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Thread: RIFT 1.3: [NA] 8:00am PDT 6/22/11 - [EU] - 1:00am GMT 23/6/11

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    Post RIFT 1.3: [NA] 8:00am PDT 6/22/11 - [EU] - 1:00am GMT 23/6/11

    RIFT 1.3 - WAVES OF MADNESS - 6/22/11

    == KNOWN ISSUES ==
    * Guild Banks are not yet available thanks to an excellent find by our PTS testers. We will update you on their status later today.
    * Iron Pine Peak daily quests are not properly awarding Plaques of the Mountaineer - a hotfix for this is underway.

    == FEATURED ==
    * The opening of Hammerknell draws near; the forces of Water and Death stand to unleash their power on Telara while the Ascended rush to contain Akylios and his cult.
    * Character Transfers are now open - see below for details on moving your character or guild!
    * Quantum Sight and Omen Sight now allow Ascended to see all new Artifacts for all new collections!
    * A variety of new costume armor can be found in Iron Pine Peaks, Stillmoor, and Shimmersand.

    * Character transfers are free and a character can be moved once every 7 days.
    * To be eligible for a transfer, your character must meet the following requirements:
    - Level 15+ [does not apply to characters on designated Trial Shards]
    - If under level 40, the maximum Platinum that you can transfer with is capped at 3 Plat per character level.
    - Your account cannot be Coin Locked
    - You cannot have mail left in your mailbox, or auctions left on the auction house/pending bids.
    * Initiate a Character Transfer from the Character Select screen.
    * Not all shards or factions will be open for transfer at a given time; this will change based on population balance.
    * If your name is not available on the desired shard, you will be prompted for a rename prior to moving.
    * Once you accept the transfer, it will take several seconds to complete.
    * For information on transferring your guild [as a guild leader], or joining your guild after it has moved, see below under GUILD TRANSFERS.

    * Guild leaders will be able to choose whether or not to move their guild with them to a selected shard after satisfying all of the above transfer process requirements.
    * The Guild Bank must be empty for a guild to be eligible for transfer.
    * If you are a member of a guild that has moved shards, you will be informed the next time you log in, and the same information will be available on the guild window until you transfer or join another guild.
    * If you choose to transfer shards with your guild, the destination shard and faction will always be available to you, even if it is closed to non-guild transfer characters.
    * You will need to meet all of the above individual character transfer requirements.
    * Once your individual transfer is complete, you will be automatically joined with your guild on your new shard.

    * Details on Guild Banks will be available once these are activated.

    * The Spoils of War comes to a close, and the daily quests and currency no longer drop after the release of Waves of Madness (1.3).
    * Added a wide variety of new artifacts that can only be found by those Ascended that possess Quantum Sight or Omen Sight. New rewards and titles come along with them!
    * The Icewatch Quartermaster in Iron Pine Peaks has a new set of costume armor for sale!
    * The Quartermaster for the Order of Mathos in Stillmoor now offers new costume recipes for Armorsmiths! Collect a set of Refurbished Mathosian armor! These recipes require 'Tarnished Mathosian' armor pieces, which drop from Undead and Endless Court mobs throughout the zone.
    * Fixed expiration issues with temporary runes - they should now behave as expected.
    * Multiple incoming quest-sharing offers will now be properly queued.
    * Fixed a few artifact locations that had fallen victim to being stuck in invisible walls or beneath ice.
    * Starting armor pieces will no longer allow you to try to dye portions of it that cannot be dyed, and cheat you out of a dye item.
    * Fixed a bug preventing you from moving armor directly from your bank into a Wardrobe slot.
    * Lava and Tar no longer have an effect on dead characters.
    * Fixed a number of bugs where runes and other item effects were not being correctly removed when the enhanced item was un-equipped.
    * Item tooltips for artifacts now list if you've already collected the item if you are viewing the tooltip outside of your completed/in-progress collections window.

    * With the passing of the Spoils of War prelude, coin rewards for zone wide events have returned to previous levels.
    * All zone events now use the blue shield icon on the map to indicate wardstones that must be defended.
    * Expert Rifts will now be labeled as such on the map when opened.
    * Rift lures and husks now have unique and improved icons.
    * Raid Rift: Growth of the Aelfwar: Fixed some of Earl Aelorwin's abilities and their interaction with spell reflections.
    * Raid Rift: The Golden King: The fourth stage will no longer completely reset if a single NPC within it resets aggro.
    * The Scarwood Reach zone event, Double Danger, now correctly shows only 3 locations to defend.
    * The Shimmersand zone event, Scourge of the Sands, had some issues fixed where otherwise eligible players would not get credit for the final event boss.
    * The Stillmoor Rift, Endangered Souls, has more buffer time between timed stages so they progress properly if a stage is completed in the last few seconds.
    * The 'Damned Spirit' NPCs found in some Rift events will no longer hide beneath the ground.
    * Raid Rift dropped items, dropped essences, and merchant-bought essences have been upgraded!
    * Added purchasable Planarite in exchange for epic Rift currency on Rare Planar Goods merchants.
    * Raid Rift loot chests now despawn after 20 minutes instead of sticking around indefinitely.
    * A number of changes have been made to the rewards for Expert Rifts:
    - Every member of the group opening the Rift will receive 4 Crystal Sourcestones if they are able to seal the rift.
    - Completing a daily quest for an Expert Rift now awards 6 Crystal Sourcestones.
    - Everyone participating in the Rift has an increased chance to receive Crystal Sourcestone as Rift loot. Due to this, general participants will no longer receive random Rift loot.
    - Essences obtained from Expert Rifts (dropped and store-bought) have been upgraded.
    - Ancient Sourceshards have been converted into Crystal Sourcestones. Bosses and events that used to drop Ancient Sourceshards now drop Crystal Sourcestones, and items that used Ancient Sourceshards for purchase currency now use the Crystal Sourcestones as well. Existing Ancient Sourceshards will be converted automatically.
    - Prices of lesser essences purchased with Crystal Sourcestone have been increased due to the higher drop rates.
    * Additionally, Raid Rifts have their rewards updated as well:
    - Raid Rift essences have been improved in power.
    - Raid Rifts now always award one Inscribed Sourcestone to every member of the opening group.
    - Raid Rift daily quests now award 6 Inscribed Sourcestone.
    - Ancient Sourcestones no longer drop, and have been replaced with Inscribed Sourcestones. Existing Ancient Sourcestones will be converted automatically.
    - All items previously purchased with Ancient Sourcestone are now bought with Inscribed Sourcestone.
    - Lesser essences that can be purchased now cost 20 Inscribed Sourcestone.

    * The random dungeon cash reward now scales with your character level.
    * Players entering a dungeon instance via LFG will be unable to use the LFG system again for 10 minutes, or until the group defeats the first boss in the instance.
    * The first player to quit an LFG group before the instance is completed won't be able to use LFG again for 30 minutes, although it will take pity on groups that have had repeat wipes.
    * The Enter/Leave Dungeon option now only works when none of the dungeon party members are in combat.
    * The 'Group Formed' popup now displays what kind of group you're forming - Rift, Dungeon, Quest, etc.
    * High-level players can use the Specific Dungeon tab to queue for low-level dungeons if they want to assist some lower level players through the instance.
    * When leaders queue their group for LFG, each member gets a popup confirmation window for which roles they want to fulfill.
    * LFG party leaders who lose a player and miss the initial replacement popup can now open the LFG interface to request another member.

    * Due to changes in Guild Perks, all non-combat Guild Perk points have been reset. The ability for guilds to reset their own Guild Perk points for a fee is under development.
    * New guild perk: Tithe: Gains additional money from NPC kills that is added to the guild bank reserves.
    * An additional chat message is sent when a guild perk gives you bonus currency.
    * Stealth is no longer cancelled when a guild trains the Rift Extraction perk.
    * Guild Quest: Defiant: The Enemies of Telara: Quest can now be updated in Expert Iron Tombs.

    * Characters can now purchase the Planar Lure Ascended Power if they missed the quest that grants it.
    * Made it so you can't waste Planarite buying the same Ascended Power multiple times.
    * The tooltip on all Ascended Powers in the merchant window now explains that it grants the ability permanently.

    * The Life and Death epic quests that require group updates are now flagged as such, and are eligible for group matchmaking with the LFG tool!
    * Saga of the Endless: Powers of Life and Air: The Glade Orb once again drops for all members of a group.
    * Gnarladon, Cinderon, y u no spawn! You can now purchase lures for Gnarladon and Cinderon at the Sanctum Rift merchants.
    * The Saga of the Endless: A Family Affair: Some tweaks to make the quest update more reliable after scanning Marsinie.
    * A Snake in Sanctum: Katia's monologue now only shows up if you need to summon Cealhaidh.
    * The Icewatch: Now only requires Icewatch faction of Honored.

    * Mana Regeneration: Updated the calculation of mana regeneration to include diminishing returns. This should only be noticeable at higher levels and gear quality.
    * Constant jumping will not cause melee attackers to be out of range for attack.
    * NPCs now have a higher aggro threshold required to make them switch targets within melee range.
    * Stealth: Fixed a bug with toggling melee auto-attack would cause stealth to break.
    * Fixed a bug causing the Class Mechanic UI to display effects from other players instead of just your own (ex: Stormcaller, Necromancer).
    * Fixed some effects on pets to be lost when teleporting.
    * Fixed an issue causing abilities to fail to work properly against players that had just been stunned while jumping.
    * Fixed a bug causing some pet abilities to be inappropriately displayed as autocast-enabled after training a new rank of a pet.
    * Some procced effects could then cause other procs to go off - these have been cleaned up in general and should no longer occur.
    * NPC Beastmasters should no longer put the Fierce Strike debuff on their target.

    * Fixed a bug with Peace of the Grave reapplying incorrectly when zoning after resurrecting.

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    * Nebulous Haze: Now increases casting time of spells by 25%.

    * Armor of Treachery: Corrected the out-of-date tooltip to match the spell's current functionality.
    * Armor of Awakening: The Critical Hit chance increase now displays properly in the Character stat window.
    * Divine Pardon: Now reduces threat by the proper amount.
    * Lethargy: No longer applies to Harsh Discipline and Aggressive Renewal if you haven't spent points in it.
    * Circle of Oblivion: Fixed a bug where Circle of Oblivion could target locations the caster did not have line of sight to.

    * Due to the below changes, characters with Soul Points spent in Justicar will receive a free soul respec.
    * Devout Deflection: Now increases Parry by 30-90% of your Spell Power, and Dodge by 20-60% of your Spell Power.
    * Doctrine of Valiance: Removed.
    * Humility: Now available as a tier 4 branch ability.
    * Interdict: Now available as a tier 5 branch ability.
    * Resplendent Embrace: Now available as a 32 point root ability. No longer triggers a global cooldown.
    * Rebuke: Now available as a 44 point root ability. Causes up to 5 enemies within 7 meters of the targeted enemy to run to and attack the Justicar for 3 seconds. Does not affect players or player pets.
    * Forced to Kneel: Removed.
    * Commitment: Now available as a tier 6 branch ability.
    * Thorvin's Law: New tier 6 branch ability. Causes Precept of Refuge to reduce all magic damage taken by 5-10%. Requires Precept of Refuge and Safe Haven.
    * Righteous Mandate: Will no longer be removed when the affected player changes zones.

    * Surging Flames: Will no longer be removed when the affected player changes zones.
    * Disciple of Flame: Now adds a Spell Power bonus to your Caregiver's Blessing of 5%, plus an additional 3% per point spent in Purifier above 36. Also adds a Spell Power bonus to all other Purifier absorption shields of 10% plus an additional 7.5% per point spent in Purifier above 36.

    * Marked by the Light: Will no longer be removed when the affected player changes zones.

    * Echoes of Ascension: Can no longer be purged.

    * Tidal Surge: No longer wasted if cast just after Healing Current.
    * Healing Current: Corrected mana costs across all ranks.


    * Casting speed debuffs will no longer cause Archon auras to gain a casting time if points have been spent to make them instant-cast.
    * Lingering Dust: Now reduces melee and casting speed of the target by 25% for 20 seconds. The buff portion is unchanged.
    * Burning Purpose: Damage procs are now affected by the Rising Vengeance ability. Reduced base damage dealt by Burning Purpose procs.
    * Lava Field: Fixed a bug where Lava Field could target locations the caster did not have line of sight to.

    * Due to the below changes, characters with soul points spent in Chloromancer will receive a free soul point respec.
    * Casting speed debuffs will no longer cause Bloom and Flourish to have a casting time if you have two points in Healing Slipstream.
    * Call of Spring: Updated description to better indicate which abilities it affects.
    * New Ability: Lifebound Veil - Causes Life damage dealt by the Mage to heal up to 5 allies within 20 meters for 15% of the damage done for 1 hour. All other spell damage dealt by the Mage heals allies for 5% of the damage done. Spells that damage more than one target have healing generated by Lifebound Veil reduced by 80%. Life based damage over time effects heal allies for 25% of the damage done by the first damaging tick of the effect. The Mage cannot receive healing from other Lifebound Veil or Lifegiving Veil effects while affected by this buff. Does not trigger a global cooldown. Cannot be purged.This is obtained after spending 11 points in the Chloromancer soul.
    * Synthesis: Now increases healing received from Lifebound Veil by 100%. Reduced cooldown to 10 seconds. This cooldown is shared with Lifegiving Veil and Lifebound Veil. Now applies or refreshes Lifebound Veil when cast. Will no longer be removed when the affected player changes zones.
    * Lifegiving Veil: Increased the base single-target Life damage to Healing conversion to 80%. This now shares a 10 second cooldown with Synthesis and Lifebound Veil. This can no longer be purged.
    * Natural Fusion: Now increases the Synthesis bonus to heals from Lifebound Veil by 20-60%.
    * Essence Surge: Debuff portion of this ability has been removed.
    * Destructive Growth: Removed branch ability; the effects are now part of the base Wild Growth ability.
    * Wild Growth: Reduced cooldown to 1 minute, increased radius to 25 meters.
    * New branch ability - Nature's Swiftness: Reduces the casting time of Nature's Fury by 0.5-1 second, and reduces the cooldown of Natural Conversion by 30-60 seconds. Tier 6 branch ability.
    * Entropic Veil: Removed cooldown.
    * Empowered Veil: Now increases the damage bonus from your Entropic Veil by 13-19%, increases the healing generated by Lifegiving Veil from Life damage to 90-110%, increases healing generated from your Lifebound Veil by Life damage to 20-30% and increases the radius of Lifegiving and Lifebound Veil by 5-15 meters.
    * Flourish: Reduced healing done.
    * Bloom: Increased healing done.
    * New root ability - Natural Healing: Single target heal with a 2.5 second casting time and no additional cooldown. Obtained with 51 points in Chloromancer.
    * Circle of Life: Now affects Natural Healing.
    * Empathic Bond: Increased the mana return to 20% of the damage received by the Synthesis target.
    * Nature's Touch: Reduced base damage of this spell. This spell now triggers an additional heal from Lifebound Veil, instead of Lifegiving Veil.
    * New ability - Living Infusion: A passive ability that increases the percentage of Life damage converted to healing by Lifegiving Veil by an additional 0.5%, and Lifebound Veil by an additional 1.5%, for each point spent in Chloromancer above 31. Obtained at 32 points in Chloromancer.
    * Void Life: Now channels destructive energy at the target, dealing Life damage each second for 3 seconds. Causes Lifebound Veil to trigger an extra heal on the target of the Chloromancer's Synthesis buff for an additional 90% of the damage dealt.
    * Natural Splendor: Now channels a beam of corrosive energy at the target, dealing Life damage over 8 seconds to the target enemy and up to 8 enemies within 7 meters of the target. Up to 8 allies within 7 meters of the targeted enemy receive healing over 8 seconds. Consumes Charge while active.
    * Corrosion: Fixed a bug where Corrosion could hit through walls and other line of sight-blocking objects.

    * Due to the below changes, characters with soul points spent in Dominator will receive a free soul point respec.
    * Fixed an issue where enemies would sometimes be able to continue casting or using abilities when affected by Mass Exhaustion, Disorient, or Overpowering Will.
    * Mass Exhaustion: Fixed a bug in certain builds where Mass Exhaustion would end on all enemies if broken on one affected target.
    * Thunder Blast: Will now deal damage and interrupt casting even if the target is immune to the knockback portion of this ability.
    * Charged Shield, Mass Charged Shield: Will no longer land on an ally who already has a mage armor buff other than Charged Shield.
    * Transference: Now blocks energy and mana regeneration on the target for 7 seconds, up from 5. Damage is now a flat value influenced by Spell Power and is no longer based on the amount of Energy, Power, or Mana drained.
    * Microburst: No longer reduces the damage of Storm Shackle.
    * Deny: Reduced cooldown to 10 seconds,
    * Mental Shock: Reduced cooldown to 20 seconds.
    * Empowered Presence: Now increases the radius of your Arresting and Reflective Presence by 2-6 meters. Increases the chance for your Reflective Presence to reflect spells by 5-15%. Gives Arresting Presence a 33-100% chance to proc an interrupt on up to 10 targets within range, each second.
    * Priest's Lament: Will now interrupt the target when it attempts to silence them. The interrupt will occur even if the target is immune to silence.
    * Disorient: Now blasts the enemy with a burst of negative energy, dealing Death damage and leaving them stunned for 3 seconds and confusing them afterwards for up to 30 seconds. Damage done will break the confuse effect. 30 second cooldown.
    * Memory Wipe: Now causes a group or raid member to appear less threatening, reducing their threat by 20% with all enemies within a 25 meter radius.
    * Overpowering Will, Iron Will: Removed.
    * New root ability - Incompetence: Reduces the target's effectiveness in battle for 15 seconds, increasing the cost of healing abilities by 20% and causing damage done by the target's abilities to heal up to 5 of the Dominator's group or raid members within 15 meters. 15 second cooldown. Obtained at 20 points.
    * New branch ability - Ineptitude: Increases the healing ability cost debuff of Incompetence by 1-5% and increases the healing done by target's damaging abilities by 4-20%. Available after spending 20 points in Dominator.
    * Chastise: Removed.
    * New root ability - Traitorous Influence: Causes the enemy, and up to 5 additional enemies within 15 meters, to suffer Death damage and lose 30 Power or Energy, or Mana equal to 5% of the Dominator's maximum mana, every time the target uses an ability. This can occur up to 5 times over 15 seconds. Available after spending 30 points in Dominator.
    * Draining Presence: Removed.
    * New root ability - Mass Betrayal: Generates chaos within the enemy's ranks, cursing up to 10 enemies within the targeted area. Abilities used by affected enemies cause the target and up to 5 additional targets within 7 meters to suffer Death damage; they also lose 30 Power, Energy, or Mana equal to 3% of the Dominator's maximum mana each time they use an ability. This can occur up to 5 times over 15 seconds. Available at 51 points in Dominator.
    * Fixed a bug where pets spawned by Split Personality were not gaining benefit from the caster's Spell Power or Spell Critical Hit.
    * Split Personality: The pets spawned now take 95% less damage from area effect abilities.
    * Accelerated Decay: Now reduces melee and casting speed by 25%.

    * Planar Expansion: Corrected the description on the final rank of this branch ability.
    * Burning Ground: Fixed a bug where Burning Ground could target locations the caster did not have line of sight to.

    * Life Bane: Increased the bonus for Undead pet damage to 0.6-3% per point spent in Necromancer.
    * Deadly Plague: Fixed the damage bonus given to Plague Bolt. Deadly Plague now gives Plague Bolt a 20-100% chance to apply an additional stack of Deathly Calling. Each stack of Deathly Calling on the target increases damage dealt from Plague Bolt by 3%, to a maximum of 15%.
    * Death's Ally: Corrected an issue where this increased all damage instead of only Death damage, as described.
    * Grave Rot: Fixed a bug where Grave Rot could target locations the caster did not have line of sight to.

    * Inferno: Now triggers a global cooldown when used.
    * Burning Bright: Increased the bonus to Fire damage to 0.4-1.2% per point spent in Pyromancer for PvE damage. PvP damage uses the previous 0.2-0.6% bonus.
    * PVP: The damage of Fulminate and Cinder Burst has been reduced by 20% in PvP combat. The damage of Inferno has been reduced by 10% in PvP combat.

    * Lightning Field and Charged Field now only check for stacks of Electrified applied by the caster.
    * Lightning Field: Reduced base damage of this spell.
    * Forked Lightning: Reduced base damage of this spell.
    * Static Discharge: Can no longer affect a target more than once per minute.
    * The class mechanic UI for Electrify will now update properly if Lightning Field removes a stack of Electrified from an enemy.

    * Empowered Darkness: Reduced Charge consumption and reduced cooldown to 30 seconds.
    * Defile: Increased base damage.
    * Neddra's Influence: Now increases the damage dealt by your Death DoT spells by 5-15%, plus an additional 0.5-1.5% for each point spent in Warlock.
    * Sacrifice Life: Damage: Can no longer be cast if Empowered Darkness is active.
    * Devouring Shadows: Fixed a bug where Devouring Shadows could target locations the caster did not have line of sight to.

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    * Motif of Regeneration: Now considered a spell, and can be Silenced - consistent with other Bard abilities.
    * Fixed a bug allowing Coda of Cowardice and Coda of Distress to stack their effects in certain conditions.

    * Contra Tempo: Fixed the effect tooltip to indicate that it increases the damage of the next three Combo Point generating abilities.
    * Deadly Dance: Fixed a bug where applying Saboteur Charges to the target did not consume the Deadly Dance effect.

    * Camouflage: Fixed characters being knocked out of stealth when re-entering a Marksman's Pedestal.
    * Step Into the Shadows: Fixed the cooldown being activated when using any stealth ability.

    * Killer Focus: Damage bonus should be correctly applied to ranged weapons.
    * Prey on the Weak: Fixed the buff triggered by this ability not being removed when the character dies.

    * Shadow Stalk: Fixed a bug where this would sometimes be available while under control effects it cannot break.
    * Shadow Assault, Shadow Blitz: Now properly affected by damage modifications from buffs and debuffs.

    * Remote Clipping: Fixed a bug for the tooltip of Detonate where the range was being increased by 1 meter instead of 2 meters.


    * Fight As One: Now increases the chance of a critical hit by 5-15%, and increases melee damage by 15-45%. Duration increased and cooldown reduced.
    * New ability - Companion's Call: Makes the next pet summon ability instant-cast.
    * Greater Primal Companion: Claw Swipe: Fixed a bug causing this to occasionally only hit one target.
    * Fixed some bugs with the icon display for Summon Greater Primal Companion.

    * Destroyer's Bearing: Now increases the damage of all ability attacks, not just attack point-consuming abilities.
    * Two Handed Specialization: Now named Weapon Specialization and enhances all attacks; ranged attacks receive half of the increase that melee attacks do. No longer increases damage on the procced strikes from Deadly Grace, Shifting Blades, and Way of the Wind.
    * Deadly Strikes: Now increases the damage of attack point builders by an additional amount for each point spent in Champion over 30.
    * Bash: To better match up with other interrupts, the cooldown has been increased to 8 seconds and Power cost reduced to 10.

    * Warden's Protection: Will no longer be removed when the affected player changes zones.
    * Face Slam: To better match up with other interrupts, the cooldown has been increased to 8 seconds, damage reduced slightly, and Power cost reduced to 10 Power.
    * Improved Paladin's Devotion: Fixed a tooltip bug that reported the wrong amount of cooldown reduction on Paladin's Devotion. Tooltip now properly shows a cooldown reduction of 10-20 seconds. This is a cosmetic fix only.

    * Procced strikes from Deadly Grace, Shifting Blades, and Way of the Wind can no longer critically hit.
    * Teaching of the Five Rings: Now enhances all attacks; ranged attacks receive half of the increase that melee attacks do. No longer increases damage on the procced strikes from Deadly Grace, Shifting Blades, and Way of the Wind.
    * Way of the Mountain: The damage boost to follow-up attacks has been increased.
    * Paired Strike: Now deals Air damage instead of Physical damage. Now causes the next 3 follow-up strikes to critically hit.
    * Strike Like Iron: Boosted damage increase to 20-50%.
    * Deadly Grace: Now deals damage based on how many soul points have been spent in Paragon. When Deadly Grace is first available it provides the same bonus it previously did, and increases from there as more points are spent in the Paragon soul.
    * New 51-pt ability - Swift Blades: 30 second duration, 25 second cooldown self buff. Consumes attack points and increases the damage done by auto-attacks by 45-135% based on the number consumed.
    * Strike Like Iron: Moved to a 38 point root ability.
    * New root ability - Reaping Harvest: Available with 2 points spent in Paragon. Attack point consuming ability that requires dual wielding.
    * Path of the Wind: Now requires the Paragon to be dual wielding.
    * Way of the Wind: Now triggers a second weapon attack after using any attack ability that requires dual wielding. Now deals its damage as Air damage rather than Physical.
    * Flinching Strike: To better match with other interrupts, the damage is no longer based on weapon damage, cooldown reduced to 8 seconds, and Power cost has been reduced to 10 Power.
    * Bend Like the Reed: In addition to enhancing Parry, now also increases the damage done by attacks that require dual wielding. To support this change and put this in line with similar finishers, the cooldown has been increased to 1 minute.
    * Thread the Trees: Fixed a bug where Thread the Trees could hit through walls and other line of sight-blocking objects.

    * Due to the below changes, characters with soul points spent in Riftblade will receive a free soul respec.
    * Avatar of the Rift: Increased the attack power bonus to ability attacks.
    * Elemental Touch: Now does damage based on a percentage of Attack Power, which increases based on the number of soul points spent in Riftblade.
    * Enhanced Burst: Now a 3-point branch ability that increases damage by 10-30%.
    * New ability - Empowered Strikes: Tier 5 branch ability, enhances auto-attack damage by a percentage of your Attack Power. The percentage is increased based on the number of soul points spent in Riftblade.
    * Rift Storm: Reduced cooldown to 2 minutes from 3. Fixed a bug causing different icons to appear in game compared to the Soul Tree version.
    * Fiery Burst: Should now reliably trigger Enhanced Burst.
    * Riftwalk: Fixed a bug causing this ability to not break stuns. Now deals damage to the enemy. Due to this there are now multiple ranks of Riftwalk which can be trained at your nearest Warrior trainer!
    * Improved Riftwalk: Now enhances the damage dealt by Riftwalk in addition to reducing the cooldown.
    * Surging Energy: Fixed a case where this could sometimes not trigger.

    * Advantage: Tooltip changed to more accurately describe what the ability does; increases the chance to get a critical hit by 1-5%.

    * Disrupt: Now increases casting time of spells by 25%.
    * Furious Rage: To better match up with other interrupts, the cooldown has been increased to 8 seconds, and the ability damage is no longer based on weapon damage.

    * Intimidating: The debuff tooltip should now actually work.
    * Fixed a typo in the Warlord Soul tooltip.


    * I Heard a Storm was Coming: The Abyssal Marker can now be used by all members of a party.
    * Kelari Refuge: Meeps, Kosmo... stop being spammers. Most of the shard would have ignored you by now if they could.

    * March of the Guardians, other quests: Escorting Guardian soldiers through Silkweb Pass should be a bit less frustrating now.
    * Moon Blossoms are blossoming once again. Go pick some flowers!

    * Neutral NPC hubs in Iron Pine Peak now all have Healers available.
    * Level 50 Deadwater Frostkeepers no longer hang out around Dayblind Hollows when they aren't actively engaged for the quest that spawns them.
    * Breeder Branek the Yarnosaur breeder in front of the Chancel of Labors, is no longer an all-powerful defender of the Icewatch. Now a normal NPC instead of a raid NPC.
    * Epov Itol no longer drops the unused item, Ballad of the Dragonians.
    * The Coming Storm: Made some adjustments to help with the quest event getting stuck and not resetting.
    * Player pets should no longer be able to walk through walls in the Cloudbourne Caverns.

    * The Void's Deluge: Fixed an issue that occasionally prevented demons from appearing when summoned.

    * Tavril Plaza has a new epic civic centerpiece in it!
    * Life in the Land of Death: Marshal Kevdorras has received a stern talking to and has agreed to spawn his Abandoned Holy Symbol more consistently.
    * Defiants no longer receive mixed messages from the spirits visible with Quantum Sight in Sanctum.

    * The Guardians have established a new wardstone at Stonecrest!
    * Lurker in the Dark: Massive Fang no longer drops for players already on the quest, or who have already completed it.

    * Valuable Essence: Characters attacking from range will no longer be occasionally deprived of quest progress.
    * Hunters in Perspice and Kain's Command no longer report dead hunt targets as currently available.
    * The fight master in Perspice is no longer stingy about letting contestants fight three matches a day.
    * The Guardian Wardstone quest, Owner of a Lonely Cart, can now be completed!
    * Firebrand, Pass It On: Quests should now give proper credit.
    * Heed the Call: Guardian attackers should no longer heed the call endlessly and spawn forever.
    * Stormborn: Quest should now work much better while in a party.
    * Taking the Reigns: Corrected some edge cases that could cause some frustration while trying to complete this quest.
    * Shrines of Life: Reduced the potential for frustrating delays waiting for shrine spawns.
    * The family of coyotes living on the Spice Road in front of the Perspice Inn has been relocated to a more remote location. No coyotes were harmed in the move.
    * It has come to the attention of Telaran animal rights activists that polluted bunnies in the area of Keenblade Mill were possibly being unfairly exterminated. Heartless Critter Killers are now given the condemnation they deserve!

    * Rifts in the Dunes of Akala, zone events, and event colossi now have a chance to award zone-specific wardrobe items.
    * Zone events should no longer cause Rift icons in the Dunes of Akala to disappear from the main map.
    * Fish and other creatures have lost their taste for chewing on poor, drowned Darf.
    * Permanent Slumber: Fixed an issue that would occasionally prevent this quest from resetting.
    * Secrets of the Sands: Improved availability of discarded waste for this quest.
    * Crones of Crucia: Quest now only requires 5 Priestesses rather than 6. Priestess population increased.
    * The interior of buildings in Fortune's Shore now grant rest experience.

    * A Darkwood Satyr that was hiding in the terrain has lost its hiding place.

    * Fixed a rare case where the Time Machine event could become stuck and not progress.

    * Dungeon portals now show additional visual effects when Expert difficulty is selected.
    * Gilded Prophecy, Greenscale's Blight, and River of Souls no longer drop Plaques of Achievement or Glyphed items. These areas now drop Marks of the Ascended, used to purchase the merchant-bought Raid gear from this content. Existing Glyphed items can be consumed to convert them into the equivalent amount of Marks required to purchase that item type.

    * Expert: Kaler Andrenos: Kaler will no longer cycle through phases faster than his abilities, which caused him to cast things out of order and unexpectedly.

    * Fireballs and ground fire cast by Wanton Wildmages can no longer be spell reflected.

    * Modified difficulty of several bosses in Gilded Prophecy to make them slightly more forgiving.
    * These changes primarily consist of hit point rebalancing, a slight damage output reduction, and modifying ability cooldowns, cast times, or durations.
    * No mechanics have been removed.
    * We expect this to be an appropriate challenge for people who have not yet completed 20-person raids; feedback is welcomed!
    * Thalguur now has a few new items!

    * Greenscale's Noxious Fumes damage can now be properly mitigated by Void Knight abilities.
    * Fixed a bug where Invigorating Wisps could fail to despawn after Oracle Aleria's death or reset.

    * Soulflayer Mondrach's Crimson Pyre will now target characters in melee range if there are no characters at range.

    * Removed a stealther mob from the Spring area that was missed in an earlier general population reduction.
    * Expert: Grand Apiarist Orban: Quick resets of this fight can no longer result in the hedges becoming stuck.

    * Herald Gaurath's breath attacks will now be properly mitigated by Void Knight abilities.

    * Expert: Eliam the Corrupted: Fixed an issue with Eliam finishing a channeled ability in progress after the last wisp made contact with him.
    * Atrophinius: Corrected the loot table for this boss.
    * Added voiceover for Alsbeth in Expert Runic Descent.
    * Added new voiceover and death dialogue for Atrophinius.

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    * The Order of the Eye and The Unseen are now recruiting! New daily quests have been added to the Catari Command Center and Thedeor's Circle.
    * Interacting with objects in Warfronts (the Fang of Regulos, Sourcestone, Flags from the Codex) will now be interrupted when a hostile action is taken against a player under the effects of an Absorption shield, Damage Immunity, guarunteed Avoidance, or is under immunity to an effect due to diminishing returns. Hostile actions include damaging abilities, auto-attacks, stuns, interrupts, fears, mesmerize, and knockbacks. For Damage over Time effects, only the first tick will trigger an interruption on an object interaction.
    * Tweaked Warfront queues to better match up premades with each other, and smaller groups or solo players with other similarly queued players.
    * Warfront daily quests are now synchronized for Guardians and Defiants.
    * Channeled abilities used in PvP against player targets will now break if the target moves out of the channeling caster's range, or line-of-sight.
    * If you are Soul Walking and enter a PvP auto-flagging area, you will not be flagged while a ghost - but when you come out of Soul Walk and are still inside the PvP area, you will be flagged on revive.
    * Pyromancers: The damage of Fulminate and Cinder Burst has been reduced by 20% in PvP combat. The damage of Inferno has been reduced by 10% in PvP combat.
    * Fixed a bug causing players to have 1 health and mana when exiting a Warfront while dead.
    * Rank 6 weapon DPS has been upgraded to match that of epic-quality tier 1 Raid drops.
    * Whitefall Steppes: Whirl of Speed no longer stacks with high-speed run buffs.
    * Black Garden: Increased sensitivity for resetting the Fang of Regulos when a team attempts to bring it into their own starting area.
    * The countdown at the end of a Warfront match now reads 'Exit in: (time)' to reduce confusion.

    * Weaponstones and Witchstones have new effects - they now add a fixed amount of damage to your spell or melee critical hits.
    * Foraged plants receive an overhaul: plant distribution has been adjusted in all zones, including addition of new spawn locations. Plants that are frequently used have their spawn rates greatly increased. This should also address issues with plants spawning in level-inappropriate areas.
    * Foraging on plants now has a chance to provide 4 drops instead of 3.
    * Updated a number of Apothecary recipes to use different plants. Krakenweed now gets used, and some plants have been scaled back in use while others have been increased to balance out consumption. Recipes that used plants of an incorrect rank have also been corrected.
    * Reduced the minimum Foraging skill requirements for the following plants:
    - Creeperbrush: 30 [previously 35]
    - Krakenweed: 60 [previously 70]
    - Tattertwist: 140 [previously 145]
    - Drakefoot: 180 [previously 185]
    - Bloodshade: 200 [previously 220]
    * Increased the drop rate of bone and tooth drops from Butchering slightly, as well as the maximum number of bones that can be received per target butchered.
    * Apothecaries can now learn a recipe from Master Apothecary Trainers called 'Catalytic Essence', which converts 1 Minor Catalyst into 3 Catalytic Essences. Apothecary recipes that previously used Minor Catalyst now use Catalytic Essences instead.
    * High-level Apothecary recipes have had their costs re-evaluated:
    - Bottles of Critical Strikes/Bottles of Spellstrikes recipes now craft a quantity of 3.
    - All Vial recipes now produce a quantity of 4.
    - Heroic Healing Philter recipes produce a quantity of 3.
    - Panacea recipe crafts a quantity of 3.
    - Elixir of Impunity recipe produces a quantity of 2.
    * Luminous Vengeful Rune and Luminous Unrelenting Rune have their levels adjusted in accordance with other Luminous runes. The stats on these runes are unaffected.
    * Updated Master Artificer Supply Bags so they can now also drop Fanged Mandibles.
    * Outfitter cloth quest starter items now only drop for Outfitters.
    * Carmintium Pauldrons recipe now requires Spellspun Silk cloth rather than Bolt of Spellspun Silk.
    * A Peerless Leather: Quest now requires Soulbind Leather and Steeled Leather.
    * Fixed an issue where Blazing Dexterity/Intelligence/Strength/Wisdom Runes and Runeshards had their names swapped. The two-handed version of these runes are now referred to as 'Runes' and the one-handed versions are now properly named 'Runeshards'.
    * Items previously named Fortification Serum are now named Defense Serum. This is to prevent confusion with the stacking group 'fortification serum' which applies to several items.
    * The quest 'Workorder: Diamond Icon' now properly appears in the Sanctum category for Guardians.
    * Fixed an 'inpenetrable' typo in some augmented item names.
    * Sanctum weekly crafting quests now show up under the proper quest log category.
    * Fixed salvaging of cloth armor giving incorrect results.
    * Diluted Siltreaver Venom can no longer be Runebroken.
    * Artificer supply bags should now give the correct bone loot.
    * Noble Rifle can now be Runebroken or Salvaged.

    * Tablet consumables from Water Rifts now all provide 5 Energy/Power per 5 seconds, down from 20 at the high end. This also applies correctly to Rogues and not just Warriors. Their other properties remain unchanged.
    * Baleful Rune now deals 85 damage instantly, rather than 70 damage over 4 seconds.
    * The Guardian Distinguished Service Medal cannot be used inside instances, and now gives a useful error message if you attempt to do so.
    * Gloamsilk Poison now actually has an effect.
    * Ritualist's Band now has Wisdom instead of Strength.
    * Foe of the Aelfwar (wand) now has Wisdom instead of Strength.
    * Adriana's Tumbling Deflector tooltip has been corrected.
    * Source Chain Coif now has Spell Critical Hit instead of Melee Critical Hit.
    * Arachnid Longsword renamed to Arachnid Long Knife as it is, in fact, a dagger - and not terribly long.
    * Bonecrusher Sabatons have been upgraded along with other raid Rift-dropped items, however their Toughness has been reduced to 38 from 50.
    * Tactical Soulstone (Greater Essence): Increased the additional damage bonus to Backstab from 18 to 73.
    * Predatory Soulstone (Greater Essence): Increased the duration of the Attack Power buff from 15 seconds to 25.
    * Sanguine Soulstone (Greater Essence): Increased the damage bonus amount from 42 to 64.
    * Disruptive Soulstone (Greater Essence): Increased the Attack Power bonus from 33 to 42.
    * Sturdy Soulstone (Greater Essence): Increased the Armor bonus from 297 to 357.
    * Furious Soulstone (Greater Essence): Increased the damage bonus amount from 15 to 31.
    * Abyssal Soulstone (Greater Essence): Increased the Armor bonus from 30 to 36.
    * Amplified Soulstone (Greater Essence): Increased the damage bonus from 25 to 31.
    * Sheltering Soulstone (Greater Essence): Increased the shield amount from 300 to 323.
    * Flametouched Soulstone (Greater Essence): Increased the Spell Power bonus to 31.
    * Gravetouched Soulstone (Greater Essence): Increased the Spell and Attack Power bonus to the Necromancer's pet to 32.
    * Elemental Soulstone (Greater Essence): Increased the Spell Power bonus to 93.
    * Characters affected by another player's Philter of Power now properly receive the 'Bitter Aftertaste' immunity to similar effects, which was not applying if they were not the person to use the Philter item.
    * You can no longer waste dyes trying to color Ring items.
    * Deathwarder's Kris and Deranged Pyromancer's Kris have their strength stat replaced with something more useful to casters.
    * Chausses of Relentless Life now have proper class restrictions.
    * Warrior Sap (Lesser Essence): Changed Spell Critical Hit to Physical Critical Hit on this essence.
    * Necrotic Semblance had an issue where if the illusion effect was removed, your character would lose the ability to proc until you re-equipped the item. Fixed!
    * Verdant Archbow tooltip now properly displays its damage values.
    * Unseen Insignia will no longer go on cooldown until its teleport triggers, to prevent the cooldown being wasted if the teleport cast is interrupted.
    * Sword of Reverent Fear now has Endurance instead of Strength.
    * Celestial Flameshard's effect now uses your Block stat.
    * The following caster items no longer have wasted Strength stats on them: Darkeve Chain, Deepthought Amulet, Koglok's Pointer, Whitefall Knife, Runebound Shield, Dawnswrath Chain.
    * Bonegrinder of the Necrotic Ooze is now properly an Axe, and should be wielded like one.
    * The Sacred Heirloom of Eth is now Epic in rarity.
    * Fixed equipped planar essences not adding up to the correct total amount displayed on the Focus for certain stats.
    * Buffs obtained from several Mighty and Heroic Vials, Resistance Vials, and Accuracy Vials can no longer be purged.

    * New display for linked achievements that shows the requirements and current progress toward that achievement when clicked!
    * Achievement chains now show previous achievements you've completed when you expand the achievement details. When you expand a previous achievement in the chain, it will update to show just that achievement's point amount and not the total of all completed achievements for that chain.
    * Updated Achievement descriptions for Open Season, Might Makes Right, and Faith Denied to more clearly reflect that kills are required in each zone listed.
    * Deep Roots: Credit for exploring the Drake and Broodmother caves should no longer be swapped.
    * The Stonefield rare mob achievement, Stonefield Defender, has been renamed to 'Fields of Shattered Foes'.
    * Mirror Mirror: Players should now be able to obtain this achievement when grouped for the required quests.
    * Dungeon Butcher: Now correctly requires the Rapid Assault: Realm of the Fae achievement for completion.
    * Critical Critter (Greenscale's Blight): Hedge Stalker requirement increased to 4.
    * A new title is available for those who have already completed, or eventually complete, the Ultimate Dungeon Hero achievement.
    * Titles have been added as rewards for 20-player raid meta achievements. Completing the Greenscale's Blight set grants the title 'Fae Master/Fae Mistress'. Completing the River of Souls set grants 'Death Master/Death Mistress'.

    * Added a new type of log that records each time an NPC dies, you interact with an NPC, or you loot an item. Provides relevant database keys and location - intended for use by external sites to put together map data and loot tables.
    * /discoverylog toggles the new log type on and off and persists through logouts. Creates a file named discovery.log that is appended to for each play session.
    * You can now ignore all duel requests via a toggle on the Combat settings window.
    * Mounts no longer think they're a piece of equipment when using /saveequip and /loadequip macros. You will need to use /saveequip again to overwrite any old sets that included a mount in it.
    * Added a display option to always show raid member overhead names.
    * The ' and / keys can now be re-bound, if desired.
    * Improved handling of keys bound to multiple commands with and without modifiers (like 'm' and 'SHIFT+m' both being bound).

    * New alert sound when your LFG queue pops!
    * Added an audio cue for your pet dying in combat.
    * New Raid Warning sound added.
    * Added a notification sound for when the Accept Resurrect confirmation window pops up.
    * A unique sound now plays when you loot an item that offers a quest.
    * Transferring items into your bank via right-click now plays a sound.
    * Fixed armor colors displaying oddly when inspecting a character.
    * Other players and NPCs entering stealth can be heard more easily; detecting a stealthed player or NPC nearby now plays a single sound and is more noticeable.
    * The sound for /chicken now plays only one time at the beginning of the animation.
    * Added some variation to combat hit/injury noises so combat sounds have more variety.
    * Iron Pine Peaks volume level tweaks, new ambience and music in ice caverns including surround sound support.
    * Music should be more prominent in Shimmersand, Scarlet Gorge, and in the Gilded Prophecy Sliver.
    * NPC creatures in the process of spawning should properly show their spawn-in animations!
    * Buffed up Plate armor - now with more shiny!

    * Rift can now receive tweets as well as sending them out if you are signed in to Twitter through RIFTconnect - check the Chat Window settings to disable or change which tab tweets appear on.
    * Logging out now cancels YouTube encoding and uploading.
    * Added 'keep me logged in' checkboxes for social networks.

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    * Destroyed wardstones during zone events will no longer display on the main map when fully zoomed out (other zone icons do not display at this zoom level, either).
    * Scrolling Combat Text will now always appear on-screen even when fighting partially or fully off-screen enemies.
    * The Auction House results list can now be sorted by Buyout Price. Click the arrow button next to the 'Current Bid' header to toggle the sort types. This setting will persist between logins.
    * The Auction House now persists the following between logins: starting and buyout prices for the last 100 items put up for auction, duration chosen when creating an auction, the starting price equals buyout option, and the sorting column and order for Browse, Auction, and Bids tabs.
    * Added a 'Useable Only' checkbox to the Auction House search to limit results to items you can actually use.
    * The casting bar for spells that cannot be interrupted now has a new appearance and turns orange!
    * UI animations for items dropping into your bags no longer queue up and will play immediately instead.
    * Fixed an issue with portrait lighting sometimes appearing too dark.
    * Added available keybindings for clearing your primary target, and clearing all targets.
    * Added a new keybinding that allows you to cycle up/down through main ability bars. Shift + Up arrow to go up a page, Shift + Down arrow to go down a page for your main hotbar.
    * Quest stickies now update correctly if you have items required for a quest and destroy or sell them prior to turn-in, and reflect the no-longer-complete quest status.
    * Fixed the Warfront, Guild, and World Event buttons showing as available when they shouldn't be in the menu icons after resetting the UI.
    * Very long names on target portraits are now truncated.
    * Fixed some bugs with the Rift loot window display and looting when multiple items of the same type were waiting to be looted.
    * Purchase confirmation windows now go away if you close the merchant window or purchase a different item instead.
    * Fixed a bug causing the buff bar on your target portrait to shift downward at inappropriate times.
    * Updated the Plaque of Achievement icon so it's easier to see stack counts on them.
    * We now have abbreviations for very large hit points displayed when showing percentages on the health bar.
    * Updated the error text on the Planar Lure ability to indicate the Major or Minor tear requirement so it's more clear when trying to use it on a Raid Tear.
    * Non-Ancient Wardstones should no longer display Ancient Wardstone details.
    * Fixed a bug where the Ancient Wardstone indicator would overlap tracked quest text.
    * Sending cash through the mail now only accepts up to two digits for values of gold and silver.
    * You can now more precisely move UI elements in Edit Layout mode using the arrow keys on your keyboard.
    * Chat window positions will no longer change when selecting Default in Edit Layout mode.
    * Fixed a bug causing right-clicking of items on the character sheet to not unequip them if the character stat panel was visible.
    * The LFG interface should no longer flicker when things update.
    * There is now an option in the Interface settings to turn off the 'glow' on selected targets or on mouseover of players/NPCs in the game, or to disable it altogether.

    * If a player's email address or password is changed while they are logged in to the game, they will be kicked automatically and will have to log in to continue playing.
    * Fixed a UI issue where deleting a character and immediately attempting to change shards would grey out the shard selection button.
    * Improved streaming for fewer framerate hitches when running through the world.

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