* The Fae Yule quest, 'A Frosty Free-for-All' will now grant rewards each time it's completed.
* Corrected the Fae Yule dates on the World Event UI.
* Interior rooms in Tempest Bay now grant the Rested buff and allow you to log out instantly.
* Lowered cost of Porticulum travel in Storm Legion zones.
* Fae Yule: Holiday Thievery: Now properly grants the quest items to higher level characters.
* Brevanic Portal Generator: Can no longer be used while inside an instance.
* The following items can now be used anywhere BUT inside a Warfront or Conquest: Chancel of Labors Teleport Device, Wyrmbane Spire Teleport Device, Zareph's Return Teleport Device, Guardian Distinguished Service Medal, Unseen Insignia.
* All Planar Attunement teleports can now be used anywhere BUT inside of Warfronts or Conquest.
* Dimensions: Fixed picking up Dimension items through the UI list.
* Achievement subcategories are back in their proper list order.

* Abilities that improve Critical Hit Damage now grant the proper benefit.
* Reaver/Paladin: Reduced the shared cooldown of Shield Defense and Crest of Entropy to 1 minute to match the cooldown of the actual abilities.
* Certain healing-triggered Greater Essence effects now proc on Tactician, Bard, and Chloromancer AoE healing abilities.
* More Trinkets now work properly with Bard healing.

* Non-damaging Archon debuffs have had their range increased.

* Some targeted attack abilities have had their range increased.

* Enrage: Ability description and buff tooltip should now match.

* Bull Rush: Can now be used in combat.
* Blitz: Now reduces the cooldown of Bull Rush by 5 seconds, and causes it to generate an additional Attack Point.
* Mark of Exclusion: Should now work as expected.
* Fixed an issue with Slayer's Bearing, applied by Dominating Bearing. It should now correctly gain the bonus from ranks of Intense Training.

* Corrosive Spores: Ability description now lists the correct duration for the effect.
* Natural Awareness: No longer procced by the Torvan Scanner quest item.

* Feedback: Range increased to 35 meters.
* Defiler Links have become less deadly for Defiler at higher ability ranks.

* Haunting Pain: Updated VFX - it now plays only once rather than once for each DoT effect applied.
* Slightly increased the speed of the Nyx's Orb projectile.

* Rushing Wind and Necromancer's Reaper's Swiftness no longer stack their bonuses.

* Unequipping Qil's Inquisitor Crystal will now remove the damage bonus from currently-active Armor of Awakening.

* Reaper's Swiftness and Elementalist's Rushing Wind no longer stack their bonuses.

* Death Touch: Now also snares the enemy target for 8 seconds.
* Shifting Blades: Removed internal cooldown on this ability.

* Creeping Corruption: Fixed this lasting through death.
* Binding of Devouring Darkness: Now actually provides the effects listed on the ability description.

* Faith Rewarded: Can now be used by multiple Sentinels at the same time without causing issues.

* Furious Assault: Damage reduction is now 15%, down from 17%.

* Electricity Cascade: No longer consumes stacks of Arc.
* Electricity Blast: Multiple Tempests should now be able to use this on the same target properly.
* Enhanced Conductivity: Will no longer play a sound effect and VFX on you and the target every time you attack it.
* If the target of Delayed Blast dies, the temporarily ability 'Delayed Blast Detonator' will be removed from the Tempest.
* Arc: Removed internal cooldown on this ability.

* Unstable Void: The 5% reduction to non-spell damage should be correctly applied now.

* Oversaturation: Increased the range to 35 meters for where you can heal a target to cause damage to the enemy.
* Healing Flood: Ranks 2-11 will now work properly with Invigoration.
* Curative Waters: Now places a buff on the ally which generates an area effect cleanse instantly, and again after 3 seconds.

* Conflux: Now interprets the entire stack of Haunting Pain DoT effects as one DoT for its damage calculations.
* Conflux: Now requires a valid DoT to be on the target before it can be used.

* NPC aggro radius and assist ranges in Mathosia are now scaled relative to the level of the area (i.e., smaller radius in lower level zones).
* Storm Legion-based Instant Adventure loot caches can now drop Infinity Stones for level 60 players.

* The Silver Army: Corrected the damage on Sandstorm, Blizzard, and Sonic Shriek.
* Dust Devils: The djinali for this quest has had his hit points toned down.

* Adjusted general population in most areas of the zone. General thinning out of mobs, adjusting routes and population.

* Zone Event: Rotten March: Pets hit by Thal'Dralak's Summon Makeshift Golem ability will no longer spawn a pet each time they are summoned.

* Gravity Coil: Made line of sight more forgiving when attempting to destroy the core.
* Corrected a situation where two instances of Colonel Lojacio could appear in the zone, and prevent Baron Teruran from spawning.

* Fixed an issue that caused Thought Police to appear on any item viewed by players on that quest.
* Kill Ten Rats: Added a map indicator for the final objective.

* Slightly adjusted the location of The Grand Designer rare NPC so it doesn't get stuck in terrain.


* Neala Sparks will now send a letter to level 60 Ascended, inviting them to visit her stall.
* Only one character is now allowed in an instance of the Chronicle.
* Adjusted the start of the Mech section with additional failsafes for characters getting stuck inside the airship on the initial teleport.

* You should no longer be able to get on top of the doorway in Animator Cahail's room.
* Characters will not remain in combat after slaying Vorka.

* Updated several general population NPCs to have them no longer use Assassin type abilities.
* Doctor Perfidus: Reduced the starting amount of Impenetrable Shield effects for both Standard and Expert.
* Changed several mobs from Beastmaster to a less deadly soul type.

* Matriarch of Pestilence: Fixed the damage type of the Sudden Doom ability.
* Matriarch of Pestilence: Player corpses will now be moved to the entrance of the fight area when the encounter resets.
* Matriarch of Pestilence: Reduced healing by the Matriarch.
* Kain: Player corpses will now be moved to the entrance of the fight area when the encounter resets.
* Kain will now target himself to cast Voracious Hunger.
* Progenitor's Laboratory event: Reduced movement speed of Vigilant Beholders. Removed Volatile Compositions from the Laboratory.

* Expert: Valthundr: Decreased stacks of Frozen Soul applied by Frost Bound from 3 to 1.
* Added proper notoriety rewards to Expert Exodus of the Storm Queen.

* Manifest Visions will no longer use Assassin type skills.
* The zone-out portal should no longer be mostly blocked by collision.
* Crucia: Corrected an issue that could cause Ball Lightning and Target Acquired to not function properly.
* Added failsafes to catch those who might happen to jump off of railings, which teleports them to a nearby already-visited location.
* It should no longer be possible to get only one item from defeating the Kolmsasveli and Toinenveli encounter.
* Crucia: Addressed Orbital Strike sometimes being avoidable.
* Crucia: PROBABLY fixed the Infinite Storm (renamed to Storm of Failure) from going off incorrectly when people move to the second platform.

* Expert: A blocker will now prevent access to the main room of the Foundry while a boss is in combat.
* Expert: Manslaughter: Will no longer call upon Grapplebot before using his Anti-Personnel Weapon. He'll also use the Anti-Personnel Weapon more frequently!
* Clarified the text on the Hops on Trops achievement to indicate that it requires killing C1-ON3 without anyone taking damage from the AoE portion of Caltrop Carnage.

* Baron Slagstorm: Slowed the tick rate of Chain Lightning's damage over time effect. Duration increased to 12 seconds in Expert.
* The first wave of the onslaught will complete after a set amount of time unless the teleporter has been destroyed.
* Fixed collision around the onslaught fight area.

* You now need to kill 15 of General Typhiria's minions to obtain the Typhiria's Angels achievement.
* General Typhiria has strengthened the power of her attacks when she enrages.

* Bruzhail: There are (probably) no more safe spots during Spectral Stampede. Only 3 waves of Centaurs appear instead of 5.
* Bruzhail: AoEs left behind by Spectral Centaurs are placed closer together bur disappear more quickly. Damage slightly reduced.

* Conquest: Increased amount of Conquest Power granted for killing players to 5.
* Conquest: Increased amount of Conquest Power granted for taking contested points to 200.
* Conquest: Updated Conquest decay rate. It now switches to less decay per hour after the initial 24 hours of not gaining Conquest Points has passed.
* Vouchers are now available to turn Freelancer's Marks of Conquest into the prior season's currency. These vouchers are soulbound and may not be traded.
* Old Conquest rewards have been removed from the vendors inside of Conquest matches - they're still available on the open world PvP reward vendors in Meridian and Sanctum.
* Conquest: Reduced hit points on NPCs and Extractors. Increased damage from mega turrets.
* Conquest: You will no longer take falling damage in Conquest.
* Stopped Mega Turrets from being so terrible and killing you after you're out of range in Conquest.
* Increased the power of Mercenary, Freelancer, and Warlord PvP gear.
* Replaced Spell Crit and Melee Crit on Karthan Ridge and Conquest upgrade trinkets with Critical Power.
* Port Scion: NPCs in level 55+ Port Scion have had their hit points reduced.
* Assassin: Reduced the damage of Jagged Strike and Serpent Strike in PvP combat.
* Bladedancer: Reduced the damage of Binary Strike and Double Strike in PvP combat.
* Marksman: Strafe: The immunity to Snare/Root/Stun no longer applies in Warfronts and Conquest.
* Marksman: Sniper Training: Reduced the damage bonus to 2-10% in PvP combat.
* Nightblade: Reduced the damage of Scourge of Darkness in PvP Combat.
* Paragon: Shifting Blades: Reduced damage in PvP combat.
* Riftstalker: Planar Boost: Damage bonus reduced to 1% per stack in PvP combat.
* Riftstalker: Rift Guard: Reduced absorption in PvP combat.
* Riftstalker: Exceptional Resilience: Reduces spell damage by 3-9% in PvP combat.
* Riftstalker: Stalker Phase: Reduced damage bonus to 10% in PvP combat.
* Tempest: Arc: Reduced damage in PvP combat.

* Overseer's Helm of Repulsion: Now limited to Clerics.
* Bind on Pickup item grace period added to several Expert and Raid zone items that were missing it.
* Warp of the Sliver now correctly drops from General Typhiria rather than Soul of the Storm.
* Shadesource Greater Essences that grant Attack Power or Spell Power on heal will no longer stack with each other.
* Several items with missing names have been corrected.

* Your Orange Brevane Wall Sconces are no longer invisible!

* Guardian characters can no longer pick up the Defiant version of the daily Workorder: Rune of Possibility.
* Fishing: The Brevane/Dusken Artifact Attractor now also works in Tempest Bay.
* Runebreaking: Reduced randomness in Runebreaking. If you break down a rare item, you should get at least one rare component. Same with epic!
* Made harvesting skillups more frequent.
* Grandmaster Artificer Supply Chest will now occasionally yield Treated Wooden Boards rather than Polished Metal Scraps.
* Fishing: Fishing Derby quests are working again for when you have more Fishing skill needed than the zone it takes place in.