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    Post RIFT 2.1 - 8:00am PST 12/12/12 [NA] - 2:00am GMT 13/12/12 [EU]

    = FEATURES =
    * Fae Yule returns to Telara with new quests, new Instant Adventures, new rewards, and a seasonal version of Whitefall Steppes! These are in addition to previous Fae Yule items which will be available for purchase once again!
    * Cross into the Plane of Death and take on Regulos in the new 20-person raid, Endless Eclipse!
    * New Chronicle - A Hero Rises: Crucia launches a vicious attack against Tempest Bay, and only you can fight back her army and disable the threat of a device that could mean permanent death for the Ascended.
    * Conquest returns for level 60, along with new rewards for this first post-Storm Legion Conquest 'season'. This also means that Conquest decay is back on!
    * Weekly Crafting quests for 300+ skill now come with Crafting Lures to open Crafting Rifts in the new Storm Legion zones!

    * Added lures to open Major versions of the normal Hunt Rifts. These can be purchased from Cora Temarin in Tempest Bay.
    * Auto-follow is now more robust; allowing you to take more actions such as using your inventory or interacting with NPCs without breaking auto-follow. It should only cancel when you use the right mouse button to move orientation or move your character with the keyboard.
    * Guild Quest: Destroy the Machineborn, Kill Us Some Guardians: Quest will now update for targets of level 51+.
    * Autumn Harvest event items are now on the World Event merchants in the capitol cities.
    * Planar Attunement experience crystals are no longer available for purchase from currency merchants (Raid, crafting, etc).
    * Boss attack visual warnings should more closely match up with the actual damage area.

    * Several Dimension-place-able Training Dummies are now available! See Norn Titanun in Meridian, Olaf Bladstrom in Sanctum, or Metra Kaprico in Tempest Bay.
    * Dimension Engineers now only sell dimension keys. The dimension items they used to sell are now sold by new vendors nearby. Prices on these items have been reduced.
    * The Breach Chamber, Faen's Retreat, and Stone Flask Tavern personal dimensions can now be purchased by characters without Storm Legion.
    * Increased crafted building block yield to 3 per combine.
    * If you die in the Bogling Boggle dimension, you now respawn inside it.
    * Red Worldstrangler Root and the Port Tempest Banner are now resizable.


    * Ascended Powers: Anti-Planar Augmentation, Holy Champion, and Fury of the Ascended now grant their buff to pets as well as the caster.
    * Player's pet aggro no longer counts as contribution for Rifts, Invasions, or Zone Events.
    * NPC Piercing Strike abilities should no longer ignore the target's armor.


    * Shadow Breach: No longer on global cooldown.

    * Unstable Transformation: No longer on global cooldown.

    * Crushing Force: No longer requires you to face the target.
    * Life Breach: Increased damage.
    * Shielf of Oak: No longer on global cooldown.
    * Grim Silence: No longer on global cooldown.

    * Doctrine of Glory: Now consumes all Convictions, reducing damage taken by 2.68% per Conviction consumed for 4 seconds. 30 second cooldown. No longer on global cooldown.
    * Purpose: Now a toggled ability.
    * Reprieve: Now restores 100% health on the cleric and restores 50% of the cleric's max health to the target of Righteous Mandate. No longer on global cooldown.

    * Light of Redemption: Now properly maintainable on only 1 ally at a time.

    * Furious Assault: Now a toggled buff with 15 second cooldown - reduces global cooldown by 0.5 seconds, mana costs by 35%, and damage done by 17%.
    * Glacial Shield, Windwalk: No longer on global cooldown.

    * Tidal Surge: Now properly consumed by Monsoon.


    * Burning Purpose: Fixed descriptions for ranks 2-4, which were displaying the rank 1 damage rather than their own.
    * Earthen Barrage, Volcanic Bomb, Surging Flare, Spark Shower, and Granite Salvo should now work properly with the Pyromancer's Burning Fury.
    * Power Drain: Increased range to 35 meters.

    * Melee attacks, such as Lucent Slash, will now consume stacks of Healing Balance.
    * Natural Awareness: Casting Reaper's Blade or Luminous Weapon will no longer trigger this.
    * Radiant Spores: Increased range to 35 meters.
    * The healing provided from Convalesce when cleansing an ally is now based off of the caster's health instead of the target's. Increased to 6% of the caster's health.
    * Corrosive Spores: Now removed when the target dies. The initial damage will now generate a stack of Burning Fury, if it does not critically hit and you have points spent in Burning Fury. Subsequent ticks of damage will not add or remove Burning Fury stacks.

    * Haunting Pain: Max rank should now work as expected.
    * Lightning Wall: Updated description to indicate that Charge cannot be gained while the ability is active.
    * Damage from Mass Betrayal, Nyx's Orb, Void Wall, and Lightning Wall will no longer trigger damage shields such as Mass Charged Shield.

    * Summon: Greater Earth Elementalist: Ranks 8 and 9 no longer have an incorrect level cap listed in their description.
    * Elemental Armor: Updated ability descriptions for ranks 2 and 3. These should now display the correct amount of Armor granted by the buff.
    * Ice Shield, Sever Bonds: No longer affected by global cooldown.
    * Reclaim Elements: No longer on global cooldown.

    * Blade Rush: Updated description to indicate that this can't be used while in combat.
    * Planar Shield: Fixed a case that could prevent this ability from consuming Charge when cast.
    * Lightning Blade: Updated the buff tooltip for Lightning Blade to indicate that it has a 5% chance to proc from non-slashing attacks.
    * Empyrean Ascension: Increased damage of all abilities granted when using this. Will now expire if the caster dies or logs off.
    * Rending Slash: Increased damage.
    * Tempest Winds: Increased the final burst tick damage.

    * Condemn: Fixed ability description for ranks 5 and 6, which were displaying the incorrect rank's damage.
    * Parasite: Can no longer be cast while crowd controlled.
    * Corpse Explosion: Updated damage amounts for ranks 5 and 6 - these should now increase in damage as expected.
    * Reclaim Power: Can now be used with all pets.
    * Loyal Minion: No longer affected by global cooldown.

    * Burning Shield: Will now generate Charge correctly when cast. No longer affected by global cooldown.
    * The Cinder Burst proc from Pyromancer's Armor and Pyromancer's Aegis will now be removed on death.
    * Pyromancer's Aegis: Updated description to indicate the additional Fireball it procs does not generate Charge or apply Combust.
    * Countdown: Can no longer be cast on a target you already have Countdown active on.
    * Using Fusillade to consume stacks of Combust will no longer trigger Neddra's Torture.

    * Tempest Armor: Tooltip should correctly display the amount of damage increase from the buff.

    * Opportunity: Lightning Blade, Luminous Weapon, and Reaper's Blade can no longer proc Opportunity.
    * Salvage Corruption: Will now only remove Necrosis effects from the same caster.
    * Neddra's Essence: NO longer affected by global cooldown.
    * Choke: No longer on global cooldown.


    * Serpent Strike: Increased damage.
    * Malicious Poison: Increased damage.
    * Enduring Brew: Healing has been increased.
    * Assassinate: Damage increased.
    * Jagged Strike: Damage increased.

    * Dual Mastery, Contra Tempo: Now affects offhand autoattacks.
    * Binary Strike: Damage increased.
    * Double Strike: Damage increased.
    * Defensive Pose: Now reduces damage taken by 5%, down from 20%. Reduces Energy Regeneration Rate by 5 per second, down from 10 per second. Also heals for 1% of your max health every 2 seconds.
    * Fated Blades: Now increases Attack Power contribution to all Bladedancer attacks by 150%, up from 100%.
    * Side Steps: No longer on global cooldown.

    * Ebon Blades: Damage increased.
    * Dusk to Dawn: Damage increased.
    * Lingering Flame: The additional combo point and Fiery Spike are now triggered immediately on execution of Flame Thrust, and not when it lands.

    * Restorative Engine: Now uses smart healing instead of picking the 10 closest targets. Radius increased to 25 meters.
    * Barrier Remote, Battle Remote: No longer on global cooldown.

    * Weapon Defense, Stoneshield, Shield of Will, Storm Shield have been increased at level 53+.
    * Warrior Frozen Eclipse armor now uses the correct Synergy Crystal bonus.

    * Trample: Fixed this not taking effect if another Champion has it active.
    * Chains of Life: Now does a small amount of damage per hit.

    * Light's Favor: Now appropriately reduces cooldown.
    * Shield of the Light: Now named Aegis of the Light, reducing incoming damage by 20% for 4 seconds and grants a small heal to nearby allies.
    * Pacification, Light's Benediction: No longer buffs on the target, but instead on the Paladin, so they receive the bonus against all targets attacking them and not just the one they hit with Pacification Strike or Light's Benediction, respectively.
    * Shield Defense: No longer on global cooldown.
    * Light's Protection: No longer on global cooldown.

    * Weapon Familiarity: Functionality changed. Now increases Attack Power and weapon contribution identically to Amped, but does not stack with Amped. Melee builds should not require a ranged attack in their rotation to hit target numbers.
    * Weapon Master: Should no longer delay in granting an Attack Point.
    * Decisive Strikes: Renamed to Precise Strikes to avoid confusion with Warlord's Decisive Strike.
    * Strike Like Iron: Increased to 5-20%.
    * Sweeping Blades, Shifting Blades: Reduced internal cooldowns on these so they still work well with Alacrity.
    * Alacrity: Removed the Damage debuff.
    * Setting Moon: Bonus increased to 20%.
    * Predictable Movements: Now off of global cooldown.

    * Plague Eater: Renamed Crest of Consumption, reducing incoming damage by 20% for 4 seconds, and increases Soul Feast healing by 20% for 15 seconds.
    * Binding of Death, Power from the Masses: The mitigation bonuses are now always up and do not need to be triggered.
    * Crest Mastery: Resist increase is now 2-6%.
    * Crest of the Shadow, Crest of Entropy: Now off of global cooldown.

    * Avatar of Flame: Corrected the top rank which was dealing reduced damage.
    * Burst Capacitor: Reduced to 4% damage bonus per point.

    * Amped: Cannot stack with Weapon Familiarity.
    * Ionized Discharge: Now also affects Chain Pulse.
    * Cyclonic Fury: Now increases damage by 4% and also affects Chain Pulse.
    * Focused Fire: Removed from global cooldown.
    * Electricity Cascade: Now has a 15 second cooldown to help smooth out Tempest rotations. Damage increase now affects all Air damage, but the amount has been reduced slightly to balance this change.
    * Jolt: Reduced cooldown to 6 seconds. Fixed Jolt healing for less than intended.
    * Magnified Charge: With the changes to Jolt and Electricity Cascade, Magnified Charge now increases effectiveness rather than duration.
    * Delayed Blast: Fixed multiple Tempests being unable to use Delayed Blast on a single target.
    * Arc: Reduced the internal cooldown on Arc so it's still viable when used with Wavelength.
    * Evasive Redirection: Now off of global cooldown.

    * Fusion of Flesh: De-complicated this somewhat - now an absorb shield that absorbs up to 75% of your max health in damage and lasts for 20 seconds.
    * Unstable Void: Now a 1-hour self buff that increases outgoing damage, increases Endurance, and reduces the Void Knight's damage taken.
    * Power Shield: Consumes up to 5 Pacts to reduce incoming damage by 20% for 4 seconds, and grants nearby allies a small absorb.
    * Destructive Forces: Slightly reduced damage bonus.
    * Rift Shield, Protective Shield, Fusion of Flesh, and Rift Reversal are all now off of global cooldown.

    * Breaking Blow: Fixed this not taking effect if another Champion has it active.
    * Decisive Strike: Fixed this not refreshing cooldowns on Piercing Thrust or Wave of Steel.
    * Wave of Steel: Fixed higher ranks not dealing appropriate damage.
    * Tactical Surge: Now also increases healing taken by 5%.
    * Seasoned: Now also increases the heals on Recovery Posture by 10/20%.
    * Ready Posture: Reduced the outgoing damage reduction on this ability to 20% from 40%.
    * Down and Dirty: Now increases damage by 2-4% and decreases damage taken by 2-4%.
    * Battlefield Experience: Now a 1 hour buff.
    * No Permission to Die: No longer on global cooldown.

    * The four 'Saga' questlines now have completion achievements under Character > Cult Saga. These Achievements will retroactively complete if you've already done these quests.
    - Life: Saga of the Aelfwar
    - Death: Saga of the Endless
    - Water: Saga of the Abyssal
    - Fire: Saga of the Wanton Maw
    * Added two new quests to lead players to Tempest Bay, given by the Torvan Hunter representatives in Cape Jule and Pelladane.
    * Wood Drakes like the Timberline Drakes in City Core now require Foraging to harvest.
    * Defend-Wardstone type Instant Adventures in Mathosia zones now spawn Planar Anomalies to help replenish Planar Charge.
    * Qaijiri-themed Daily crafting quests now grant 120 Qaijiri notoriety.
    * Fire Saga: Putting Out the Fire: Level 51+ characters will now get credit for killing the Molten Eggs.
    * Onslaught: Slightly reduced the Notoriety granted from upgrading turrets and lifesprings to max rank.

    * Lick Froggy, Get Dizzy quest is now repeatable daily.
    * Emberlings will now attack those responsible for freeing them in the Scoria Pit.
    * Fixed a bug in Cape Jule with overly large IA regions that would rarely cause players to miss contribution credit.
    * Reduced the overall number of objectives for various Instant Adventures in Cape Jule.
    * IA: Hulking Mutations will respawn more quickly in Agrippa Rainforest.
    * IA: Back to the Ashes: Fixed an issue where players weren't getting credit when in groups of 6-9 members.
    * Corrected rare spawns being much rarer than intended in this zone.
    * Increased the number of Invasions that appear during Cape Jule Onslaughts - also updated some of their appearances.
    * Fixed an issue with the Cliffside Vale Onslaught that was causing invaders to destroy their own beacon after summoning it!
    * Corrected a bunch of Cape Jule Onslaught callouts/broadcasts.

    * Savage Terrormaws should now drop loot and grant experience.
    * The quests given by Casimar and Isabella in the Tower of Dawn are now available on their Eastern Holdings counterparts if you've completed the Kingsward story quests.
    * Reduced the amount of visual effects on-screen during the Law of Consequences quest.
    * Child's Play: Corrected the map location for the second objective.

    * Fringe Fortifications: The fallen tower objective should be easier to complete.
    * Added a resurrection point to the interior of the Tower of Dawn.
    * The End of Salvarola: Salvarola no longer roots his victims during combat.
    * Retaking the Palace: Updated the objective text to make them more clear.

    * Tower of the Shattered: Quest objective and marker updated so it completes properly when entering the tower.
    * Guardians now respawn properly after dying in the Tower of the Shattered.
    * The Fall of House Senviva achievement can now be completed by both Guardians and Defiants.

    * Deadly Surprise: Big Joe now gives you a box of explosives rather than having you just conjure them up from thin air.
    * The kill counts for many of the Carnage quests in Pelladane have been lowered.
    * The Siege of Tammark: Transport Pads have been renamed to Launch Pads to avoid confusion.
    * The Art of Detection: Players can no longer make power cells appear if the station itself is not spawned.
    * Army of One/Guardian Elite: The name of the mobs players fight for this quest have been changed to make them stand out more from surrounding population.
    * IA: Fixed an issue that could cause players to be removed from their IA groups when completing adventures in Cirkbo Plains.
    * IA: Doombringer Destruction: No longer has two map markers.
    * IA: Soliton Slaughter: No longer references the wrong quest when you have a group of 10+.
    * IA: The Ritual of Storms: Rescripted to resolve some lingering issues with this adventure.
    * Corrected rare spawns being much rarer than intended in this zone.
    * Pelladane quests now give faction with The Lycini when appropriate.
    * Corrected a bunch of Pelladane Onslaught callouts/broadcasts.

    * Brevane Energy: All chargeable quest targets should now reset correctly after being used.
    * Fixed several spots where the ground was not so solid in Necropolis.
    * The turrets in Mired Convoy now respect line of sight.
    * The Extractor: More scripting updates to help with granting proper credit on this quest.
    * The Regeneration of the Depths from the Thought Police and Battle of Wills quests will now only heal characters within the Mind of the Overseer.
    * Porticulum Masters in the Hollow, The Crawl, and Darkrun Wreckage will now accurately show their bind point names.

    * Zone Event: Fortress Defense: Legion Commander Storm Giant's special abilities now do proper damage.

    * The example Ursin mount npcs are now named Ursin and match the available colors.
    * Tempest Bay Calling trainers will now allow you to reset Planar Attunement.
    * Practice dummies are now more forgiving and will let you out of combat faster. The healing practice dummy no longer has full health.

    * Updated the movement speed of bosses to match up with the increased player run speed.

    * Gangnum: Reduced damage of Chain Lightning.
    * Reduced damage of Steelspark Swiftblade's Slashing Blitz.
    * Zaviel has given her spheres new designations so she can tell them apart. The side effect of this is that Ascended should be able to better tell them apart also.
    * Crucia:
    - Minions in the Crucia encounter no longer grant experience.
    - Fixed a bug where Assault Frames could become unkillable.
    - Increased the duration of the Tempest Elemental safezone.
    - Added more VFX to the lasers so the damage boundaries are more visible.

    * High Priest Arakhurn: Rocks in the encounter space have had their collision restored. Don't fall into the lava!

    * Robo Rumble once again works on explosive barrels.
    * Telaphalon: No longer casts a ground AoE in either difficulty.

    * Grand Falconer Zoles: Added a reset trigger to reset this encounter should Zoles end up on the roof of his fight area.

    * Standard: Navigating the Necrotic Corridors should now complete upon entry.
    * Expert: The Funnel Vision achievement is now more achievable.

    * New Conquest Daily and Weekly quests are now available in Tempest Bay.
    * Warfront Bolstering now displays which items have been overriden with stats for PvP.
    * A Conquest vendor is now available in Tempest Bay.
    * Random Warfronts no longer grant Storm Legion-level experience when completed between levels 10-49.
    * Increased healing by 5% for levels 1-60 in PvP.
    * Notoriety-granting consumables are no longer usable inside Warfronts.
    * Karthan Ridge: Matches now require only 5 players per team to start. Increased notoriety granted for completing matches. Notoriety is now granted for destroying Power Sinks.

    * Fishing Derby quests are now broken down by Fishing skill - you should no longer receive a Fishing Derby quest for a zone your skill is too low to fish in.
    * Fishing Derby reward marks are now based on your Fishing skill rather than the location you are sent to. Optional Tacklebox rewards are still zone-specific.
    * Added new rewards to the Fishing Derby quests!
    * Shipment recipes for Lanzan Cloth, Chiffon Cloth, and Empyrean Silk are now available on the Outfitter trainer.
    * Gathering skill trainers are now located at the start of Storm Legion zones.
    * Improved the Fishing starter quests and added two new ones to the line.
    * Several items that required higher Salvaging skill than their craftable skill have been fixed.
    * All Feasts can now be sold to merchants, if desired.
    * The waters in Morban are now all set to require 270 Fishing skill.
    * All ponds in The Academy in Kingsward, and in the Bogling area of City Core are now properly fishable.
    * Fixed a bug that could require you to close and re-open the crafting window to use ingredients acquired while it was open.

    * Depleted Empyreal Defender's Marker and Depleted Empyreal Tactician's Marker have their upgrade paths corrected.
    * End-game armor sets now properly display their set information.
    * Veteran's Experience Vials and Veteran's Prestige Vials have corrected durations on their tooltips.
    * Command of the Nightwalker: Removed the erroneous second effect which is from Voice of the Undead King.
    * Some random zone drops that were unsellable can now be sold.
    * Escapist Ring and Quicksilver Seal should now properly display damage and duration on the item tooltip.
    * Increased stats on the quest rewards from No Time to Bleed.
    * Rare Brevanic Equipment Caches now award items to level 50 characters.
    * Brevanic Equipment Caches now grant the proper power items to Mages between levels 50-53.
    * Added a 25-count version of the Autumn Harvest Ambersap voucher.

    * Frozen Eclipse Stone now sorts under Raid Currencies.
    * Added a 'Who' option when clicking a player name in the chat window.
    * An audio cue is now played when a temporary ability is added.
    * Tooltips on the Stats pane will now display more detailed rating information about targets above or below your level for some stats.
    * The upgradable item UI now has rarity outlines and comparison tooltips.
    * Fixed a bug that could cause item stats to be improperly displayed for weapons not usable by your Calling.
    * In some rare cases, characters' display of Lifetime Favor differed between the PvP window and the Achievement window - the Achievement count is correct, and the PvP window should now be synced up to match.
    * Increased performance of the Projected Textures video setting. When in scenes with no projected textures you will no longer take a performance hit.
    * RIFTConnect: Fixed an issue with screenshots posted to Facebook that still displayed UI even when the option to hide UI was checked.
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