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    Default RIFT 2.3 Hot Fix #8 - 7/2 NA @ 8.00AM PT || 7/3 EU @ 1AM GMT

    RIFT 2.3 Hotfix #8 - 07/02/13

    * Animations have been added to the inventory when a player picks up an item from a Dimension or claims a Loyalty Reward.
    * The number of /saveequip and /loadequip slots have been increased from 9 to 20!
    * Transfigured weapons should no longer sometimes play the unarmed attack animation instead of the weapon's attack animation.
    * Twitter functionality has been restored!
    * Looting Planarite from corpses is now less annoying.
    * Guest registration has better support of extended characters.

    * Fixed some cases where parts of your character might disappear when previewing certain items.
    * If a player disconnects in the middle of a purchase, an in-game mail will be sent with the status of the purchase.
    * When reporting feedback, there is now an option for the RIFT Store.
    * The Custodian set now previews accurately.
    * Purchasing dimension upgrades for your alts with credits should now work correctly.
    * Fixed an issue causing the Neophyte bundles to give out incorrect gear.



    * Shadow Stalk: Can no longer be used on pets.


    * The bonus from the Harbinger synergy crystal is now removed if the Lightning Charge buff is removed.
    * Lightning Charge: Can no longer be purged.

    * Dawnkeeper Vale: Onslaught Quest Giver Darvik has been moved down the ramp a bit.

    * IA: Kah'Tqq, Sk'Krii, and Zza'xx have had their difficulty significantly decreased.

    * The creatures in Ember Isle have been weakened over time. Their difficulty and rewards are now the same as mobs from the old world.

    * Quest: A Snake in Sanctum: Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent Cealhaidh the Corrupter from being targetable in combat.

    * Quest: Treasures of the Achyati: The items required for this quest will now drop from the proper mobs.

    * Fixed an issue with some chronicle, dungeon, raid, and dimension instances spawning with unshakable lag.


    * Ultane:
    - Spirit Shackle no longer attaches to pets.
    - Mark of the Damned no longer damages pets.
    * Salvarola
    - The achievement "Three's Company" has been replaced by "Fire on the Dance Floor".
    - The adds in phase 2 should no longer get stuck.
    - No longer punishes players who use their pets to tank him after they've left the encounter. Instead of killing the pet repeatedly, he now only kills the pet once. He considers it a warning shot.


    * Quest: Kaaz Boom: Fixed a text error.
    * Inyr’Kta: Fixed an issue that could cause fight to reset when two players are involved.
    * Och and Krok: Fixed an issue that could bar players from reentering the chamber.

    * Storm Legion PVP sets have been converted to upgradeable items.
    * Mercenary gear can now be upgraded to Freelancer gear with Freelancer's Empowered Cell, Freelancer's Empowered Small Cell and Freelancer's Empowered Large Cell.
    * Freelancer gear can now be upgraded to Warlord's gear with Warlord's Empowered Cell, Warlord's Empowered Small Cell and Warlord's Empowered Large Cell.
    * Freelancer's gear can still be purchased outright with Credits, but is no longer available for in-game currency. (Use the upgrade components to upgrade Mercenary gear!)
    * Warlord's gear is no longer available on the store or from vendors in Tempest Bay. (Use the upgrade components to upgrade to Freelancer gear!)
    * Upgrade components can be found on the RIFT Store under PVP Upgrade Components.
    * The upgrade components obtained from Freelancer's Conquest Marks have been renamed to "Freelancer's Conquest Cell" and "Freelancer's Conquest Small Cell".

    * Snapper Hatchlings in Tulan are no longer skinnable.
    * Auction House recipes will now start showing up under the correct tradeskill subcategories. This only applies to new auctions, so it may take some time to fully take effect.
    * Artisan store vendor windows now let you sort recipes by skill level.

    * The dialog for swapping dimensions now clarifies what's being replaced.

    * Hunt Legend Mender's Rough Greater Rotward now works with Chloromancer Veil healing.
    * Coruscating Powerstone now displays the correct amount of Spell Power in its description.
    * Fate of the Wind now grants a chance for your single target healing spells to heal for an additional amount and heals from Lifegiving Veil or Lifebound Veil a chance to heal your Synthesis target for additional health.
    * Rend the Heavens now grants a chance for your single target healing spells to heal for an additional amount and heals from Lifegiving Veil or Lifebound Veil a chance to heal your Synthesis target for additional health.
    * Achyati Rune of Dexterity, Achyati Rune of Minor Dexterity, Empyreal Rune of Dexterity and Empyreal Rune of Minor Dexterity should now show up when filtering for Rogue runes.
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