* The following Runes should now trigger properly: Baneful Rune, Crushing Runeshard, Feral Rune, Icewall Rune, Invigorating Rune, Smoldering Rune, and Windshielding Rune.
* Tanking Relic Weapons have gotten an upgrade.
* PVP: Reduced the AoE damage reduction applied during PVP. Basically, AoE abilities deal slightly more damage.
* Crafting: All recipes granted as an occasional reward from crafting dailies can now be sold to vendors, if desired.
* Fixed a bug that prevented some quest items from dropping for cross-faction groups.
* Fixed some more difficult-or-impossible to reach Artifact spawn locations.

* Auroral Doubloons and Pyrite Doubloons are now auto-consumed into the Currency tab instead of your inventory.
* Added an item to the Moneychanger NPC to grant 50 tickets in exchange for 1 Pyrite Doubloon.
* Gaining control of a location in Codex: Wheel of Fate should no longer break stealth for your team.

* The Random Expert Dungeon daily now offers Frozen Eclipse Stone.
* Ardent Domain: Feeding Frenzy Zone Event: Lost Survivors are more survivable.
* Eastern Holdings: The rare spawn Prototype Watcher will properly path around the reservoir and should no longer engage in combat with Shane Hawkins.
* Additional adjustments to the start of Freemarch and Silverwood to improve quest flow.