RIFT 1.3 Hotfix #1 - 6/23/11

* Guild Banks are being enabled on select shards for verification prior to being fully opened for all shards. Visit the new Guild Bank NPCs in Sanctum and Meridian once they are enabled on your shard.
* The first Guild Bank tab can be purchased for 30 Platinum with no additional restrictions.
* Up to 4 additional tabs can also be purchased to expand your guild's bank.
* Guild Banks can also be used to store Platinum, which members of the guild can use to Soul Mend (up to a daily limit) if they have permission to do so.
* A new guild perk, Tithe, generates additional cash drops from NPCs that goes directly into the Guild Bank's cash reserves, up to a daily cap.
* Add and Withdraw permissions for items and currency can be managed for each tab and each guild rank via the Guild interface.
* Coin Locked characters cannot add or remove items or currency from a Guild Bank.
* Authenticator restrictions for Guild Bank management are not included in this release, and will be added in a future update.
* Note: Soulbound or Account-bound items cannot be placed in the Guild Bank.


* The LFG tool will be re-enabled after verifying we've fixed a crash issue that could occur while forming groups with this update.
* Non-leader members of a party are now informed if the leader removes the group from some (but not all) LFG queues.

* Iron Pine Peaks: Plaques of the Mountaineer are now properly granted from daily quests.
* Potential fix for the random trees appearing in the world where they shouldn't be.
* The lesser essence Whirling Charge has regained its identity as a Rogue-statted item.
* Returned the Fang of Gaurath items to their previous state.
* Fixed raid frames showing red bars for raid members out of range or teleporting.

* Justicar: Rebuke should now actually work.
* Fixed a bug causing Break Free to fail to work while under some confuse and fear effects.

* Fixed a rare crash issue with using specific recipes with augments.
* Corrected Heroic Healing Tonic recipe being replaced with the Brew of the Abyssal Apprentice. If you previously had Heroic Healing Tonic in your recipe list, it should reappear again as normal.