* For players level 45+ looking for on-demand open-world challenges, we introduce: Instant Adventure!
* Join up with constant scaling objectives (and rewards!) that adjust to the size of your raid as you move through Shimmersand and Stillmoor, independent of the zone content and events that also occur in those areas right alongside Instant Adventure.
* Players can join up with an Instant Adventure raid at any time, from anywhere, and be teleported straight to the action.
* Click the 'Activities' menu button and select Instant Adventure to join a raid. A window will appear with the 'Teleport' option available for you to go directly to the group you've joined.
* Complete the objectives for your raid - which occur alongside regular zone content - to earn experience, sourcestone, and vanity armor items.

* You may now send in-game mail to characters on your account that are on the same shard but of the opposing faction.
* Rested bonus now applies to Planar Attunement.
* Updated the appearances of Rank 7 and Rank 8 Defiant and Guardian PvP armor sets.
* Rifts: The difficulty of the final unstable stage boss has been adjusted so that a solo player stands a chance of completing all stages of a Minor Rift.
* Daily quests for Black Garden can now be completed in Stockpile: The Black Garden.
* Characters who are AFK will not be selected as replacement party or raid leaders.
* Removed a couple of low-tier consumables from Freemarch and Silverwood.
* If a character levels while waiting in the LFG queue, they will no longer be placed in dungeons they've just out-leveled.
* Planar Abilities: Holy Champion, Anti-Planar Augmentation: Updated the tooltips to more accurately reflect their functionality.

* Players should receive slightly more experience during Weekend Warfronts.
* Players will receive significantly more experience for wins, losses, and ties in normal Warfronts.
* Players should receive more experience for PvP kills in both Warfronts and in the open world.
* Reduced the amount of time required for PvP kills to return to granting full experience after the most recent time the target was killed.

* Ember Isle artifacts should now be more attractive to vendors.
* Added some additional quests to the Ember Watch daily quest pools.
* Ithkus' Rise: Ithkus has learned a few more tricks!
* Added a new rare NPC spawn to Ember Isle that can result in you acquiring the new companion pet, 'Snogs'!
* Danger in the Dark: The number of targets required for this quest has been reduced to five.
* Fire Shall Fall: There are now map locators for all steps of this quest.

* When a combat target blocks your attack, the on-screen combat text no longer shows negative damage.
* Fixed a bug where auto-attacks would begin automatically after Smart Targeting chose the next target.
* Fixed a rounding issue that caused players with both very high stats and passive multipliers on those stats to appear to have a mysterious -1 'debuff' to that stat on the character window.
* Normal spiders in the open world no longer use the ability 'Web'.
* Oreling mobs: The Pummel hit point debuff now appears properly in the UI.
* The NPC ability 'Dust Cloud' can no longer cause spells to miss.
* Void Knight-type NPCs will no longer mana drain Justicars using Mien of Leadership.
* Assassin NPCs will now use Lethal Poison instead of Debilitating Poison.

* Planar Attunement: Death: Fixed a bug where the healing from Vampiric Essence wouldn't occur when the character had respawned after death.

* Mien of Aggression: Now available with 21 points in Cabalist, Druid, Inquisitor, or Shaman. Increases the single-target damage of the Cleric and their pet by 25%. Reduces healing by 20%. Does not affect healing from Balm of the Woods, Contempt, Glory of the Chosen, Harsh Discipline, or Ravaging Darkness.
* Mien of Aggression, Mien of Honor, Mien of Leadership: Increased the individual and shared cooldown for Miens to 15 seconds.

* Curse of Discord: Now lasts 15 seconds, as the tooltip indicated.
* Symbol of the Ancient: Split the bonus per point spent in Cabalist into 2% per point for Shadow's Touch and Bound Fate, and 2.5% to Dark Water, Distorted Shadows, and Curse of Discord. Updated tooltip.

* Armor of Awakening: Increased spell damage bonus to 10%.
* Clinging Spirit: Now lasts for 30 seconds.
* Shroud of Agony: The Area of Effect now hits 10 targets.

* Doctrine of Authority: No longer uses a projectile particle effect.
* Mien of Leadership will no longer cause 'Immune' messages under certain uncommon circumstances. It should also not cause certain Polymorphs to break.
* Mien of Leadership: Overhealing now properly generates threat.

* Detaunt: Will no longer be removed due to effects of abilities cast prior to it. Detaunt's protection will only be removed when an ability is cast while the Detaunt effect is already on you.


* Detaunt: Will no longer be removed due to effects of abilities cast prior to it. Detaunt's protection will only be removed when an ability is cast while the Detaunt effect is already on you.

* Illuminate: Fixed an issue where damage from this ability was incorrectly modified by damage increasing buffs.
* Fixed an issue causing Warlock's Opportunity buff to make Archon Auras have a casting time even when the Archon had spent points to make them instant.

* Accelerated Growth: Fixed an issue where this was affecting non-Life spells.
* Wild Growth: Will no longer cause enemies to aggro that are out of line-of-sight.
* Fixed an issue where under some situations, the Warlock's Opportunity would give Bloom and Flourish a casting time even if they shouldn't have one.

* Fixed an issue where casting Charged Shield on another target would remove a Mage Armor buff from the caster.
* Charged Shield, Mass Charged Shield: These will no longer cause Stormcaller's Storm Shard to proc.
* Arresting Presence and Reflective Presence now show as a debuff if cast on an enemy, and a buff if on a friendly target.

* Glyphs of Power: Fixed an issue where the effect would drop when zoning.

* Static Discharge: Fixed this incorrectly triggering Storm Shard.
* Electrocute: Now has a 30 meter range. The knockback will move the target up to 15 meters, to a max of 30 meters away from the caster.

* Improved Mage Armor: Now correctly increases spell damage when you cast Charged Shield on yourself.
* Dark Touch: This will now properly proc Pyromancer's Burning Fury.


* Fell Blades: Fixed a tooltip bug where the damage for Rank 6 was being displayed incorrectly.

* Planar Reversal: New Ability unlocked at 14 points. When activated, it causes the Rogue to Plane Shift behind the target when using Shadow Stalk, Shadow Assault or Shadow Blitz.
* Shadow Stalk: Now causes the Rogue to Plane Shift towards the target. Planar Reversal must be activated to Plane Shift behind the target.
* Shadow Assault: Now causes the Rogue to Plane Shift towards the target. Planar Reversal must be activated to Plane Shift behind the target


* Lingering Wounds: No longer cleansable.

* Life's Grace: Range increased to 35 meters to match other resurrection abilities.

* Spotter's Order: Ability effect is no longer modified by effects that increase damage.


* Caduceus' leap behavior should be more consistent. If he does fail to leap during a transition, you should no longer see double minion spawns on the next leap.
* Caduceus: Lowered the damage of Quake Surge.
* Caduceus: The Standard version now spawns appropriate-level minions.

* Akylios: Voice of Madness now reduces Toughness by 15 and Focus and Hit by 40.
* Just about everything that drops inside this zone can properly be sold, salvaged, or runebroken as appropriate!

* Fixed an issue that could cause Arakhurn to not spawn properly.
* Seething Core now only spawn after a boss has been killed.

* The borders and buttons on the map window now hide when the map goes transparent (such as while moving).
* Dragging and dropping items into the Macro edit window should now work as expected.
* The Planar Attunement window now shows total points spent as well as points available to spend.
* Hovering over the start menu buttons now shows the button header text.
* The Auction House Armor categories now shows Costume instead of Vanity.
* Tooltips that list quest objectives now indicate when an objective is complete for that target.
* The map tooltip for PvP Rifts now shows the correct time remaining.