The follow abilities are now affected by talents that increase the range of non-melee damaging abilities:
    - Persist
    - Salvage Corruption
    - Deathly Pall
    * Improved Void Bolt: Now also reduces the amount of pushback suffered while casting Void Bolt and Life Leech by 33/66/100%.
    * Neddra's Torture: Can now proc on an enemy cleansing DoTs from the Neddra's Torture target a number of times equal to the number of damage over time effects on the enemy at cast time plus 1, up to 4 times.
    * Phobia: Has been removed.
    * New Talent: Crippling Terror: The mage's damage over time abilities gain additional benefit from Spell Power by 4/8/12%. This is a tier 4 talent.
    * Void Decimation: Now also affects Neddra's Torture.
    * Radiate Death: Cooldown has been reduced to 20s.
    * Warlock Armor: Removed the variance from heal procs.
    * Swift Corruption: Now also increases the chance for damage over time abilities to critically hit by 2/4%.
    * Life Leech: Now heals for 3% of the Mage's max health over 10s.
    * Improved Life Leech: Now increases the healing done by Life Leech to 4/5/6% of the Mage's max health over the duration of the effect.
    * Draining Bolt: Now heals for 10% of the Mage's max health.
    * Improved Draining Bolt: Now also increases the healing of Draining Bolt by 0.5/1% of the Mage's max health per Death based damage over time effect on the enemy.

    * Natural Awareness: Now procs from both Life and Death based abilities.


    * Twin Shots: Fixed an issue where both hits used the same crit roll.


    * Regulos:
    - Piercing Tentacle no longer causes knockback.
    - Lowered the health of the minibosses.

    * Locomotive Bulwark
    - Debilitating Poison will no longer drain the Locomotive Bulwark's energy.

    * Salvarola:
    - No longer sing the praises of Ultaine when players re-enter the instance and head past his room after he has been killed.
    * Ultane:
    - Wrath of Maelforge takes slightly longer to cast after phase changes and has more visible VFX.
    - Lowered the damage of Cursed Blood and Lava Flow.
    - Mark of the Damned is slightly more forgiving when it triggers.

    * Adjusted the respawn of trash mobs. For real this time.

    * A new set of artifacts can now be found inside!
    * Planebreaker Abominus:
    - Removed 3rd round of jumps needed when fighting the Overseer Council upon their individual platforms.
    - Overseer Zor'zyx will now use his fully upgraded Seismic Wave attack upon the 2nd visit to his platform. *As the 3rd visit has been removed.
    - Removed the random aspect of which Overseer will begin the fight, it will now always begin with Zor'zyx.
    * Warden Thrax:
    - Adjusted beam width during Greater Tectonic Transference so that it will cover all edges of the spokes surrounding the Warden Thrax platform.

    * Fixed an issue that was preventing players from progressing


    * Fishing: Droughtlands Fisherman, Moonshade Highlands Fisherman, and Iron Pine Peak Fisherman achievements now function again.

    * Some erroneous loot has been removed from he Fae Yule Bonus Loot boxes.
    * Various drops from Inyra have had their upgrade recipes fixed.
    * Fixed some "Desolate" and "of the Endless Eclipse" items on the raid Store that weren't displaying their synergy set bonus tooltip.
    * Reinforced Ascended's Sublime Scepter and Ascended's Sublime Scepter had their names reversed. This has been corrected.
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