RIFT 1.4 Hot Fix #6 – 08/12/11

*Warrior: Apologies for the pain train, this calling has been brought back in line with the following changes - Fixed a bug where damage modifiers were not applying correctly for Teaching of the Five Rings, Weapon Specialization, Rift Fury, Strike Like Iron, Bend Like The Reed, Force of Will, and Slayer’s Bearing
* Cabalist: The same applied to Sign of Asias - Fixed a bug where damage modifiers were not applying correctly.

* Rune King Molinar: Prince Dollin’s Runic Feedback will now properly always display VFX.
* Rune King Molinar: Prince Dollin no longer has a chance to target pets with Forked Blast.
* Sicaron: Fixed an issue that caused Soul Harvest to sometimes be fully removed.
* Grugonim: Fixed an issue with the damage buff provided by Bloodplague Essence not properly applying.

* Raid Rifts: Fixed bug where if the opener of the rift leaves the raid, then the raid would not be allowed to loot the chest.
* Warfronts: Fixed bug where audio notifications in warfronts were being cut off by subsequent notifications.