RIFT 1.2 Hotfix #5

* Fixed issues with usable objects in the world not respawning.
* Silverwood: The Rift 'Red Scale' will now count toward quests and Achievements requiring you to close Rifts in Silverwood.

* Players added to a group as a replacement for a partially completed dungeon will no longer be stranded outside the dungeon if the leader is also outside when the match is made.
* Fixed a bug where group leaders did not correctly receive a popup offering to search for a replacement if the leader was outside of the dungeon when a group member left.
* Removed annoying LFG pop up replacement spam when an entire group is leaving one LFG-formed dungeon for another.
* Fixed lockouts not being set when finding Random LFG dungeons. Players doing Random LFG dungeons will be locked to them the first run as they would if they entered normally. The Random LFG tool will then bypass any instance locks of party members for any dungeons repeated before the lockout expires.