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    Post RIFT 1.4 - 8:00am PDT 8/3/11 [NA] - 1:00am GMT 4/08/11 [EU]

    RIFT 1.4 - 8/3/11

    * A new type of Rift - PvP Rifts - can now be opened at Raid Tear locations with a special Ascended Power. See below under PvP Rifts for details.
    * The first Alternate Warfront, for Whitefall Steppes, will now appear on weekends and grant double awards when active!
    * The Looking for Group tool goes cross-shard with the other shards in your wargroup; look below under CROSS-SHARD LOOKING FOR GROUP for more info.
    * A new epic questline for higher level characters solo or in small groups is now available: The Water Saga!
    * The new 10-person Sliver, Drowned Halls, makes an appearance in Scarwood Reach. See below under DROWNED HALLS - NEW SLIVER.
    * The quest journal system has some shiny new updates; see QUEST SYSTEM below for specifics.
    * Many, many more improvements below!

    * The armies of the Ascended can now open special PvP rifts at Rift Raid locations. Opening these rifts secures sourcestone for your faction, but also leaves you open to attack from enemies! Keep the rift open as long as you can to gain the most rewards - or close your enemy's rift for additional bonuses!
    * See Girdoom in Meridian and Templar Zin in Sanctum to obtain the Ascended Powers needed to open these new Rifts, purchased with Favor (Lure of the Unseen and Lure of the Eye).
    * PvP Rifts can be opened at Raid Tears in Shimmersand, Iron Pine Peak, and Stillmoor. Only one per zone can be opened at any time, for a total of three active PvP Rifts at a time.
    * Contribution to objectives or to PvP activity in the region of the opened Rifts triggers rewards.
    * PvP Rift activity will be broadcast in the new World Defense chat channel.

    Whitefall Steppes - Escalation
    * In their fight for dominance, the Guardians and Defiants have deployed massive rune cannons to the Whitefall Steppes. Their Ascended armies battle to collect and return Soucestone to fuel these powerful weapons.
    * Capture three Sourcestone from the field and hold them at your base to win. Beware though; Sourcestone can be stolen directly from your base by the enemy.
    * Alternate-mode Warfronts appear on weekends and are highlighted in the Warfront queue UI when available. These Warfronts grant double awards while available.
    * Daily quests for the standard version of Whitefall Steppes can still be completed in the Alternate Mode.
    * Achievements related to Whitefall Steppes must still be done in the standard version.

    * The Looking for Group tool now includes queues from the other shards within your battlegroup when forming instance groups.
    * Cross-shard players are indicated the same way as in Warfronts - Name@Shard.
    * Cross-shard groups cannot contain more than 5 characters but can still be 'converted to a raid' for the UI change.
    * The ability to ignore players cross-shard is currently being worked on.
    * You cannot trade items or coin to players from another shard. This includes Bind on Pickup items under the 30 minute trade window after looting.

    * After the appearance of Akylios, Guardians take a trip through madness while Defiants learn the story of the Faceless Man and help determine his future. The Abyssal have a hand in all of it.
    * The Water Saga is intended for higher-level characters in solo and small groups. You don't need to raid to complete it though you may need to bring some friends for some portions.
    * Start the story after completing either Standard or Expert Abyssal Precipice. Defiants speak to Faceless Man inside the Abyssal Precipice instance itself, while Guardians need to see Cardinal Visc in Sanctum after completing the instance once. Pre-1.4 completions of Abyssal Precipice DO count!
    * New item rewards are available while completing the questline, and rumor has it that finishing the series grants the player a sweet new mount type. CROCNARD!

    * A new Sliver location has been reported to be intersecting with present-day Telara in the region of Lord's Hall in Scarwood Reach.
    * High Priestess Hydriss attempts to break through from a twisted reality, bringing her Abyssal army to claim the Ascended's Telara for Akylios. Enter the Sliver to fight her back on her own turf before she can bring her future into ours!
    * Drowned Halls is positioned as an entry-level 10-person raid instance, with unique new loot to help gear for more difficult challenges.
    * Several new costume items can be obtained from the Drowned Halls sliver and Achievements.

    * Repeatable quests (daily, weekly, etc) no longer count against the 25-quest limit in the quest log.
    * Collected quest items that are placed in your bank now count toward the total required for the quest and will be withdrawn when the quest is turned in.
    * All characters now have a 'quest bag' attached to their quest log which holds items that are either gained during or required for quests the character is currently on.
    * Looted quest items will automatically go into this new quest bag.
    * You can move quest items around inside the quest bag or move them into your general inventory if needed.
    * Regular items go into inventory bags as usual, and cannot be stored in the quest bag.

    * General population mobs prior to Murdantix no longer drop loot.
    * Added Soul Beacon to Quarry.
    * Removed Runeguard notoriety awards from Matron Zamira minions.

    * Fixed an edge case where Murdantix could respawn after being killed.
    * Slightly reduced frequency of Demonic Tar. Demonic Tar will be less likely to 'double hit' players within melee range, and now triple-casts at a lower health percentage.

    * Increased the outgoing damage buff of Nerve Damaging Poison.
    * Grugonim's Rampant Decay and Corrosive Bile are no longer interruptable.
    * Grugonim will no longer use Tail Lash immediately after casting Rampant Decay or Corrosive Bile.
    * Grogonim's Corrosive Ooze and Seismic Disruption will no longer damage pets.
    * Parasite Swarm now ticks faster.
    * Grugonim now has increased run speed.

    * Sicaron will cast Moldering Decay a bit less frequently, and it will reach a greater distance. Moldering Decay will no longer hit pets.
    * Fixed a bug causing Sicaron to apply Eye of the Void at a lower health value than intended.

    Vladmal Prime:
    * Vladmal Prime will no longer cast Asphyxiating Smoke at his primary target.
    * Boundless Tunnelers will spawn faster throughout the encounter, and no longer have decreased movement speed.
    * Boundless Delvers will spawn a bit slower throughout the encounter.

    Rune King Molinar:
    * Prince Dollin will begin to cast Terminate Life earlier in the encounter.
    * Incorporeal Revenants will deal less damage than they previously did after becoming Corporeal.
    * The projectile portion of Cursed Blows now deals Death damage rather than Physical.
    * Both Rune King Molinar and Prince Dollin have reduced health.
    * Prince Dollin's Rend Life is no longer resistable.

    Matron Zamira:
    * Plenty of Tome achievement should now properly award.
    * Nightmare Spirits have reduced health. They also will wait longer before starting to cast Arc of Night.
    * Matron Zamira will cast Shadow Strike less frequently.
    * Matron Zamira will begin casting Hideous Blast earlier in the encounter.

    * Bind on Pickup items can now be traded to other eligible characters within 30 minutes of looting the item.
    * New items added to your bags (from looting, trading, etc.) are now highlighted in the bag UI the first time they are seen. Once you close the bag for the first time after obtaining a new item, the highlight is removed.
    * Souls are now available from your friendly neighborhood Calling trainer. Removed the Soul Quests, although players who currently have these quests will be able to turn them in normally.
    * Added a World Defense chat channel to help with coordination of world pvp activity. Characters must be Level 50 and Prestige rank 2 to use this channel; you will be automatically added if you have an open channel slot. If you elect to leave this channel, you will not be automatically returned to it later - eligible characters can join at any time using /join World Defense.
    * Using the F1 through F5 keys to target party members in Raids should work more consistently and intuitively.
    * Receiving tells while at a loading screen now actually shows you who the tell came from.
    * New transplanar Synergy Crystals have been added to the Rift faction vendors in Sanctum and Meridian. These work with the existing transplanar armor available from Rare Rift Goods vendors in Stillmoor, Shimmersand, and Iron Pine Peak.
    * Aspect of the Ancients is no longer usable while you have full Planar Charges (which would end up just wasting it).
    * The character window stat page now highlights stats that are important for your calling, with tooltip goodness.

    * You can now jump into Warfronts while remaining in the LFG queue and will still receive LFG queue popups.
    * LFG group leaders who previously dismissed the offer to seek a replacement member can now trigger it by opening the LFG UI while in the dungeon.
    * LFG characters who die in an instance while linkdead no longer have to run across the world to get to their gravestone.

    * Guild Master NPCs (the ones who sell guild charters in Sanctum and Meridian) now provide an additional service: resetting spent Active or Passive guild perk points for a fee.
    * You can now split item stacks, preview items, and link items from within the Guild Bank.
    * Some guild quests have been rehauled for better functionality - you'll notice changes in some Dungeon and PvP guild quests.

    * Cache Finder now offers a 15-45% chance to gain an additional Plaque or Mark when defeating an Expert Dungeon or Raid Boss.

    * Rift consumables now drop in only three ranks rather than five. The first comes from Rift content from levels 1-29, and the other two drop from level 30+ content and are based on player level. Characters of level 30-39 receive the second rank of consumables, and 40-50 receive the third.
    * Puresource containers have also been changed so that Rift and Invasion content drops higher level versions as you gain levels relative to the content.
    * Rifts from the Plane of Life and Plane of Water have been spotted in new locations all across Telara!
    * A number of zone event boss abilities have been slightly reduced in severity and have better warning visuals or casting times added to them.
    * Links in chat messages broadcast by zone events now work properly.
    * Chat channel broadcasts for the start of zone events now go to all level bracket channels appropriate for the event zone.
    * Hit points for zone event colossi now scale based on zone population.
    * Major versions of the Gloamwood Rift 'The Burning of Gloamwood' and Iron Pine Peak's 'Vicious Squall' may now appear.

    * Taking certain actions on the Pet Bar - changing pet aggro status, toggling abilities to use - no longer dismounts you.
    * Fixed a bug causing pets to sometimes lose passive effects.
    * Fixed synergy crystals sometimes not applying their bonuses when switching roles after they were equipped.
    * Fixed an incorrect calculation of weapon damage when swapping weapons to a different hand.
    * Corrected some ability and effect tooltips where they displayed an incorrect value for a percent of health healed.

    * Item with proc effects (% chance of X on Y) will now be normalized so that the results of an item proc are more consistent regardless of the ability speed or number of targets it hits.
    - Abilities that hit multiple targets will trigger procs less than abilities that hit single targets.
    - Abilities with longer casting times will trigger procs more often than abilities that are quick to cast.
    * Additionally, we've made a pass on the trigger events for procs themselves to make them more consistent across different items.

    * Calling abilities are now categorized in the ability panel and sorted alphabetically.

    Addressing issues with Cleric damage Souls to bring them more in line with the other callings.

    * The goal of the below Cabalist changes were to make this soul far less confusing in general, reduce the awkwardness of using Sigils, tone down the long and complex rotations, and combine the AE abilities in a way that can use a single, understandable rotation.
    * Decay: Renamed Lurking Decay. This is now a buff that automatically generates one stack of Decay every 2 seconds.
    * Tyranny: Now consumes (and therefore triggers) all of your Decays at once. 30 second cooldown.
    * Obliterate: Reduced cooldown to 45 seconds. Decays triggered from this now deal triple damage, but no longer cause an AE.
    * Sigil of Power: Renamed Vile Power. Now available at 20 points. This now works like Tyranny, dealing damage and consuming/triggering all of your Lurking Decays. In addition, it restores a base amount of mana, plus an additional amount of mana for each enemy it hits. Reduced the cooldown to 90 seconds.
    * Sigil of Ravaging: Renamed Ravaging Darkness. This now works like Tyranny, dealing damage and consuming/triggering all of your Lurking Decays. In addition, it heals the Cleric for 100% of the damage done.
    * Affinity for Death: Now reduces the cooldown of all abilities that consume Decay by 6-30 seconds.
    * Sigil of Binding: Now an executed ability that is a GTAE Snare that affects up to 10 enemies.
    * Sigil of Woe: Now an executed ability that is a GTAE Purge (removes 1 buff) that affects up to 10 enemies. Reduced the cooldown to 15 seconds.
    * Sigil of Secrecy: Now an executed ability that is a GTAE Silence that affects up to 10 enemies. Reduced the cooldown to 30 seconds.
    * Sigil of Ruin: Now an executed ability that is a GTAE Stun that affects up to 10 enemies. Reduced the cooldown to 30 seconds.
    * Curse of Discord - New Ability: This deals Death damage to the enemy over time, in addition to dealing Death damage whenever the enemy uses an ability. Does not stack with Curse of Solitude. Obtained at 8 points.
    * Curse of Solitude: The AE Death damage dealt now only affects up to 5 enemies. Does not stack with Curse of Discord.
    * Leviathan's Mark: Now increases the damage of Dark Water, Curse of Discord, and Curse of Solitude by 5-15%.
    * Death's Dominion: Now increases the damage of both Distorted Shadows and Shadow's Touch by 2-10%.
    * Bound Fate: Now affects up to 5 enemies.
    * Engulfing Shadows: Removed.
    * Negation of Life: Now increases the Spell Power bonus of Decay by 1% + 1% per point spent in Cabalist above 26.
    * Symbol of the Ancient: Now increases the Spell Power bonus of Shadow's Touch, Dark Water, Distorted Shadows, Curse of Discord, and Bound Fate by 2% + 2.5% per point spent in Cabalist above 36.
    * Howling Death: Fixed (reduced) the mana cost.

    * Hidden Path: Now removes all Curses, Diseases, and Poisons from both the Druid and the Druid's pet. No longer requires a pet active to use.
    * Thorns of Asphodel - New Ability: Available at 51 points. Causes your pets to deal additional Life damage with their attacks.
    * Friend of the Weald: Increased the boost to Attack and Spell Power bonus on your pet's abilities to 20% + 17% per point spent in Druid above 36.
    * Friend of the Weald: Does not increase the Faerie's damaging abilities.
    * Rage of the Fae: Fixed effect tooltip to match current ability functionality.

    * Due to the below changes, characters with Soul Points spent in Inquisitor have received a free Soul Point respec.
    * Bolt of Judgment: Increased the Spell Power bonus.
    * Life and Death Concord: Now also triggered by Nysyr's Rebuke.
    * Lethargy: Removed.
    * Nysyr's Rebuke: Reduced cooldown to 1 minute. Now deals Life damage, increased the Spell Power bonus. The damage will now affect enemy targets even if they are immune to Stuns.
    * Persistence - New Ability: Tier 5 branch ability. Extends the immunity granted by Perseverance to all control effects.

    * Mien of Leadership: Increased the bonus threat granted to 450%.
    * Doctrine of Loyalty: Now uses smart healing to select targets.

    * Vengeance spells no longer trigger a global cooldown; instead, they now have a shared 5-second cooldown.
    * Vengeance of the Primal North: Now available at 44 points. Lasts 1 hour, reduced the Spell Power bonus, and is now on the shared cooldown with other Vengeance abilities.
    * Call of Ice: Increased the damage bonus for Massive Blow to 10% + 5% per point spent in the Shaman soul above 36. Increased the Attack Power bonus for Massive Blow to 5% + 2% per point spent in Shaman above 36.
    * Frozen Wrath - New Ability: Available at 51 points. Deals weapon + additional Water damage over 15 seconds. Also increases damage the target takes from the Shaman's Vengeance of the Winter Storm by 200%.

    * Overload: Can no longer be applied to the same target more than once every 2 minutes.
    * Replaced Barb of Shackles with Nysyr's Brand: Marks the target, blocking their ability to stealth and increasing the chance they will be critically hit by 5% for 30 seconds.
    * Echoes of Ascension: The cooldown now begins counting immediately rather than waiting for the effect to trigger.

    Tweaking general Mage damage upwards for Charge consumption abilities. Addressing issues specifically with Dominators and complete energy/power starvation in PVP.

    * Degeneration: Will no longer remove non-purgable buffs.

    * Fixed a bug where Burning Purpose would trigger the Dominator ability Quick Thinking.
    * Crumbling Resistance, Rock Slide: Updated ability icons.

    * Fixed an issue with the bonus healing provided to the Synthesis target by Lifebound Veil and Void Life. This healing should now reach the same range as all other healing from Lifebound Veil.
    * Fixed typos in the Lifegiving Veil and Lifebound Veil tooltips.
    * Void Life: The channel duration is no longer affected by damage. Fixed an issue where the last tick of damage would be delayed longer than intended.
    * Withering Vine: Fixed an issue where certain buffs or debuffs, such as the Riftblade's Stoneshield, would block the healing component of Withering Vine.
    * Entropic Veil, Void Life: Updated ability icons.

    * Traitorous Influence, Mass Betrayal: Energy and Power drained by procs from these abilities has been reduced to 20 from 30. These abilities now only trigger off of damaging or healing abilities.
    * Controlled Opportunity, Swift Control: Updated descriptions to remove references to Overpowering Will.
    * Transference now reduces energy/power/mana regeneration by 25% and increases ability costs by 50% for 7 seconds.

    * Elemental Forces: Reduced rate of Charge consumption. Fixed this ability expiring early if used with a full Charge bar.

    * Soul Purge: Reduced rate of Charge consumption.
    * Fixed an issue where Flesh Rot would not extend the duration of the guaranteed critical hit from Necrosis on the Skeletal Zealot's Blood Spike ability.
    * Plague Bolt: Deadly Plague should now correctly affect Plague Bolt immediately after spending Soul Points.
    * Ancient Tomb, Detonate Bones: Updated ability icons.

    * Internalize Charge: Reduced rate of Charge consumption.

    * Eye of the Storm: Now a ground-targeted ability.
    * Building Storm: Now stacks buffs on the caster, increasing the critical hit chance of Hypothermia-causing spells.
    * Lightning Burst - New Ability: Available at 44 points. Blasts the enemy with lightning, dealing Air damage. Damage is increased by 50% for each stack of Electrified on the target. Deals 10% of the total damage dealt per stack of Electrified to 5 additional targets within 7 meters. Removes all stacks of Electrified from the initial target.
    * Static Flux: Reduced Charge consumption.
    * Lightning Storm: Updated ability icon.

    * Defile, Empowered Darkness: Reduced Charge consumption.

    Addressing some of the disparity between builds that use Deadly Dance and those that do not. Improved Bard heal scaling.

    * Physical Trauma: Impale causes the target to take 15-30% more damage from your Final Blow, up from 4-8%.

    * Coda of Restoration: Attack Power contribution to healing is now increased with more Combo Points spent when using this ability.

    * Dancing Steel: You should now be immune to Disarm while channeling this ability.

    * Anathema: Now reduces the healing the target receives by 50%. Does not stack with Lingering Wounds and Trauma.

    * Dusk to Dawn: Now roots the target for 4 seconds on application. Deals damage and gives the Nightblade an additional Combo Point per second while channeling, even if the target is immune to movement speed debuffs. Additionally, the Nightblade gains Nightrage, which increases the damage of Blazing Strike and Flame Thrust by 40% for 1 minute. The combat message should now properly show the Combo Points gained.

    * Feral Instincts: Pets now enjoy this effect within 35 meters of the Ranger, up from 25.

    * Icons have been updated for Planar Refuge, Planar Attraction, Unseen Fury, Toughened Soul, Great Fortitude, and Rift Scavenger.

    * Incriminate: Now no longer requires you to be facing your target when used.

    We’re generally happy with the current state of Warriors and are continuing to monitor a number of smaller issues involving them.

    * Survival of the Fittest: Now adds a set value to your Hit Rating rather than a percentage increase to the Hit bonus.
    * Kinship, Calming Influence, Primal Recovery, Protective Companion, and Enraged Companion: Updated ability icons.

    * Face Slam: Fixed a bug that caused this ability to never critically hit.
    * Sweeping Strike: Fixed this ability incorrectly triggering Light's Decree.

    * Fixed the wording of Follow-Up attack descriptions to hopefully make their usage less confusing.
    * Path of the Tempest, Way of the River, Shifting Blades, Flowing Strikes, and Improved Flowing Strikes: Updated ability icons.
    * Fixed Way of the Wind and Deadly Grace being affected by numerous damage enhancements that should not have been affecting them.

    * Power in the Blood: Fixed a bug causing this to only take effect when the Reaver was dead.
    * Shroud of Entropy: Fixed an error on the buff tooltip.

    * Earth Burst: Now properly deals damage even if the target is immune to crowd control abilities.
    * Thunder Strike, Storm Burst: Won't try to hit dead targets.
    * Elemental Touch, Blade of Elemental Affinity: Should now trigger more reliably from Area of Effect abilities.
    * Stoneshield, Thunder Strike, Frost Strike: Updated ability icons.

    * Replenish: Fixed so this cannot be used when healing is blocked.
    * Catalyze, Ravenous Defense: Updated ability icons.

    * Spotter's Order: Functionality changed in an effort to balance the DPS this adds to various souls. Now lasts 20 seconds and does not have to be kept up as often, freeing the Warlord to use other finishers. Also now has a 3 second internal cooldown to better equalize Dual Wielding and Two-Handed weapons, or long-cast-time abilities. Due to the increased effect frequency, it is now an added attack rather than a damage value bonus. Damage increased significantly to keep the new version in line with its previous DPS boost.

    * The Saga of the Endless has seen a bunch of tweaks to make this line more group friendly:
    - Securing Source: Now only requires one trip into Expert Deepstrike Mines.
    - Way of the Paragon: Quest item drops and objectives now update for all group members at once.
    - Repiecing the Defractionary: Collecting the Defractionary now updates all group members.
    - On the Trail of Evil: Bones of Nestor reduced to a standard elite mob. Seeking Nestor Troweller in Stonefield now updates all group members.
    - Darkblade: Aberrant Growth has been rebalanced to a standard elite mob.
    - Way of the Paragon: Enq and Gan reduced to standard elite mobs.
    - The Means of the Endless: Quest indicator now covers all of Smith's Haven.
    - Neddra's Legacy: Seeking out Neddra's Vault no longer shows a map indicator outside of the world map.
    * Life Saga quests now have additional location indicators.
    * Trophies of Death: Can now be updated on any Death Rift that grants experience.
    * Free Their Souls: Fixed an issue with the Aelfwar not counting for quest credit in Ravenna.

    * The Ancient Wardstone mechanic has been removed, and any related Achievements for these have been moved to the Legacy category. We'll be reworking some of the content related to the Wardstones as regular quests.

    * Stealthed players should no longer be randomly revealed in Mordant Knoll.
    * Battle Royale: Increased the health of the Arcane Hand who show up to help you.
    * Ant Farm is now available separately from the Ancient Wardstone, and is available to both Guardians and Defiants.

    * If you manage to die in the two seconds it takes Gwyddon Duskenleaf to remove the Hag's Curse, just revive and speak with him to give it another try.

    * Iron Pine Mélange is now available for purchase from, where else - Iron Pine merchants!
    * The quest flow in Dayblind Hollows has been completely revised. The content of the quests remains unchanged, but the number of trips into this area has been reduced from five to two. The respawn time of creatures in this scene has been increased.
    * Zone Event: Planar Chill: Fixed an issue where the quest counter could end up out of sync with the number of bulwarks in the zone.
    * Earn Your Keep, In You We Trust: Changed the requirements for these quests so the story flow makes more sense.
    * Paving the Way: Turned down the thunder spawners outside of Howling Caves.
    * Removed a single, taunting, impossible-to-get twisted artifact location from Iron Pine Peak.

    * In Plain Sight: Players can no longer get stuck in the Cloaking Device or fall under the world after they kill the Abyssal Watcher.
    * The Key to it All: Players will no longer get a surprise teleport into the rock on occasion.
    * Players can now return to their corpse if they die on the roof of Hammerknell Fortress.
    * Essential Extraction: Fixed a visual issue that occurred if you died while channeling the item used for this quest.
    * Burn the Offerings: The cages required for this quest now all spawn within the quest area indicator on the map.
    * The major versions of the Rifts 'Hand of Gorvaht' and 'Heralds of Gorvaht' now update the Moonshade Highlands Defender achievement properly.
    * Made the zone puzzle in Moonshade Highlands more forgiving to help players with higher latency.

    * Now with more greenery! The look and feel of Scarwood Reach has gone through an art update.
    * Corpsegrinder no longer hides out underground, making him less difficult to find.
    * Payment in Kind: There should now always be enough Shatterbone Casters within the cave to update this quest.
    * On the Books: Cleaned up the presentation of this quest on the NPC you need to speak with - it is no longer a Runecrafting Trainer with a huge list of options shown.
    * Fixed various cases where some Guardian quests in Sagespire could be blocked.
    * Reduced population density and respawn rate in many areas of southern Scarwood Reach.
    * Unexpected Intervention: Can now be completed reliably.
    * Gorefang Wranglers are more numerous in Auld Warden.

    * An End to Reinforcements: The quest credit radius for sealing the Earthen Portals has been increased.
    * Spies Among Us: Had a chat with those cowardly goblins to prevent only one appearing at a location instead of two.
    * Wardens of the Order: Fixed an issue that occasionally prevented the griffons from appearing when summoned.
    * Miracle of Modern Magic: No longer a timed quest.
    * Rift: A Debt of Air: Made the stage 2 objective and Rift mob names actually match.
    * Changed the Cockatrice fight sequence to rely on buffs rather than inventory items.

    * Raw Materials: Fixed the occasional infestation of invisible treants.
    * Out In the Field: The Advanced Nature Students are now slightly more resilient.
    * Reduced the frequency of sapling adds spawned by Kongeegon.
    * The major versions of the Rifts 'Maelow's Host' and 'Maelow's Horde' now count correctly toward the Silverwood Defender achievement.

    * The Past: Should be able to complete this quest more consistently after subduing Tigram Stillstep.

    * Bosses in Gilded Prophecy and the Drowned Halls drop 3 Marks of Ascension rather than 2.
    * Tier 2 Expert Dungeon Dailies (the random dungeon quest via LFG tool) now award a Mark of Ascension in addition to the normal Plaques of Achievement reward.
    * A handful of new items have been added to Expert Dungeons.

    * Caelia the Stormtouched: Reduced radius of Whirling Tempest.
    * Caelia the Stormtouched: Removed the stun effect from Shocking Paralysis, but the ability now hits one additional target.

    * Expert: Fixed a bug where players could be stuck in combat after a reset of Tephra Lord Mafricos.

    * Runeguard notoriety from Runic Descent now extends through Glorified.

    * Favor and Prestige rewards have been turned up to 11 with the introduction of PvP Rifts and Warfront Weekends. We do expect to turn these down, so enjoy the temporary boost!
    * Lost Hope, Incapacitate: Cannot be used to interrupt other players while they are immune to interruption effects.
    * Break Free [All PvP Souls]: Now removes the Disarm effect.
    * Usable objects that will flag you for PvP now have a unique mouseover cursor.
    *Favor rewards have been increased for all daily PvP quests. Favor and Prestige have been increased for open world “Kill Players” daily quests.
    * Additional Achievements and titles have been granted for PvP actions in Stillmoor, Iron Pine Peaks, and Shimmersand.
    * A new Achievement and title have been added for completing all of the Warfront meta Achievements.
    * Prestige, Favor, Experience, and Notoriety rewards are doubled when earned in Alternate-Mode Warfronts.
    * Achievement credit for standard Warfronts cannot be earned in Alternate-Mode versions.
    * Open-world quests requiring you to kill players for The Unseen and The Order of the Eye now grant more Notoriety.
    * Additional fixes to characters being feared through the world.
    Addressing issues with healing in PVP focusing on instant and passive healing, reducing the effectiveness of healing for targets involved in PVP combat. This should help with a number of issues related to general Cleric survivability and effectiveness. These changes only affect active PVP combat, they have no impact on normal PVE gameplay:

    * Chloromancer: Reduced the healing effectiveness of Bloom and Essence Surge when the target is in PvP combat.
    * Druid: Reduced the effectiveness of Balm of the Woods when the target is in PvP combat.
    * Justicar: Reduced the healing effectiveness of Doctrine of Loyalty, Doctrine of Bliss, Doctrine of Righteousness, Reparation, Reprieve, and Salvation when the target is in PvP combat.
    * Necromancer: Reduced the healing effectiveness of Soul Purge when the target is in PvP combat.
    * Purifier: Reduced the healing effectiveness of Healing Blessing, Healing Flare, and Latent Blaze when the target is in PvP combat.
    * Sentinel: Reduced the healing effectiveness of Healing Breath, Marked by the Light, and Vigilance when the target is in PvP combat.
    * Shaman: Reduced the effectiveness of Glory of the Chosen when the target is in PvP combat.
    * Warden: Reduced the effectiveness of Healing Spray, Orbs of the Stream, Orbs of the Tide, and Soothing Stream when the target is in PvP combat.
    * Dominator: Reduced the damage of Split Personality's Void Bolts in PvP combat.
    * World PvP Quests: The Unseen and Order of the Eye quests (the ones without other players as targets) in Iron Pine Peak and Shimmersand have their objective counts increased to bring them more in line with the time it takes to complete the Stillmoor quests.
    * World PvP Quests: Genuine Firebrand, Firebrand's Source: Additional Firebrand Power Sources have been added to the southern area of Mage's Mark like the quest always claimed there to be.

    1.4 will introduce a number of changes to make acquiring PvP gear more enjoyable. Players will now be able to upgrade PvP store items more frequently without needing to hoard Favor to purchase high rank items.
    *Prestige Rank 7 and 8 are now available. New armor sets are available in Meridian and Sanctum.
    * Rank 7 and 8 Armor and Weapons can be purchased with Marks of Retribution.
    * Converted the costs on rank 3/4 and 5/6 Armor and Weapons to use Marks of Retribution and require the previous set's items to purchase the upgrade.
    * Changed the overall cost of purchasing all of rank 1 through 6 sets to equal the previous cost of purchasing a rank 5 or 6 set.
    * Completing weekly PvP quests now grants additional Marks of Retribution, and closing PvP Rifts have an additional chance of rewarding these.
    * Marks of Retribution are obtained for 1600 Favor from PvP vendors in Meridian and Sanctum.
    *Wands, Totems, Shields and Bucklers are now available from the Favor merchants in Meridian and Sanctum.
    *Condensed the total amount of Favor Set merchants in Meridian and Sanctum.
    * Honored and Revered-level rewards are now available on The Unseen and The Order of the Eye vendors in Meridian and Sanctum.
    * Synergy Crystals are now available for ranks 3/4, 5/6, and 7/8 armor sets from The Unseen and The Order of the Eye Quartermasters.
    * Rank 7 and 8 PvP armor is no longer filtered to show only your calling on the vendors in Meridian and Sanctum.


    * Healing Potions and Tonics from Apothecaries are now on a separate cooldown from Mana Potions and Tonics.
    * The following items are on the same cooldown as Mana Potions and Tonics now, and won't be triggered by Healing items: Olde Tablet, Ageless Tablet, Elder Tablet, Timeworn Tablet, and Ancient Tablet.
    * Jon Tom's Pauldrons now have Dexterity on them.
    * Gloves of Glowing Light stats fixed to be more Mage-appropriate.
    * The Banner of Zeal has been restored to its previous - correct - graphic.
    * Damage messages from the Crystallized Ember and the Burning Planar Shard now appear properly in combat logs.
    * Dark Shadow Tunic: Renamed to Dark Shadow Leggings so you're not trying to wear a shirt as pants.
    * The following Artifact items have been upgraded to Rare quality to reflect the rate at which they drop - their actual drop chance has not been increased: Hook of Fairn the Ferocious, Self-Replicating Ring, Crispy Fried Fae Gizzard Recipe.
    * Totem of Overgrowth: The tooltip now specifies that this item only works on healing abilities.
    * Way of Water now properly procs.
    * Vanishing Empyreal Gem: Increased the proc rate from this item.
    * Fixed Breath of the Abyssal and several other item effect so they no longer get removed if you teleport or zone into instances with these items equipped.
    * Fixed a typo with Rasmolov's Riftblade Crystal. It wasn't 'Riftbladd', we swear!
    * Gloamsilk Poison: No longer scales with Spell Power, and cannot proc more than once per second.
    * Scrolling combat text now displays a correct icon for the Sacred Heirloom of Eth.
    * Fixed a bug where some set item tooltips were not displaying correctly.

    * New recipes are available on the Armorsmith, Outfitter, Weaponsmith, and Artificer artisan store merchants. These are new Epic crafted items with set bonuses. Each set includes 2 pieces of armor, 1 weapon, and 1 ring to complete the set. Recipes can be purchased for Plaques.
    * Recipes for new materials are available from the various profession trainers for 20 platinum - Enchanted Shadethorn Lumber, Tempered Orichalcum Bar, Steel-Stitched Leather, Bolt of Radiant Witchweave, and Infinite Essence. Each recipe has a 24 hour cooldown and are used in new production recipes.
    * Crafting trainers now sell new reagents needed for the new recipes: Ethereal Flux, Magical Oil, Enchanted Lacquer, and Endless Dust. Foraging trainers now sell reagents.
    * Adrenalite, Etherialite, Vitalium, Saintstone, and Thiefstone Augments that require 150 skill or above no longer drop from Rifts and related encounters. They are now only received from supply bags, quests, crafters, or from merchants in some cases.
    * New Artificer recipe: Blazing Powerstone, purchasable from trainers at 285 Artificer skill. Usable on main-hand weapons and adds 200 Spell Power for 4 hours.
    * New Weaponsmith recipe: Exquisite Oilstone, purchasable from trainers at 285 Weaponsmith skill. Usable on 2-handed weapons and adds 10 melee weapon DPS for 4 hours.
    * Crude Whetstone: Now adds 2 melee weapon DPS for 4 hours.
    * Coarse Whetstone: Now adds 3 melee weapon DPS for 4 hours.
    * Fine Whetstone: Now adds 4 melee weapon DPS for 4 hours.
    * Exquisite Whetstone: Now adds 5 melee weapon DPS for 4 hours.
    * Flawless and Pure Augments have received a stat boost and are available on the Apothecary Artisan store merchant. Flawless Augments cost 3 Apothecary Plaques. These recipes require new ingredients with cooldowns on use.
    * Augmenting a crafted item can no longer fail.
    * Dropped Augments that previously required 250 skill to apply now require 300. The exceptions to this are: Saintstone, Adrenalite, Etherialite, Vitalium, and Thiefstone, which all require 225.
    * Pliable Griffon Hide, Lustrous Griffon Hide, Brilliant Harpy Feather, and Luminous Harpy Feather now require 300 skill.
    * Fixed Augment items getting 'locked' if you closed a crafting window with the ESC key.
    * Apothecaries can now salvage Planar Essences. These break down into planar dusts as well as new ingredients used in Augment recipes.
    * The dropped recipe for Platinum Choker, and its associated item, have been renamed to Ornate Platinum Choker. This does not affect the Platinum Choker recipe available from the crafting trainers, which is actually a different item.
    * Mighty Brightsurge Vial now requires only 1 Twilight Bloom to craft, rather than 2.
    * Healing Philters are now actually useable at the level stated on the item.
    * Reinforced Leather Hood and Shaleweave Handwraps now require 190 Outfitter skill to craft. Reinforced Leather Belt now requires 210 Outfitting skill to craft. This is to fix a previous inconsistency where the learned recipes required 225 skill while the recipe scroll items stated 190 and 210.
    * The recipes for Steel Spaulders, Steel Sabatons, and Steel Vambraces now require 150 skill to learn.
    * Salvaging Shimmering Opal Gorgets now yields Copper Bars instead of Tin.
    * The icon for Rugged Fabric has been changed so it no longer looks like Witchweave.
    * Fixed some versions of the Combatant's Bow and Aristocrat's Long Rifle not being Runebreakable.
    * Dragonslayer Shroud can now be Runebroken.
    * Blazing Recondite Rune and Blazing Recondite Runeshard recipes now create the right item.
    * Made required item levels more consistent for Blazing Indomitable Runeshard - an item of level 48 - and Incandescent Indomitable Runeshard - an item of level 50.
    * Corrected the Freemarch version of the Apothecary Supply Run quest from taking Rotting Canines from your inventory when abandoning the quest. These items should only be removed on a successful quest turn-in.
    * Fixed some typo issues related to Blazing Wisdom, Intelligence, Strength, and Dexterity Runes/Runeshards.
    * Refurbished Mathosian Armor can no longer be Augmented.
    * Salvaging Artificer-crafted rings that contain gemstones now yield more Iridescent Powder, Gemstone Fragments, Clear Crystals, and Glimmering Fragments, and these items appear much more frequently.
    * Apothecary recipes using consumable items from Rifts have been updated to reflect the changes to the ranks and level ranges of these items.
    * You can now preview wearable items made from recipes off of crafting skill trainers.

    * The Achievements window now allows you to see what rewards you receive for completing a selected achievement.

    * Toned down the number of visual effects that display during large combat situations.
    * Added an audio cue to the confirmation popup when you are invited to a group.
    * Added new sound effects to role changes.
    * The sounds of Tartagon mount footsteps have been slightly lowered in volume to a more appropriate level.
    * Adjusted the footstep sounds of the Vaiyuu mounts to better match their run animations.
    * Valmera mounts are not quite so ninja-silent at idle and while running.
    * Turned down the volume on river and waterfall ambient sound.
    * Rockier rock visuals for more treacherous terrain!
    * New sound effects added for characters dropping to the ground from high places.
    * Fixed a rare animation twitch when transitioning between channeled abilities and those with standard casting times.

    * Characters can now have up to fifty macros each.
    * You can now drag items and abilities into the Macro Commands field to insert their names into a macro.
    * A slash-command glossary has been added to the Macro window to better explain some of the many slash commands in the game.
    * Ground target items and abilities should now work properly as part of a macro.
    * The /leader command should no longer fail with the "Invalid Target" message when the leader has a party member targeted.

    * You can now customize overhead nameplate colors for various types of players and NPCs via the Settings panel.
    * Alongside the ability to set new custom colors for group and raid members, the default color for group, raid, and guild member overhead nameplates has returned to green. This can be customized at any time via the Settings panel under Interface.
    * Moveable notification popups! You can now move previously un-movable popup or confirmation windows that appear on screen, such as Warfront or Dungeon queue join/decline notifications.
    * There is now a "Take All" button when reading mail with attachments. Also touched up the Mail UI buttons in general.
    * Added a button that allows you to "take all attachments from all mail items" in your inbox.
    * The Abilities panel now sorts by category and in alphabetical order.
    * A warning icon will now appear on your pet portrait if your pet is capped at a lower level than your character.
    * On-screen messages for quests, errors, raid warnings, and broadcasts are now moveable via the Edit Layout system.
    * Fixed buff/debuff tooltips not displaying a description of the effect.
    * Added new quest indicators for daily PvP quests and World Event quests - including minimap icons, overhead icons, cursors, all that jazz!
    * Fixed guild quest icons showing up as 'low level quests'.
    * New characters will have all minimap icons enabled except for 'Show Low Level Quests' by default.
    * Calling Trainers for other Callings will no longer be displayed on your minimap.
    * Character window sections will now only become visible once your character has something to show in that section, to prevent information overload with a bunch of sections that aren't relevant to your character at the time. Ex: Gaining Notoriety will cause the Notoriety section to appear, adding a companion pet will trigger the Companions section to appear. etc.
    * Added a 'help' button to the Soul Tree window to bring up the Soul Tree tip window at any time.
    * When you have a Notoriety capped, the bar now actually looks full rather than empty.
    * Opening the split stack option now hides item tooltips to prevent overlap.
    * Fixed tooltips appearing in the top left corner if you teleported while a tooltip was being displayed.
    * Auction House: Fixed a bug in the Usable Only checkbox so that auction results are displayed correctly (less blank pages and half-filled pages all around).
    * Optimized the Guild Roster pane to handle showing offline members for very large guilds without breaking things. I'm looking at you, Epic.
    * The Achievement window now properly updates for exploration achievements when entering new areas.
    * Using the ESC key to cancel an in-progress chat window message no longer cancels the resurrection confirmation window.
    * Chat messages for bonus Favor awards have been removed to cut back on chatspam. Bonus Planarite earned is still displayed.
    * Escort quests no longer have the 'share' button shown in the quest log - these are handled by sharing to the group when the quest is first accepted.
    * Quests that require you to collect or craft single items as quest objectives no longer display "0/1" at the end of the objective.
    * Added new loading screen tips to better highlight many new features added since launch.
    * Auction House "no results" messages now shown in the search results area when no items are listed matching the search term.
    * Error messaging is now more descriptive when you fail to use an ability because you lack a required item.
    * Fixed a rare case where the client would always select the same player when mouse-picking targets.
    * Map waypoints are now cleared on logout.

    * When combat logging to a text file is enabled, the Rift client will no longer open and close the log file for every line written. Instead, it will leave the file open and flush new data every half second. The interval for flushes can be tuned in rift.cfg with the CombatLogFileFlushInterval value.
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    A couple of patch note corrections to the above (Cabalist typoes and Druid/Inquisitor changes that were changed again on PTS prior to 1.4 release):

    * Affinity for Death: Now reduces the cooldown of all abilities that consume Decay by 6-30 seconds.
    * Symbol of the Ancient: Now increases the Spell Power bonus of Shadow's Touch, Dark Water, Distorted Shadows, Curse of Discord, and Bound Fate by 2% + 2.5% per point spent in Cabalist above 36.

    * Thorns of Asphodel - New Ability: Available at 51 points. Causes your pets to deal additional Life damage with their attacks.

    * Harsh Focus was removed and replaced with Persistence prior to the release of 1.4 and the leftover patch note was in the live list.

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