* City Siege IA: Added new locations for Khamsin to spawn - Defiant's Approach and the Manufactory in Meridian, and Bahralt Street West and Mariel-Taun's Village for Sanctum.
* Updated the City Saver achievement so that you get credit for killing the bosses as long as you contribute toward their death. You no longer have to be in the specific group that kills the boss to get credit.
* The traveling merchant IAs in Freemarch and Silverwood should now move MUCH faster. Also increased the experience rewards on these adventures.
* Decreased the outgoing damage of some lower level IA bosses.
* Increased the frequency of Scarwood Reach IAs around Granitewood Crossing and Shatterbone Canyon.
* Player movement should be even smoother now - fixed a bug that caused you to run slowly up certain slopes at some angles.

* Riftblade: Fixed an issue with the multiplication of Affinity.
* Riftblade: Scald: Fixed the bug causing this to do too little damage.
* Warlord: Wave of Steel: Fixed the cooldown time on rank 3.