RIFT 2.3 Hot Fix #13 - 7/31/13

* Several Summerfest quests in Brevane and Dusken with low spawn rates have seen performance boosts, and should now be easier to complete.
* Summerfest themed patron and non-patron login rewards have come to an end- normal login bonuses will now be rewarded daily.
* Writ of the Sun Burned now grants the appropriate title when consumed.
* Quest: Creepy Crawlies: Is once again available from Nate Thorton.
* Quest: Deliver Ice Cream: Players who completed this last year in Shimmersand can once again speak to Zerato to turn it in.
* Quest: A Simple Bean: Quest progress is now shared amongst party members.

* You can finally inspect someone's wardrobe.
* Have made adjustments to the daily server resets at 4am server time in an attempt to reduce the number of log-in failures and connectivity issues during that time. We will continue monitoring the situation after this has gone live.

* A one-time login reward of 1,000,000 PA XP has been added to the claim window!



* Well of Souls: Ability description has been updated. It clarifies that the ability is an area effect that is placed at the enemy's location, not on the targeted enemy themselves.
* Dark Water: Cooldown has been removed.
* Dark Water: The dot portion of this ability, Darkness, can now stack up to 3 times.
* Death's Grasp: Now reduces cast time of Shadow's Touch by 0.1/0.2/0.3/0.4/0.5s.
* Eccentric: Now also increases the crit chance of Shadow's Touch. Causes stacks of Darkness to increase damage taken from the Cleric's Shadow's Touch by 1/2/3/4/5% per stack.
* Pain of the Chosen: Now also affects Dark Water.
* Dark Manifesto: Now also makes Curse of Discord cause enemies to take an additional 2/4/6/8/10% damage from the Cleric's attacks.
* Obliterate: Now causes the Cleric's Bound Fate to deal 200% damage, Tyranny of Death, Disintegration and Ravaging Darkness to deal 250% damage, but only damage the targeted enemy. Causes Ravaging Darkness to return 15% health and mana to the Cleric.
* Ravaging Darkness can now hit 8 targets. Up from 7.

* Cloak of Leaves: Talent removed.
* Trickster's Bluff: Removed ability.
* Natural Dedication: Removed ability.
* Life Breach: Removed ability.
* Carry a Big Stick: Now increases the damage of Fervent Strike by 5/10/15%.
* Curious Precision: Now increases all abilities chance to Critically Hit by 3/6/9%.
* Overproliferation: Now also increases the number of times Eruption of Life can proc by 2/4.
* Eruption of Life: Now has a 30m range. Damage procs from Life damage caused by this ability now reduce the cooldown of Resounding Blow by 1.5s.
* Fury of the Fae: Now only applies to the Cleric and their pet and stacks with similar buffs.
* Hidden Path: Now can be used while crowd controlled.
* Fervent Strike: No longer gains a positional bonus.
* New Ability: Resounding Blow: Deals Physical damage. Increases damage of the Cleric's next damaging ability within 10s by 50%. 15 second cooldown. Requires 40 points in Druid before it can be unlocked in the tree.
* New ability: Essence Strike: Deals Life damage. Refreshes the Cleric's active Eruption of Life on the enemy. 10s cooldown. Requires 25 points in Druid before it can be unlocked in the tree.
* New ability: Trickster's Bolt: Deals Life damage. 30m range. Instant. Requires 5 points in Druid before it can be unlocked in the tree.
* New ability: Fae Mimicry: Causes the Cleric's next 4 single target damaging abilities to deal additional Life damage equal to initial damage. Lasts 15s. Does not proc from damage over time effects. 30s cooldown. 61 point root ability.
* New ability: Notion Theft: Interrupts. 10s cooldown. 20 point root ability.
* Combined Effort: Now buffs the Cleric for 15s, causing single target damaging abilities to increase the damage taken from the Cleric and their pet for 5s.
* Subtlety: Now allows damaging abilities of the Cleric and their pet to ignore 20% of their targets' Armor and Resistance. Lasts 1 hour.
* Peace of the Forest: Now an instant cast. Restores 7% mana and consumes 7% health.

* Spiritual Scrutiny: Now reduces global cooldown of the Cleric's ranged damaging abilities by 0.5s. Allows Cleric's damaging abilities to ignore 20% of their targets' Armor and Resistance. Reduces boht the cast time of Bolt of Judgment by 1.5s and its damage by 20%. Reduces mana cost of single target damaging abilities by 33%. Lasts 1h.
* Unified Theory: When Life and Death Concord reaches 5 stacks, the next Bolt of Depravity can be cast instantly. Reduces the Global Cooldown of Bolt of Depravity to 1 second. After consuming Unified Theory, the next 2 Bolts of Judgment or Bolts of Retribution have their cast times reduced by 0.5s.
* Circle of Oblivion: Channel time increased to 7s.

* Ride the Lightning: Now requires a melee weapon equipped, and now causes Frostbite to proc.
* Ride the Lightning: Can now be used while carrying stones in Karthan Ridge and Whitefall Steppes.
* Courage buffs now stack with each other.
* Furious Assault: Cooldown reduced to 5 seconds. Nno longer reduces single target damage.
* Shocking Conclusion: Now increases damage done by Jolt after a critical hit with a weapon attack by 40/80/120%.
* Pattern of Violence: Now causes weapon attacks reduce the current cooldown of Massive Blow by 0.66/1.33/2s.
* Frozen Wrath: No longer has a cooldown. Cannot be used on a target the caster already has Frozen Wrath on.
* Courage of the Panther: Now increases damage by 10%, up from 5%.
* Deep Freeze: No longer triggers a global cooldown.
* Furious Assault: Now reduces area effect damage by 25%, up from 15%.


* Fixed an issue preventing Ranks 1 9 of Luminous Weapon from proccing damage correctly.

* Rift: Crucia's Grasp: Killing the boss too fast will no longer block the rift from being completed.
* Rift: Planar Betrayal: Should no longer get stuck before it is completed.

* Vergo Senpaga in Tulan is no longer levitating.

* The porticulum previously at Quarrystone Basin has been moved to Coterie Camp.
* A new porticulum has been added next to Sunrest Bridge!

* Quest: Fun Time Having: No longer increments more than intended when being completed by a group.
* Strongholds:
- Haradran's whirlwind damage and teleport frequency have been reduced.

* Endless Eclipse:
- No longer saved to instance after completing the first event.
* Grim Awakening
- Ultane has done some redecorating and removed the cages from his room.

* Exodus of the Storm Queen
- Valthundr: Reduced Frozen Soul stacks from 4 to 2 during Deep Freeze.

* Sellback items on dimension items have been lowered.
* Dimensions now display the owner's name!
* Moving Dimension items, especially statues and NPCs, have seen an increase in performance.

* Costume Weapons now have Costume as their item type, and no longer have calling requirements.
* Swarmlord Khargorth's Impalers will now properly cause both eyes to glow, even if your VFX options are set to low.
* Exceptional Whetstone, Exceptional Oilstone and Coruscating Powerstone can now be applied to any appropriate weapon requiring level 60 to equip.
* Numerous essences granted from Storm Legion quests now have a minimum level 50 requirement to equip.

* The Planar Attunement level up animation no longer shows to players below level 50. However, you will still be gaining Planar Attunement experience/levels for use when you reach level 50 and unlock Planar Attunement!
* Numerous essences granted from Storm Legion quests now have a minimum level 50 requirement to equip.