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    Post RIFT 1.2 - Spoils of War - 5/10/11 [NA] - 11/5/11 [EU]

    RIFT 1.2 - Spoils of War

    * New Looking for Group tool to form Dungeon, Rift, and Quest groups with other interested players on your shard!
    * Along with Looking for Group, Expert Dungeons have undergone a general balance pass and reward improvement.
    * Brand new Wardrobe slots allow you to customize the appearance of your character and even save whole outfits to swap between.
    * Added the option to purchase a fifth Role from your Calling trainer!
    * Discover Slivers - a glimpse into an alternate Telaran reality - that pose challenges geared toward 10-person Raid groups.
    * Increased rewards for PvP play and Warfronts, including improved gear and better Favor and Prestige rewards.
    * New Crafting Rifts offer additional ways to obtain materials and crafting skill-specific Plaques!
    * Use RiftConnect to easily manage options for the various social networks you can integrate with RIFT.
    * Many, many additional changes below!

    * You may now purchase a 5th role at your Calling trainer!
    * Reduced Auction House deposit prices by about 25%.
    * Added weekly quests to Meridian and Sanctum to obtain a random Expert Rift lure.
    * Corrupted coins on the ground in Meridian now behave properly.
    * You can now use social emotes, even with a partial name match, to display your emote at another player in target range regardless of whether you actually have that player targeted. (ex: /wave Joe to wave at Joebob, even if you have Mary targeted.)
    * Those who managed to sneak behind enemy lines and complete the introductory artifact collections inside Meridian or Sanctum now have a special reward coming their way!
    * To make Artifact set collecting more fun for more Artifact hunters, rarity rates have been tuned to be less extreme between common and rare Artifacts. We'll be keeping an eye on this through future updates to see if the rates need another boost.
    * Artifacts for the Guardian version of the introduction quest for artifact hunting no longer have a sell value.
    * Mana and Health potion drop rates from mobs have been reduced. They can still be purchased from your friendly local Apothecary friend or Auction House!
    * Markers for completed quests will now always appear on the main map regardless of whether they are currently being tracked in quest stickies.
    * 'Discover' quest objectives will no longer increment while a character is dead.
    * Characters can no longer accumulate multiple daily quests from the same category (i.e. multiple Outfitter dailies) in their quest journals.
    * Daily quest on offer for a particular day now stay the same before and after a shard restart.
    * For quests requiring you to kill level-appropriate targets, tooltips for mobs of too low level will no longer indicate that they will count for the quest.
    * You now receive an alert message when reaching a currency cap on your character (ex: Planarite).
    * Currency caps are now shown on the character sheet.
    * Potentially fixed player armors randomly changing color!
    * If the last leader-ranked member of a guild is removed due to trial player restrictions, a new leader will automatically be selected.

    As a part of the Looking for Group release, there have been a number of updates to instances and item rewards – See below for details!

    * You can now use the new Looking for Group tool to queue for Dungeons, Rifts, or group quests with other players on your server!
    * The Looking for Group icon has been added to the main menu tray in the lower left corner of the screen, and can also be opened with the default shortcut key 'I'.
    * Select from the group roles available to you based on the roles you currently have saved on your character.
    * Queue for specific dungeon or expert dungeon groups, or join the random dungeon queue. Once a group is formed, members will be teleported to the chosen dungeon zone.
    * Rift and quest groups formed through the Looking for Group tool are not automatically teleported.
    * Queue for group quests currently in your or your party members' quest journals from anywhere in the world and find others also looking to complete these quests!
    * Additional rewards are granted for completing a random dungeon through the Looking For Group tool - these can be gained up to seven times per week but are not restricted in number per day, so you can do as many or as few as you like each day of the week up to the weekly cap. Save them all up for one day or spread them out; your choice!
    * Additional restrictions based on gear also apply to forming groups for tier 1 and 2 Expert Dungeons through this tool.
    * Dungeon Daily quests are now part of the 'Random Dungeon' options on the LFG tool.
    * You must wait 10 minutes after your LFG tool party forms before being able to vote-kick a member.
    * Players vote-kicked from an LFG group will be prevented from being picked again for re-queues by that group for 15 minutes. Players put on ignore will not be selected for your group ever.
    * Players waiting for a group through LFG cannot be joined via public grouping or group merging while in the queue. Players in the LFG queue will drop out of it if they choose to join a public group or invite others into their group themselves.
    * If a player has to leave an LFG group mid-dungeon, the group leader will have the option to use the LFG tool to automatically search for a replacement to continue the instance.

    * Expert Dungeon Plaque of Achievement items have all received a power upgrade. If you already have these items, they will be boosted as well!
    * Expert Dungeon final bosses are now guaranteed to drop an Epic item. No more finishing the dungeon and getting nothing but Rare items for the whole run. Epic items still have a chance to drop from the rest of the bosses in the zone.
    * Some items have been weeded out of the Expert Dungeon drop tables that were very similar to others so you are more likely to see a wide variety of drops. Additionally, some items now drop from different bosses in order to spread out the range of drops available per fight.
    * Your instance and raid lockouts are now displayed on a new Instances tab in the Character window.

    * As we all know, Telara’s universe is comprised of a myriad of planes and realities that all intersect with each other and with Telara at seemingly random angles and times.
    * A “Sliver” is a place where a thin slice of another reality can be seen intersecting with our Telara.
    * Some of these slivers are places where planar conflicts may have already been won or lost. Help set things right in other realities, or protect our own from their influence!
    * The Planar Goods merchants in Meridian and Sanctum now sell the ascended power to view slivers - Omen Sight for Guardians and Quantum Sight for Defiants.
    * These new abilities allow you to see things others might not be able to see, and potentially lead to the discovery of the entrance to Gilded Prophecy, a raid instance intended for 10 players.

    * Wardrobe slots are now available for you to customize your character's look!
    * All characters have access to the first wardrobe set (all armor slots) at level 1.
    * Additional purchaseable wardrobe sets will allow you to save and swap multiple outfits quickly.
    * You can only equip armor in Wardrobe Slots of the appropriate type for your calling - Plate for Warriors, Leather for Rogues, etc.
    * Additional clothing items will be available in the future, including from new Clothier vendors in Sanctum and Meridian.
    * A wardrobe set's icon can be dragged onto ability bars to create a shortcut for quickly changing your character's outfit (similar to Role icons on ability bars).
    * Costume versions of character starting clothes have been added to Clothier merchants in Meridian and Sanctum.
    * Cosmetic hat items have been converted to costume items so they can be equipped in Wardrobe slots.

    * The optional social network integrations in RIFT have been combined and expanded under the heading 'RiftConnect'.
    * Settings for Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube can now be accessed via a button on the lower left corner of the patcher as well as the Settings menu in-game.
    * Facebook sign-in status can only be changed from the game patcher.
    * In-game recorded video now has options for Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook sharing.
    * The commands used to post updates from in-game are:
    - Facebook: /fb, /fbpic
    - Tumblr: /tumblr, /tumblrpic
    - Twitter: /tweet, /tweetpic
    - To send out to everything you're currently logged in to: /blast, /blastpic
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    * Lures for Crafting Rifts and are obtained by completing the new weekly crafting quests in addition to the tradeskill-specific Plaque the quest awards.
    * These Rifts drop raw materials, Augments, and other goodies for crafters.
    * Reaching the final stages gives a chance of obtaining an additional plaque!
    * Crafting Rift lures open a Rift of appropriate level for the zone. In addition, materials awarded are also based on the zone level where the Rift is opened.
    * All levels of crafting Rifts give a chance for an additional plaque from the bonus stages, even below your character level.
    * Bring your friends and spread the wealth!

    * Shifted from 5 different Combat Role colors to using a combination of Combat Role icons and Calling name colors.
    * Callings use the following colors: Red - Warrior, Purple - Mage, Green - Cleric, Yellow - Rogue.
    * An icon is displayed to the left of the player's name to indicate their Combat Role.
    * Defensive/Tank - Shield icon, Damage - Sword icon, Healer - Cross icon, Support - Flag icon.
    * These indicators now also appear on search results and Warfront leaderboards.

    * Added new consumable Aspect of the Ancients items to the main Planar Goods Merchants in Sanctum and Meridian. You can carry up to three of these and they restore one planar charge when used.
    * Anti-Planar Augmentation and Holy Champion now properly self-cast even when the auto self-cast option is turned off.

    * Gear from Expert Rifts has been increased in power. Existing items will be updated automatically.
    * NEW EXPERT RIFT: The Expert Earth Rift ‘Auricore Forerunners’ is now available!
    * NEW RAID RIFTS: The Raid Rifts ‘The Golden King’ and ‘Drakith Hatchery’ are now available!
    * Zone and Colossus Events are now easier to find. Zones that have active zone events now have a special icon next to the zone name on the main map. Mousing over the icon will display a tooltip showing the current progress of the event.
    * Zone events now show on the main map which Wardstones need to be defended.
    * Wardstones that must be defended as part of a zone event now have their main map icon turn red when they are destroyed.
    * Expert and Raid Rifts now have Achievements!
    * Defender Achievements for each zone no longer list Rift events that do not occur in those zones.
    * Reduced the amount of Planarite awarded by individual Invasions and Footholds during zonewide events. Slightly increased the amount of Planarite awarded in general from Rift content of levels 10-14 to keep it in line with the 15-19 range.
    * Increased Planarite cap from 30,000 to 60,000.
    * You may now purchase Expert and Raid Rift Lures if you have the required Planar Notoriety of the appropriate type - or purchase husks which no longer have a Notoriety requirement to obtain.

    * Ancient Wardstones should no longer disappear mysteriously.
    * Ancient Wardstones now have their own tooltip type with related information displayed on mouseover.
    * Ancient Wardstones are now shown on the main map when controlled by one of the factions.
    * During zone events, Neutral Wardstones now take reduced damage, much like Defiant and Guardian wardstones do.
    * Invaders attacking the Ancient Wardstone in Howling Plateau of Scarwood Reach will no longer travel through Scarlet Gorge to get there.

    * Planar Protection: Fixed a typo in the tooltip for this perk.
    * Recall Scrolls should continue to count down their reuse time while you are logged out.
    * Call of the Ascended: Now properly costs 3 Planar Charges. Will no longer prompt living people with a resurrection window. No longer works in a dungeon if anyone in the group/raid is in combat. Now has a 20 second casting time.

    * Guild quests requiring you to kill a number of monsters from rifts now require that your target be green, but no longer require an overall minimum mob level for guild level 10 quests or below.
    * New weekly harvesting guild quests are available from Horace Shoe in Meridian, and Cardinal Gladewillow in Sanctum. These are taken and completed as an individual, but reward your guild.
    * More standard guild quests have been added to the mix!
    * Player-kill objective PvP quests now require more updates in general.

    * Forces of the Plane of Death: Updated the quest text to indicate that participation in the Rift is required to receive credit.
    * The Means of the Endless: Towers should give more time between waves, and mobs will despawn after wipes.
    * Cutting Off Communications and Tombs of Old can now be updated through the Expert version of the appropriate dungeon.
    * A Family Affair: The aura detector can now be used again on Jiles Newkosa if you fail to kill him the first time.
    * Powers of Life and Air: Now requires only Honored notoriety.
    * Securing Source: Now asks a bit more than just running the Deepstrike Mines dungeon.

    * Diminishing Returns changes:
    * Abilities are now consolidated into two groups for diminishing returns.
    - Movement abilities [Root, Knockback, Snare] which were not previously set up with diminishing returns.
    - Control abilities [Banish, Disarm, Silence, Fear, Confuse, Mesmerize, Stun]
    * In PvP, being hit with a crowd control effect starts a 24 second diminishing returns timer. If you are hit with a second effect from the same group (Movement or Control) during that time, the effect is reduced by 50%. You are then immune to additional effects from the same group until the initial timer has expired.
    * Crowd control-breaking effects have also been updated with the new Diminishing Returns groups:
    * Breaks all effects:
    - PvP Souls: Break Free
    - Bladedancer: Untangle
    - Elementalist: Sever Bonds
    - Pyromancer: Flicker
    - Ranger: Escape Artist - Escape Artist no longer grants immunities.
    - Riftblade: Rift Walk
    - Riftstalker: Flashback
    * Breaks Control effects:
    - Paladin: Devotion
    - Reaver: Tempered Will
    * Breaks Movement effects:
    - Bladedancer: Flash of Steel
    - Champion: Ruthless Pursuit
    - Marksman: Getaway
    - Riftstalker: Shadow Stalk
    - Shaman: Battle Charge
    - Vindicator: Unrestrained
    - Warden: Dissolution
    * Damage Reduction updates:
    * The following powerful short-duration damage reduction buffs will no longer be overwritten by weaker effects:
    - Nightblade: Twilight Shelter
    - Riftstalker: Planar Refuge
    - Vindicator: Phalanx
    - Warlock: Neddra's Essence
    * The following abilities no longer stack with other powerful short-duration damage reduction buffs:
    - Druid: Strength of the Fae
    - Infiltrator: Ignore Pain
    - Sentinel: Healer's Covenant
    - Void Knight: Singularity
    * NPCs will prefer unstealthed targets when picking between targets they're equally mad at.
    * You should no longer see NPCs targeting 'invisible man' or other un-targetable phantoms.
    * Falling damage no longer triggers abilities and other effects that react to damage taken.
    * Fixed an issue causing ability effect tooltips on others to often show incorrect values.
    * Queued abilities will now be cleared when casting another ability, even if you cast one off of global cooldown. This will stop queued damaging abilities from doing things like breaking stealth if Slip Away is used in combat.
    * Channeled abilities will no longer interrupt themselves, or be interrupted by attempts to use another ability that fail. If queuing is enabled, they will be queued for next cast. Otherwise, the second use while the channel is under way will be ignored. This is a server-side queue and not impacted by client lag.
    * Visual effects that appear on the ground from using abilities [ex: Marksman's Pedestal] will no longer disappear when the caster is polymorphed.
    * Character sheet tooltips for Hit, Focus, and Toughness now offer suggested amounts for different content tiers.
    * Autoattacks now resume more quickly after performing abilities.
    * Toggling auto-attack no longer triggers certain cases of reactive abilities.
    * Reactive Abilities now check if an effect comes from your character or your pet, which allows abilities like 'Flesh Rip' to appear correctly.
    * Reactive abilities whose target has moved out of viewable range will no longer leave a sad, orphaned reactive ability icon on screen.
    * Fixed pets losing effects that were on them when teleporting or entering/leaving an instance.
    * Fixed a bug where the Battleworn debuff didn't prevent NPCs from regenerating health outside of combat.
    * Scorpion and Ranged Spider-type (yikes) mobs: Skittish: Reduced from a 25% Dodge bonus to a 10% Dodge bonus.
    * NPC Assassins: Malicious Strike ability for these NPCs now deals damage and snares the target by 30%.
    * NPC Assassins: These NPCs no longer use Paralyzing Strike when attacking from stealth. They now use an NPC version of Assassinate instead.
    * Basilisks' Toxic Discharge, Scarab's Septic Wound: These NPC abilities are now properly cleansable as Diseases.
    * Reduced the Dodge bonus for the Insubstantial ability used by Ifrit and Djinali NPCs.

    * PvP Souls: Break Free: In addition to cancelling crowd control and movement impairing effects, Break Free now grants 5 seconds of immunity after being activated.
    * Reaver, Void Knight, Paladin, Warlord: Fixed a bug causing AoE taunts to only trigger an 8 second cooldown with each other rather than the full shared 1-minute cooldown.
    * Taunts can now be used three times before diminishing returns affects NPCs [previously 2 times].
    * Fixed an issue with the use of Rogue tracking abilities while mounted that would cause the Rogue to 'fall through' their mount.
    * Also fixed a bug with Feign Death and Slip Away abilities that sometimes didn't keep you from gaining aggro right after use.
    * Cleric snares now list the movement speed reduction on the effect tooltip.
    * Increased the base values of AoE damage reduction abilities on pets. They each now reduce AoE damage by 65% + 1% per point spent in that soul. Affected abilities are:
    - Summon Greater Primal Companion [Beastmaster], Forest Blessing [Druid], Greater Elemental Affinity [Elementalist], Ancient Tomb [Necromancer], King of the Jungle [Ranger].


    * Distorted Shadows: Fixed rank 10 to do appropriate amounts of damage.
    * Dark Water: Fixed the damage dealt per tick to match the intended total damage listed on the tooltip.

    * Weight of the World: Fixed tooltip to properly indicate that healing is affected as well as damage.
    * Friend of the Weald: Fixed tooltip to indicate that it also affects attack power contribution.
    * Crag Hammer: Increased the damage of Rank 6.

    * Sanction Heretic: The damage over time portion now has a separate name, Sanction, so it can be differentiated in combat logs.
    * Life and Death Concord: Now has a 6-30% chance to proc and no longer has an internal cooldown. Utilizing the proc now gives Bolt of Depravity a 10 second cooldown after that cast.
    * Armor of Treachery: Now increases Armor and Endurance.
    * Armor of Devotion: Now increases Spell Power and Critical Hit.
    * Armor of Awakening: Now increases spell damage by 5%, critical hit by 5%, and mana regeneration rate by 10%. Increases damage taken by 5%.
    * Aggressive Renewal: Added a tick for a total of 4 intervals, increased the mana restored, and reduced the cooldown to 1 minute.
    * Nysyr's Rebuke: Now shares the same diminishing returns group as other Control abilities.

    * Ward of the Ancestors: Reduced cooldown to 3 seconds. Ward of the Ancestors cannot be cast again on the same target for 20 seconds.
    * Caregiver's Blessing: No longer triggers the global cooldown.

    * Word of Hope: Now also increases the spell power bonus of Healing Breath by 2% + 1.5% per point spent in Sentinel above 36.

    * Vengeance of the Frozen Earth: No longer applies a snare to the target if they are already snared.

    * Barb of Shackles: Now shares the same diminishing returns group as other Movement abilities. No longer applies a snare to the target if they are already snared.
    * Blessing of the Martyr: Now gives your damaging abilities a 20% chance to remove 1 buff effect from enemy players. Once triggered, this cannot happen again for 5 seconds.
    * Ethereal Shell: Once triggered, cannot happen again for 15 seconds. Reduced duration to 5 seconds; damage reduction reduced to 3% per point spent.
    * Arcane Defenses: Spell damage reduction has been reduced to 1% per point spent.
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    * Due to the below changes, characters with Soul Points spent in Archmage will receive a free soul respec.
    * Mana Shield: Fixed so this now works as described.
    * Steelweave: Now correctly reduces only Physical damage received from players instead of all damage.
    * Steelweave: Physical damage reduction reduced to 1% per point spent.
    * Lethargy: Removed.
    * Degeneration - New Ability: Channels dark energy into the enemy player, dealing Death damage over 3 seconds and removing a single buff effect from the target each second. 30 second cooldown. This ability is obtained after spending 10 points in Archmage.
    * Ethereal Shell: Once triggered, cannot happen again for 15 seconds. Damage reduction has been reduced to 3% per point spent.

    * Exhilaration: Now only triggers on damaging or healing Critical Hits.
    * Power in Numbers: Corrected an issue where the second rank of this ability was not affected by aura abilities.

    * Living Shell: Fixed an issue where this was returning mana if the absorb shield was removed before it expired. Also correctly removes mana when it deals damage.
    * Enduring Tether: The cooldown reduction granted by this ability is now reflected in the Soul Tether tooltip and affects it properly.
    * Nature's Touch: Updated ability description to clarify how this works with Lifegiving Veil.
    * Lifegiving Veil: Fixed an issue with heals from Livegiving Veil receiving a bonus from Spell Power twice.
    * Fixed an issue preventing Corrosion from triggering healing from Livegiving Veil.
    * Seed of Life, Soul Tether: Can no longer be cast on a pet.

    * Controlled Opportunity: In addition to its current functionality, this now also gives the next damaging ability used on the target a 100% chance to hit, but prevents that ability from critically hitting.
    * Durable Control: Now causes Transmogrify, Mass Exhaustion, and Disorient effects to break after the enemy receives damage equal to 1.5-3% of your max Health, plus 0.15-0.3% of your maximum health for each point spent in Dominator. This only occurs with enemies above 85% health.

    * Charged: Now properly affects ranks 8, 9, and 10 of Lightning Strike.
    * Tempest: Corrected an issue where Tempest would apply inconsistently to AoE abilities.
    * Water Elemental's Ice Bolt no longer snares the target.
    * Planar Expansion: In addition to the original effects on Air and Earth pets, this now increases the damage done by the Greater Water Elemental and increases the duration of the Water pet's Mind Freeze ability.

    * Corpse Explosion: Rank 3 now has a 10 second cooldown instead of 45 seconds.
    * Blood Spike: Ability description now updates to reflect changes from Clattering Bones.
    * Plague Bolt: Fixed an issue that allowed this to gain damage bonuses from other players' stacks of Deathly Calling.
    * Shadow Revenant: Ruination: No longer gains damage bonuses from Vengeful Spirit for stacks of Deathly Calling above 5 on the target.
    * Soul Rend: No longer gains damage bonuses for stacks of Deathly Calling above 5 on the target.
    * Skeletal Zealot, Skeletal Horror: Readjusted their armor values, which were not previously readjusted after the cloth armor increase in 1.1. Other pets are unaffected.

    * Burning Bonds: Using this will no longer cause a pet to stop attacking an enemy if the Pyromancer has the Unbreakable Bonds ability.
    * Ground of Strength: Now increases all magical resistances by 60, armor by 70%, makes the mage immune to crowd control abilities, and reduces damage dealt by the mage by 10%. This ability no longer has a chance to proc a stun.
    * Fire Storm: Will no longer award Charge if an ability that blocks Charge generation is active. Updated description.
    * Combust: Fixed an issue causing multiple stacks of the DoT effect to only deal the damage of one stack. This now works properly.
    * Cinder Burst and Fulminate can no longer be used within 5 seconds of each other.
    * Cinder Burst/Pyromancer's Armor: Fixed an issue where the damage from Cinder Burst would consume a Pyromancer's Armor proc incorrectly if the proc occurred after Cinder Burst was cast but before it landed on the enemy.

    * Building Storm: Now gives a 100% critical damage bonus to Hypothermia-causing spells, up from 50%.
    * Lightning Storm: Will no longer award Charge if an ability that blocks Charge generation is active. Updated description.
    * Lightning Conductor: Now correctly affects ranks 9 and 10 of Thunderbolt, and rank 10 of Electrocute.
    * Static Discharge: Fixed an issue causing the damage portion to retain the effect of buffs that were active when the ability was cast but no longer active when the damage portion triggered. Damage is now attributed to the person triggering the damage instead of the caster of the buff. Static Discharge now triggers off of damaging spells and abilities and no longer triggers off of auto-attacks.
    * Spark of Life: Can no longer be cast on a pet.

    * Devouring Shadows: Will no longer award Charge if an ability that blocks Charge generation is active. Updated description.
    * Improved Life Leech: Updated ability description for more clarity.


    * Serpent Strike: Damage increased. Cooldown reduced from 10 seconds to 8 seconds.
    * Impale: Damage increased. Now gains additional damage bonuses from Attack Power.
    * Assassinate: Damage increased.
    * Backstab: Additional damage bonus from Attack Power increased to 100% from 50%. Ability base damage increased. Now has a 6 second cooldown.
    * Murderous Intent: Fixed a bug where this was not giving the correct percentage increase to physical damage.
    * Poison Malice: No longer causes stealth to break when activated.
    * Hidden Veil: Reworded ability description.
    * Slip Away: Should now work more consistently against NPCs.
    * Physical Trauma: In addition to existing effects, now also increases your Final Blow damage by 4-8% on targets affected by Impale.
    * Improved Stealth: Should no longer mysteriously stop working.

    * Cadence: Cadence will correctly give 3 combo points instead of 2 when you have points spent in Expedited Wounds [Infiltrator].
    * Anthem of Fervor: Will no longer be overwritten by lesser buffs.
    * Verse of Rebirth - New Ability: Brings the fallen ally back to life and restores 20% of their health and mana. This ability cannot be used while in combat. Available with 36 points spent in Bard.

    * Due to the below changes, characters with Soul Points spent in Bladedancer will be given a free soul respec.
    * Flash of Steel: The minimum required range to use this ability has been reduced to 3 meters from 8.
    * Deadly Strike: Corrected an issue where rank 9 and 10 were both trained at level 42. Rank 10 of Deadly Strike is properly trainable at level 48.
    * Quick Strike: Additional damage bonus from Attack Power increased to 100% from 50%. Ability base damage increased.
    * Precision Strike: Additional damage bonus from Attack Power increased to 100% from 50%. Ability base damage increased.
    * Mass Subdue: The damage from Mass Subdue will no longer trigger secondary effects like Serrated Blades or weapon poisons, and will no longer cause the incapacitation effect to break as a result of these secondary effects.
    * Blade Tempo, Side Steps, Blade and Soul Parity, Double Coup, and Dualism: No longer cause stealth to break when activated.
    * Blade Finesse and Combat Expertise: Traded positions within the soul tree.
    * Blade Finesse: Now increases the Attack Power bonus for Deadly Strike by 5-25%.
    * Deadly Dance: Bonus increased to 7-21% and can occur up to 3 times.

    * Focused Intent: No longer works against non-player targets.
    * Against All Odds: Now triggers from stun, root, or disarm, reducing damage by 3-15% for 5 seconds. Once triggered, cannot be triggered again for 15 seconds. Now also triggers from Silence effects.
    * Evading Thoughts: Reduced duration to 2 seconds per combo point.
    * Take Cover: AoE damage reduction reduced to 3% per point spent.

    * Due to the below changes, characters with soul points spent in Marksman will receive a free soul point respec.
    * Fire and Forget: Removed.
    * Eradicate - New Ability: Available after spending 44 points in Marksman. Removes up to 2 buffs from the enemy target.
    * Close Quarters Combat: Now a 1 point passive ability rather than an activated one. Now available as a 6th tier branch ability.
    * Bull's Eye: Now available as a 5th tier branch ability.
    * Crossfire: Available after spending 26 points in Marksman.
    * Sniper Training: Revised. Now increases the damage of Empowered Shot and Deadeye Shot by 7-21%.
    * Controlled Fire: Removed.
    * Improved Hit and Run: New ability available after spending 38 points in Marksman. Allows the execution of ranged attacks while moving; causes Empowered Shot and Deadeye Shot to become instant cast abilities, removes cooldown on Empowered Shot, and reduces the Energy cost of all Marksman abilities by 50%. Shares a cooldown with Hit and Run.
    * Hit and Run: No longer causes stealth to break when activated.
    * Rapid Extrication: Revised - it now reduces the cooldown of On the Double, Hit and Run, Improved Hit and Run, Bull's Eye, and Retreat by 15-30%.
    * Strafe: Now deals an additional 20% damage if you are standing on your Pedestal.
    * Rapid Fire Shot: Revised. No longer adds a buff that increases your attack speed. Now a ranged damage finisher that fires 1 shot per combo point up to a maximum of 5 shots. 20 second cooldown.
    * Master Archer: Now scales up in damage with the number of points spent in Marksman.
    * Deaden - New Ability: Blasts the enemy, interrupting casting and silencing them for 5 seconds with a successful interrupt. Not affected by global cooldown. Available with 24 points spent in Marksman.
    * Pedestals: Leaving a pedestal now applies a 15 second buff of the Pedestal's bonus, which will wear off unless you re-enter.

    * Heat Retention: Fixed an occasional issue where this wouldn't always trigger when using a damaging ability that awards a combo point.
    * Ebon Fury, Twilight Shelter, Twilight Transcendence: No longer cause stealth to break when activated.

    * Double Shot: Fixed a bug where this would cause Fang of the Life Lord to trigger.
    * Shadow Fire: Now increases the damage of Ranger attacks by 35%.

    * Rift Disturbance: Now generates more threat than before.
    * Planebound Resilience, Planar Refuge, Scatter the Shadows: No longer cause stealth to break when activated.
    * Flashback: Can no longer be used when carrying the Fang of Regulos in Black Garden.

    * Incriminate, Carpet Bombing, Rapid Setup: No longer cause stealth to break when activated.
    * Combat log messages now appear when Energy is refunded for using Charges out of combat.
    * Spike Charge: The Bleed effect from Spike Charge should now trigger Blood Rage on your pet if you have soul points spent in Ranger's Blood Rage.
    * Traps will no longer follow you when zoning into an instance or using a porticulum.
    * Last Stand: Removed.
    * High Explosives - New Ability: Unlocked at 44 points. Detonate causes the target to Bleed for 6 seconds. The amount of damage dealt is based on your weapon damage and number of combo points used.
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    * Warriors: Threat generation of Finisher attacks for Reaver, Paladin, Warlord, and Void Knight have been increased.

    * Backhanded Blow: Fixed a bug causing this to not deal extra damage per bleed on the target. Also properly affected by abilities that modify attack-point building attacks.
    * Flesh Rip: Now correctly considered a bleed effect for other Beastmaster abilities. Also no longer incorrectly triggers a global cooldown.
    * Removed the 'Messy Wound' effect that showed on the target's debuff bar when they were critically hit by a pet.
    * Protective Companion: Fixed a bug causing non-offensive polymorphs (such as several quest effects that disguise you) to break while this was active.
    * Spoils of the Hunt: Should now heal correctly.

    * Mark of Extermination: Effect now ends when the target dies.
    * Intense Training: Fixed the incorrect soul tree display for the impact of Intense Training on Soldier's Bearing, Slayer's Bearing, and Destroyer's Bearing.

    * Balance of Power: Removed internal cooldown. Tip the Balance still has an internal cooldown.
    * Improved Paladin's Devotion: Now shows correctly reduced cooldown in tooltip and on the cooldown timer.
    * Tip the Balance: Slightly reduced the internal cooldown on Tip the Balance.
    * Shield of the Hero: Will now properly be removed by abilities that remove buffs.

    * Shifting Blades: The tooltip has been updated to better reflect that this ability is intended to be used with two-handed weapons or sword-and-shield builds.
    * Deadly Grace: Fixed a bug causing this to trigger on every other Dual Strike, instead of on all of them.
    * Touch of Tranquility: Now shares the same diminishing returns group as other Control abilities.

    * Power From the Masses: Now triggers off of any damaging ability used, rather than just AoEs. Corrected a bug that caused this to trigger on auto attacks.
    * Shroud of Entropy: Now shares a stacking group with other damage reduction abilities to keep them from being stacked to unintended levels. It now stacks with Power from the Masses and Imbued Armor.

    * Planar Blade: Fixed a bug causing Planar Blade to not proc as much as was intended.
    * Stonespear: The root from this ability should now break based on damage dealt to the rooted target.
    * Avatar of the Rift: Fixed a bug causing this to modify Attack Power contribution by too little.
    * Avatar of the Rift: Fixed a bug causing this to increase the damage of Avatar of the Rift's damage shield, Burning Blood, and Elemental Touch by more than was intended.
    * Fiery Burst: The damage-over-time component from Fiery Burst will no longer overwrite the same components applied by other Riftblades.
    * Burst abilities in general: The debuff component on Burst abilities no longer overwrites debuff components applied by other Riftblades.
    * Fixed several issues that were causing Burst abilities to trigger out of order.

    * Subdue: Now properly lowers damage against all targets.
    * Stand Off: Now properly roots the Warrior in place.
    * Phalanx: Duration reduced to 10 seconds, max range reduced to 10 meters. Now applies a debuff that prevents the target from being affected by Phalanx for 60 seconds.
    * Forced Recon, Furious Blades: Now only trigger against players.
    * Forced Recon: No longer applies a snare to the target if they are already snared.

    * Pacts: Changed the way Pacts are spent. Abilities no longer consume all Pacts on the caster - they consume a set amount and their effects are modified by those Pacts consumed. This should allow Void Knights to strategize the use of Pacts while also keeping some in reserve when using abilities.
    * Fusion of Flesh: Revised - now protects the Void Knight for 20% of their maximum health for each Pact consumed by the next 5 non-Physical hits over 30 seconds. Each non-Physical hit heals the Void Knight for 20% of their maximum health. Consumes up to 5 Pacts.
    * Discharge: Revised - Now costs 2 Pacts. The first damage effect will remain the same and occur with 1 or 2 Pacts consumed; the second hit will scale based on how many Pacts the Void Knight spent. The overall damage of the ability should remain the same as the previous incarnation.
    * Tempest: Moved to require 26 soul points, with additional ranks added. The first damage effect will occur regardless of how many Pacts are spent and is unchanged, while the second will scale based on how many Pacts were spent. The overall damage of the ability should remain the same as the previous version.
    * Rift Shield: Now costs 5 Pacts. The overall absorption should remain the same, with the only change being that it doesn't consume all Pacts available.
    * Ravenous Strength, Ravenous Defense: Now apply and last as long as Pacts. Any abilities adding a Pact will add these, and anything that removes Pacts will remove them.
    * Ragestorm: No longer incorrectly hits more than 5 targets.
    * Insatiable Hunger: Fixed a bug causing this ability to take the value of the target's weapon in calculation, rather than your own.
    * Improved Rift Summon: Now shows correctly reduced cooldown in tooltip and on the cooldown timer.
    * Quality Care: Fixed a bug causing Quality Care to trigger off of pre- and post-phase Warfront heals. Also fixed a typo in the ability description.
    * Spell Sunder: Won't incorrectly remove Distraction debuffs from the target.
    * Accord of Emptiness - New ability: Reduces damage dealt by melee attacks by 20%, and non-physical attacks by 10%. Available with 50 points spent in Void Knight.
    * Spellbreaker: will no longer remove the Reaver’s Binding of Atrophy. The debuff from Binding of Atrophy can now be removed.
    * Fusion of Flesh: Fixed a bug causing this to trigger off of the Void Knight's own abilities.
    * Fixed a bug with Reckless Strike, Rift Tap, and Furious Rage, where they were not generating enough threat.

    * No Permission to Die: Fixed a bug that could cause this to not actually heal the Warlord on 'death'.
    * Promise of Steel: Cooldown reduced from 10 seconds to 8 seconds.
    * Call to Battle: Now also places a buff on the Warlord, Battle Caller, which increases their Attack Power. This buff stacks with Call to Battle and other raid-wide buffs.
    * Call to Entrench: Now also places a buff on the Warlord, Entrenchment Caller, which reduces their damage taken. This buff stacks with Call to Entrench and other raid-wide buffs.
    * Call to Regroup: Now also places a buff on the Warlord, Regroup Caller, which increases the threat they generate. This buff stacks with Call to Regroup and other raid-wide buffs.
    * General's Order - New Ability: Available with 51 points, this ability acts like Sergeant's Order versus a group of up to 5 enemies.
    * Fixed a confusing error in the tooltip for Call to Entrench.
    * Battlefield Awareness: Now causes Call and Command abilities to generate threat against up to 10 nearby enemies.

    * Zone bosses spawned by Ancient Wardstones in Scarlet Gorge, Scarwood Reach, and Droughtlands now display on the main map.
    * Resolved some issues with major or elite Invasions not dropping loot - mostly seen in Stonefield and Iron Pine Peaks.
    * Fixed a bug which could occasionally cause players to 'pinball' over areas of water.

    * The talking Raptors around Redoubt no longer have say text on aggro. Clever girls.
    * You can no longer mount in the upper levels of Lantern Hook.
    * Battle Royale: Gave the Arcane forces a bit more survivability.
    * In the Name of Lantern Hook: The first quest objective now shares updates with a group.
    * Scout and About: Adjusted map indicators.
    * Clearing the Rest: Added map indicators to help with finding the Fleshrend Centaurs.
    * In the Name of Lantern Hook: Updated quest text to better indicate that using the Standard is what summons Mongrok.
    * Thwarting the Emberlord: Fixed an issue that could cause Morkael to get into a broken state. Also corrected the display of the sword-type quest reward to not look like an axe.
    * Back to the Pit: Quest rewards corrected!
    * Carrion's Song: Increased Carrion's respawn rate. The Flightsong ability now lasts twice as long, though it reduces Carrion's damage output by 50% rather than 75%. Flightsong still hits Carrion like a truck. Reduced Carrion's level from 43 to 42 to match the quest level.
    * Words of the Damned: Added some visuals for being teleported around Redoubt Tower.
    * NPCs at Brigand's Bluff and Fallback now have levels appropriate to the surrounding content.
    * Stormbrood Lair: Mob population now responds better to the level of player activity in the area.
    * Hook and Crook, Grab and Go: You should now be able to continue on a scavenger hunt regardless of whether a new one has started.
    * The Biggest Void: Reduced the amount of mana taken and damage done by Netharius' Life Glutton ability. Netharius and his Summoned Nethers now deal less damage, and the Summoned Nethers have slightly less health.
    * The Full Rundown, On the Hoof: The tooltip for Whirl of Speed now displays the correct duration of 6 seconds.
    * Ancient Wardstone quests in Droughtlands now with 100% more actual rewards!

    * Uncanny Box: Fixed an issue that could cause players to teleport to another tower in the Iron Fortress.
    * Trial of Combat: Sir Olgedon should no longer be able to enter a broken state after being defeated in combat.
    * Rift: Jakub's Second Battalion: Fixed an issue causing the Aurarch to hulk out and be pretty much un-killable. He's not quite so angry anymore.

    * A new zone event has been added to Iron Pine Peaks! Planar Chill - hold the Icewatch Bulwarks to defeat the forces of Crucia!
    * Frozen Gauntlet: Visually improved and optimized this daily quest. Also made it update properly for all members of a group.
    * You can now turn in Iron Pine Peak event dailies even when the corresponding event isn't running.
    * Shipment Triangulation: Fixed the icon for the Locator Device.
    * Bitter Winds: Fixed some rare cases that could cause this quest to stop working.
    * Redsnow Bodyguards no longer get so confused over who is Defiant or Guardian.
    * Consequences of Neglect: You can now progress past the second objective of this quest.
    * A Gathering Storm: Added map markers to the second and third kill objectives.
    * An Unbearable Burden: Fixed several issues with the debuff applied during this quest.
    * Defiants that die near Choke Water no longer respawn at the Guardian resurrection point there.
    * Jengri Blackfoot can no longer be helped repeatedly by Savik and Kric.
    * Moved a few artifacts that were impossible to reach or iced over.
    * Dabbling in the Forbidden: Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the Ritual Altar to not be usable.

    * Garad Nallam, the primary planar merchant in Meridian, now has the appropriate 'Planar Goods' merchant title.
    * Expert Dailies have been moved to Epoch Plaza and are now given out by Lord Olangdon.

    * Added a porticulum to Reclaimer's Hold.
    * Honor Them: Quest now grants updates for the entire group.
    * Mistfall Monsters: This quest now has map locators for both objectives.
    * Memories of the Past: Fixed incorrect tagging mobs for corpse scanning.
    * Wild Element: Fixed an issue causing Bound Sobeks to incorrectly grant credit for this quest.
    * Tormented Minds: Fixed Veiled Nightmares not being attacked by guards.
    * The Key to it All: This quest now gives more accurate instructions.
    * The Relics of Bahralt: Abyssal Thieves should no longer mount more than one ambush in each location.
    * A Holy Remedy: Fixed an issue that caused a few of the Sickly Dwarves to be incurable on this quest.
    * Death's Embrace: Sped up the respawn of Abyssal Focusers.
    * His People's Shield: Updated quest visuals to have a physical form for those with lower settings who can't see the visual effects.
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    * Assassination attempts have become so frequent that they no longer stun Cyril. Cyril, Borrin, and Shyla now have boss-style immunities, including against interrupts.
    * Quartermaster Melke, the primary planar merchant in Sanctum, now has the appropriate 'Planar Goods' merchant title.
    * Guardian players wondering how they can be knighted as a member of the Sanctuary Guard can now speak to Sir Guysun Lawless in the Lodge of the Planes to the rear of Sanctum. Sir Guysun can direct those seeking this honor to where they may have prerequisite quests incomplete. [Kain storyline quests]

    * The Living and the Dead: The Uythradge Eye will now dismount players.
    * Spared Parts: Reduced the respawn time of Elemoil.
    * Broke Down Bahlmus, Spared Parts: The modified DX-27 will now drop the Carmintium Belt for all party members.
    * An Unlikely Initiate: Fixed an issue that could cause Agogag's cage door to close instead of open.
    * Strange Brew: Noxious Fumes debuff is now less obnoxious. It shouldn't get stuck on you.
    * Crushing the Constructs: Increased respawn rate of quest targets and flagged additional mobs in the area to count toward this quest.
    * The Smoldering Tormentors of Rock Ridge have grown more numerous!
    * Rift: Basilisk Den: This rift should no longer claim to be 'Minor' when it's really full of super strong creatures.

    * Added a respawn point, resurrection NPC, and Healer just outside of Trollblight Caverns to alleviate rage caused by dying in the cave and having to run back from Perspice.
    * The undead population of Granitewood Crossing should be a little less punishing.
    * An Innocent Condemned: The Cage Key can now be looted by all members of a group.
    * Proof of Concept: Now with 100% more Reliquary sealability.
    * Recovering the Unknown: Fixed map marker to show actual quest objective area.
    * Can You Hustle?: Quest objectives no longer require you to complete them sequentially.
    * Honest When Dead: Fixed missing map marker.
    * Wrongfully Buried: Elysia Raymund now offers this quest only to Defiants.
    * Rift: Eaters of the Dead: The Flesh Mound for this event should no longer fail to spawn.
    * Rift: In the Ground: Elite mobs should no longer spawn throughout this entire Rift.
    * Draylo Fuzzchin's supply of Greater and Mighty Mana Potions has finally run out.
    * Risen Channelers in Granitewood Crossing no longer have a knockback attack and had their damage output reduced by 20%.

    * Foiled Plans: Players in Hazeed's Cave waiting to take on Hazeed will no longer be teleported out when another player defeats him.
    * Miracle of Modern Magic: The quest marker for Fibrous Reeds should show a more accurate area.
    * Pillaged Goods: This quest now requires only 7 Confiscated Sourcestones instead of 10.
    * Turn the Hourglass: Quest objective should now increment more reliably.
    * Foiled Plans: Fixed a rare issue where the Enthralled Stonemaw would fail to die during this quest.
    * Making a Deal: This quest now displays a map locator for both objectives.
    * Assistance from the Dead: You can now re-awaken mobs for this quest if your initial target is killed by someone else.
    * Ritual Rescue: Fixed this quest for Dragonslayer Covenant dailies.
    * The bridge in Gildstone Sanctum can now be crossed after completing the quests 'The Prize and the Power' and 'Strike the Earth'.
    * The Pulsing Grit buff can no longer be purged from Akala's minions.
    * Sandstone Brutes in Gnawbone Valley will no longer hide in walls.
    * Players running the Low Quality Renderer should find it much easier to complete the Shimmersand Puzzle.
    * A Crafter's Lament: Quest now grants credit to all members of a group.
    * The Inmate Disguise will now display on the quest sticky for the following quests in the Flatyard: Slither the Voice, Welcome to the Yard, A Man Who Can Get Things, The Mastermind, Loose Ends, and Final Preparations.
    The Kobold members of The Wanton in Firesand Desert now drop Ritual Firebrands.
    * Removed the prerequisite quest for Ritual Firebrands.
    * Zone Event: Wind and Wings: Corrected the progress text.
    * Whispering to the Winds: Fixed the second objective for this quest so it can be completed.

    * The Vigil's Shield: Tweaked the mechanics of this quest slightly for playability.
    * Lord of the Fae: Makirn will not respawn so quickly if there is no one nearby on the quest.
    * Rift: Gedlo Supply Drop: Adjusted to prevent creatures getting stuck in stacks of crates...again.

    * A new zone event has been added to Stillmoor! An Eye for an Eye - gather shadestone to summon your own champion in order to defeat Gogalab the Pox Bringer!
    * Ruston is now a potential invasion location for Defiant invaders.
    * Stillmoor got a bit less stingy - daily quests now award notoriety comparable to other end-game zones.
    * Guardian players that were eligible but did not receive the Marshal Kain storyline rewards (a Necrotic Semblance or Necrotic Rage essence) should seek out Sergeant Coda at Thalin Tor.
    * Abominable Reconnaissance: Removed the use time on manifests to make them a bit easier to click on while also fending off abominations.
    * Master and Wolf: Improved respawn time of quest targets.
    * Following the Light/The Light that Leads: The Retreating Instincts ability now makes the targeted wisp unattackable. Additionally, the polymorph it puts on your character can now be clicked off.
    * In a Quiet Place/Where the Dead Rest: Fixed an issue that could cause the Obrivic Sentinel to not return to his original location after being kited away, or remaining hostile to players.
    * Dark Discoveries: Increased the drop rates on the Abominations slightly.
    * Dirty Job: Adjusted the visual effects that appear when near the Blessed Weapons so they are more visible and last longer.
    * Sniffing Them Out: Coyotes should now properly spawn when requested.
    * The Past: Added more clues and adjusted the location of existing clues to make this quest easier. Added another Cooking Fire nearer to Tigram Stillstep for luring Gunder away. Spawn rate of Stillstep Lackeys increased.
    * Drugon Khaliknos now respawns more quickly.
    * The Hunt Rages On: The named mobs for this quest now respawn much more quickly.
    * The Big Three, The Dead Ringers: Reduced respawn times on targets of these quests.
    * Decreased respawn times on some daily quest targets in Stillmoor.
    * The Endless Citadel should be slightly easier to fight through - especially for those who use mana to dispatch their enemies.
    * Past is Prologue: Simplified how this quest is available - now offered by Donal Sumptor immediately after completing 'Rise and Fall'.

    * Taking the Trog for a Walk: Goorn should now properly reset when a player abandons this quest.
    * The Last Valley: Centius respawns more quickly.
    * Stealing Glory: Only players on this quest should receive Soul Essence.
    * Extra Strength Relief: The Fluid Injector now dismounts players at the start of use.
    * Gnarvul, Questing Overseer, and XT-300 have now been sighted by reliable sources in Stonefield.

    * Dungeon Daily quests are now obtained via Random Dungeon selection on the LFG tool.
    * The health of general population mobs in Expert Dungeons has been reduced.
    * Reduced the damage dealt by general Expert Dungeon NPCs.
    * If players log out while in a raid, as long as one member is still actively online the raid will be kept and offline members shown as Disconnected.
    * Greenscale's Blight and River of Souls now have closer respawn locations.
    * All Raid bosses now drop 5 Plaques of Achievement for each member of the raid.
    * Many bosses have had a pass done to bring them in line with their intended difficulty, and to make them more fun for melee damage characters in general. In a number of cases, some encounters were more challenging than intended. These changes should also help with forming appropriately matched groups through the upcoming Looking for Group system.
    * With the upcoming addition of the Looking for Group tool, we're also in the process of tuning our Expert Dungeons to be completable with one appropriately geared healer per group, instead of frequently requiring a second full healer on top of support heals. Additionally, the power of the items purchased from the Expert Dungeon stores has increased to assist gearing up for further challenges. With these changes we expect more dungeons to be completed more often; as a result, the cost for Expert Dungeon merchant items has increased. Overall, this should net a similar or improved gain rate of plaque-purchased items.
    * The power level of tier 2 Expert Dungeon items and Raid items have been upgraded. This should more clearly differentiate later Expert Dungeon gear from early Expert gear, as well as Raid items from Expert Dungeon items.
    * Corrupted and Malformed Souls can now be purchased for Plaques of Achievement.
    * Expert Rift openers can now be purchased for 1750 planarite
    * Raid Rift openers can now be purchased for 3500 planarite

    * Kaler Andrenos: Kaler's Ice Geyser now deals Water damage.
    * Expert: Calyx now resets if pulled off of his platform. A blocking wall is also activated at the start of the encounter.
    * Expert: Renthar should be less likely to chain high damage abilities on a single target.
    * Added a portal to Calyx's platform that activates once he is killed that allows players to exit the instance.
    * Majolic: Blood Crystal health slightly reduced.
    * Majolic: Blood Contagion can no longer affect pets.

    * Gronik: Slightly reduced the amount of power Gronik gains over time.
    * Cyclorax now uses mana.
    * Expert: Adjusted the encounter space around Ryka Dharvos so the lasers can't be so easily avoided.
    * Standard: Corpse Eaters no longer provide experience or drop loot.

    * Expert: Glubmuk's Poison Bolt should not hit characters fewer than 6 meters from him.
    * Expert: Scarn's Wind Buffet no longer ignites smoldering bones.
    * Scarn's Smoldering Bones stay on fire longer.
    * Incinerator Gerbik now uses mana.
    * Non-boss NPCs in Darkening Deeps no longer count toward quests requiring dungeon boss kills.
    * Expert: Tegenar Deepfang: Cocoon health slightly reduced.
    * Expert: Scarn: Searing Heat damage slightly reduced.

    * Kaleida: Reduced the radius of her crystals' AoEs substantially.

    * Oludare: Fixed the targeting method used by Oludare so he won't turn to face a new target while cleaving or rear-kicking (in the face).
    * Expert: Ereetu: Firestorm damage slightly reduced.

    * Expert: Sparkwing learns to use his ranged abilities. It's super-effective.

    * A number of new Relic quality weapons have been added to Greenscale.
    * Prince Hylas: Slightly reduced the absorption amount of Spiritual Barrier.
    * Prince Hylas: Modified the amount of damage increased by Avenging Wrath.

    * Expert: Players immune to knockback will no longer be immune to Totek's Ancient Fury.
    * Expert: Bonelord Fetlorn's Boiling Marrow no longer affects pets.
    * Guardians now respawn next to the Messenger of the Vigil.
    * Humbart the Bold no longer cleaves players behind him!

    * Expert: General mob populations have been reduced by a few pulls.
    * Expert: Immunity to knockback no longer prevents damage from Konstantin's spikes.
    * Expert: Konstantin's Cleaving Strike now has a proper effect radius.
    * Expert: Konstantin's Mathosian Fury displays an on-screen warning before use.
    * Expert: Players within 3.5 meters of Konstantin receive a 20% damage bonus.
    * Expert: Konstantin: Spike Trap damage slightly reduced.

    * Expert: General mob populations have been reduced by a few pulls.
    * Chillblains: Fixed the targeting on the Elemental spawn, which was not working reliably.
    * Luddoghan: Made some adjustments to prevent his ground goo from targeting the tank.
    * Expert: Fae Lord Twyll: Fae Chill damage reduced.

    * Rictus: Adjusted how Rictus uses his abilities and reduced some of the associated stuns and stun durations.
    * Expert: There is now a text warning when Eliam gains Dark Fury.
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    * Greater Essences that can be equipped simultaneously now stack properly with each other. Previously, a few cases of matching elemental type Greater Essences would sometimes conflict. Now, if you can equip both in the same Focus, you receive the benefits and effects of both Essences.
    * Unique-Equip Families have been removed from most Greater Essences; you should now be able to equip any Greater Essences together. Planar Lenses still share a unique-equip family (you can only have one Lens equipped at a time).
    * The speed of the Ancient Tartagon [Collector's Edition mount] now scales to match the speed of the fastest mount you own.
    * Fixed Swift Desert Najmok to move at epic mount speed (110%). It was incorrectly using the rare mount speed (90%).
    * Cult Saga quest reward helms for Mages and Clerics have their Hit replaced with Focus.
    * Aelfwar Conspirator's Signet will now properly display in combat logs, and has a more informative tooltip.
    * Ancient Ironwood Staff now has Endurance instead of Dexterity.
    * Arcane Hand Icon should no longer trigger when using Sacrifice Life: Mana or other non-hostile spells. It also now triggers only on the target of the ability that caused it to proc.
    * Buckley's Necklace is now an actual necklace instead of a ring. Increased stats to bring it in line with other neck items.
    * Despoiled Band was not able to be equipped by anyone; now it can be equipped by anyone. Oh, and it also has a correctly spelled name.
    * The ability on Divine Defender will now trigger properly, instead of not at all.
    * Faeguard Belt has its Block changed to Parry, as Rogues do not generally block.
    * Fang of the Life Lord: Updated tooltip to clarify that the user is healed for the damage caused.
    * The Fleshreaper now triggers properly.
    * Grand Bauble of Brilliance now has the correct icon and appearance.
    * Hand of the Eviscerator now triggers properly.
    * Helmet of Transgressions is now Warrior-only.
    * Lich-Skin Jerkin and Battlemaster's Jerkin can now be sold to vendors.
    * Martyr's Fist now has a chance to deal an additional 90 Life damage, instead of claiming to restore mana - which it never did.
    * Mortuous Shadestone should proc more reliably now.
    * Night Leather Jerkin now has Attack Power rather than Spell Power.
    * Petrifying Rune: The root proc effect now breaks on damage.
    * The Pyroblade from Fall of Lantern Hook is now a bind on pickup item.
    * The Quicksilver Yearbook now requires being equipped to trigger.
    * Royal Ruby Charm: Melee Critical Hit is now Spell Critical Hit on this item.
    * Sandwarden's Robe: Changed Spell Critical Hit to Spell Power on this item to differentiate it from Robe of the Last Ritual.
    * Scorching Blade of Talos: Now properly has Spell Power.
    * Scotty's Research Papers are no longer Soulbound and have an appropriate sell price.
    * The axe 'Shadefall' now has Endurance rather than Wisdom.
    * Brilliant Shadestone Amulet now has Focus instead of Hit.
    * Fervent Shadestone Necklet and Mighty Shadestone Necklet now have Focus instead of Hit.
    * Shroud of Anti-Life now sorts under the proper Auction House category.
    * Spectral Horse items are no longer Unique.
    * Titan's Eternal Band now properly has Focus instead of Hit.
    * Totem of Overgrowth: Healing from this item now correctly displays in the combat log.
    * The cooldown on Unseen Insignia will now continue to count down while you are offline.
    * Verdant Archbow should no longer proc on non-damaging abilities.
    * Wand of Charred Earth: Changed Melee Critical hit to Spell Critical hit.
    * Warmaster's Hammer: Spell Critical Hit removed and replaced with more Parry.
    * Waylon's Ring has been resized so it fits as a ring instead of a necklace.
    * Whip-Worn Britches are now called Whip-Worn Boots and should have the correct appearance when worn.
    * The Rare Essences, 'Marching Flood' and 'Battle Tide' are no longer Soulbound when acquired.
    * The Crystallized Fire Elemental essence sold in Fortune's Shore has been removed and replaced with a new Greater Essence. Existing Crystallized Fire Elemental essences will not be changed.
    * The effects of Sacred Heirloom of Eth and Totem of Overgrowth have had their chance of triggering with Area Effect abilities decreased, and their chance of triggering on single target abilities increased. These also now only trigger from the first tick of a heal over time spell.
    * A number of offhand books and skulls have their appearances fixed.
    * Bahralt's Symbol of Justice, Thedeor's Symbol of Retribution, and Thontic's Amulet of Discovery: Replaced Hit with Focus on these items.
    * Essence: Watertouched Soulstone: Updated the ability description.
    * Essence: Elementalist Sourcestone: Now works as described.
    * The essence Beholden Target now correctly has Attack Power instead of Spell Power.
    * Many Expert Dungeon and Raid loot items had no sell value - this has been corrected.
    * Changed the name of the dropped cash item, Shimmering Powder, to Glittering Powder to avoid duplicating the name of the Epic Runecrafting ingredient, Shimmering Powder.
    * Dragonslayer Covenant, Order of Mathos, and Icewatch notoriety merchants now sell only a single version of their armored mounts.
    * Greater Bottle of Tricks, Exalted Bottle of Tricks, Whisker Concoction, Sheepish Concoction, Prancing Concoction, and Abyssal Modifier now share the same diminishing returns as Control abilities.
    * Strength-type random essence containers should no longer give out underleveled essences.
    * Corrected an issue with the Greater Essences Rekindled Flameshard, Cinder Flamesource, Combusted Flamesource, Engulfed Flamesource, and Smoldering Flamesource which prevented them from proccing correctly in some situations.
    * Rare Sourceshard planar currency can now be traded for Planarite at Rare Planar Goods vendors.
    * All relic weapons out of Greenscale's Blight and River of Souls now require level 50 to equip.
    * Nico Lights are now on the global cooldown.
    * A number of mysterious items no longer drop with no apparent use (Diviner's Frond, Sublimated Stone, etc). They may make a reappearance someday!
    * Illusion: Ethian Monk and Illusion: Mathosian Vanguard now have a 60 second use cooldown.
    * Added description text to the Lute and Flute artifact merchant items.

    * New weekly crafting quests have been added for all six production skills. Each awards a plaque as well as a Rift Lure that can be used to open a 'Crafting Rift' (details above).
    * Crafting daily and weekly quests now scale to match your character level and always award appropriate experience and notoriety.
    * The recipe window now has a Search feature! Search recipe names, ingredient names, equipment slots, and Rune 'usable on' slots for recipes that your character knows. You can also filter by the type of modification a Rune provides (Strength, Spell Power, etc).
    * For each production skill, one Master workorder has been bumped up to 250 minimum skill instead of 230.
    - Order of Mathos Workorder: Mighty Bottle of Critical Strikes has been changed to Workorder: Mighty Healing Tonic, which does not include Pristine Distillate as an ingredient, and requires 250 skill to receive this quest.
    - Icewatch Workorder: Radiant Rage Runeshards now requires 250 skill to receive this quest.
    - Icewatch Workorder: Soulbind Leather Shoulders now requires 250 skill to receive this quest.
    - Dragonslayer Covenant Workorder: Carmintium Sabatons has been changed to require Carmintium Pauldrons, and requires 250 skill to receive this quest.
    - Dragonslayer Covenant Workorder: Carmintium Longsword has been changed to require Carmintium Stilettos, and requires 250 skill to receive this quest.
    * Armorsmithing Workorders that duplicated the required items from other workorders of the same rank have been updated - in most cases this means a Sabaton Workorder now asks for Boots instead.
    * Workorder: Basic Healing Tonics and Workorder: Mighty Healing Tonics (previously Mighty Bottle of Critical Strikes) are no longer set as level 1 quests.
    * Exquisite Cloth, Light Downy Cloth, and Tough Silken Cloth now only drop for Outfitters.
    * Slightly increased the drop rate of all crafting quest items. In addition, they can now be found on a wider variety of mobs and resource nodes.
    * The description for the quest 'A Peerless Leather' now refers to the correct quest objective items.
    * Bottle of Spellstrikes and Bottle of Critical Strikes now trigger the effect 'Bitter Aftertaste', which prevents another such potion from being used for 60 seconds.
    * Redistributed some ingredients in Runecrafting recipes! The changes are as follows:
    -Unwavering Rune recipes now use Perpetuals in their recipes instead of Sentience Runecrafting materials.
    -Resolute Rune recipes now use Perpetuals in their recipes.
    -Recondite Runeshard recipes now use Sentiences instead of Kinetics.
    -Potent Rune recipes now use Perpetuals instead of Kinetics.
    * Recipes for Quicksilver Bow and Hunting Bow now require only 1 Core each.
    * Fine Leather Shoulders now require Fine Leather instead of Reinforced Leather.
    * Enchanted Cores and Evergreen Cores can now be found in both Silverwood and Freemarch.
    * The following crafted items are no longer Unique-Equip: Ebony Hatchet, Darkmetal Scepter, Orichalcum Ritual Blade, Darkmetal Sword, Divine Defender, Orichalcum Mace, Eviscerator, Damascus Shiv, Damascus Saber, Band of Crystallized Mana, and Titan's Signet.
    * Smoldering Runeshards have been renamed to Smoldering Runes.
    * The scroll for Recipe: Medium Leather Hood was previously Epic, though the crafted item was Uncommon. This has been corrected so the recipe scroll shows Uncommon rarity.
    * Plaited Silver Ring has been renamed to Plaited Cinerium Ring.
    * Death Warding Potions have been renamed to Unholy Warding Potions.
    * Glowing Wrathful Rune now displays its name correctly after being applied
    * Fixed a typo where Honed Demon Horn mentions parry. This reference has been removed. Like other versions of the Demon Horn augment, Honed Demon Horn only award Attack Power and Dexterity.
    * Jagged Lightstone now sorts properly under 'Gems' for auctions.
    * Darkcloth Belt, Conditioned Leather Boots, and Conditioned Leather Jerkin now sort under the appropriate categories in the Recipe window.
    * A number of items from Dungeons and Raids were not able to be Salvaged or Runebroken. Now all dropped equipment in Expert Dungeons or Raids should be salvageable or runebreakable.
    * The following items now Salvage correctly: Silver Choker, Lariat, and Pendant; Gold Chain, Choker, Gorget, and Lariat; Fine Platinum Chain; Platinum Choker, Gorget, and Necklace.
    * Tweaked node respawn rates in Shimmersand, Moonshade, Scarlet Gorge, Scarwood Reach, Iron Pine Peak, and Stillmoor. Adjusted respawn rates and frequency of Orichalcum, Shadethorn, and Twilight Bloom.
    * Fixed miscellaneous Butchering issues: Telthaeus in Stillmoor can now be butchered for proper loot. Blackhorn Grazers and other Cattle mobs (with the exception of critters) can be butchered. Sloptongue mobs no longer require 215 butchering, which was way above level, and have been adjusted accordingly.
    * Fixed a variety of typos on items, augments, tooltips, and recipes.
    * A number of new recipes have been added to the Artisan Stores.
    * Blazing Resistance Runes are now Epic quality. Sharp Runes and Accurate Runes are now Rare quality. These recipes have had their ingredient cost adjusted to reflect the updated rarities.
    * Minor Catalysts now only drop from Elite or dungeon mobs.
    * You can now click on the Loom in Lantern Hook to open the crafting window.
    * Made adjustments to sync up Runebreaking and Outfitter better. Previously, items crafted by Outfitters were too high level to be runebroken by an equal-level Runecrafter. The level ranges for Runebreaking have been updated and expanded to account for this and to be more flexible in general.
    * Restricted the drop of crafting Cores to specific mob types when in Shimmersand, Iron Pine Peaks, and Stillmoor - once discovered, these can be targeted for hunting if you're after more Cores!
    * Brilliant and Blazing Life Resistance Rune recipes are now differentiated by required skill and planarite cost.
    * Resistance Vial recipes now cost 2000 planarite, Heroic Warding Potion recipes now cost 2500 planarite, Brilliant Resistance Rune recipes now cost 1500 planarite, Blazing Resistance Rune recipes now cost 10,000 planarite.
    * The loot window now closes upon the first click of 'Take All' while Runebreaking and Salvaging.
    * Looting items individually from Runebreaking and Salvaging will no longer play the sound effect for each item.
    * Added a more appropriate error message to the crafting item drop quests to indicate if you have already completed the quest.
    * Crafting an item no longer displays a loot message to party members.
    * Corrected the description for the Augment, 'Sobek Eye', that incorrectly said Parry.
    * Fixed quest text for 'A Peerless Leather' that referred to the wrong items.
    * Workorder: Titanium Sabatons: Now states the turn-in location of the quest, which is Chancel of Labors.
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    * PvP Souls have been moved from the rank 2 PvP merchants in Meridian and Sanctum, and are now on the General Favor Quartermasters.
    * Across-the-board improvements for PvP rewards and dailies.
    * Rank 5 weapons have been moved to the rank 4 vendor, and had their names and prices updated.
    * Rank 6 weapons are now available for purchase.
    * The effectiveness of Valor has been updated. The numerical values have changed, but you will still gain 2% reduction per level up to 50.
    * Complete PvP armor sets now give the following Valor:
    - Rank 1 and 2: 15%
    - Rank 3 and 4: 22.5%
    - Rank 5 and 6: 30%
    - Blazing Valorous Rune: 50 Valor - 2%.
    - Radiant Valorous Rune: 25 Valor - 1%.
    * Stat distribution for all PvP armor sets have been updated to be a bit more competitive with Expert Dungeon and Raid sets.
    - Boots, Gloves, and Rings that were previously rank 2 no longer require a rank to purchase or equip.
    - New items have been added to make a rank 1-2 set comparable to the tier 1 dungeon merchant sets.
    - New Boots, Gloves, and Rings have been added to the rank 3-4 sets, and their quality has been upgraded to be comparable to tier 2 dungeon merchant sets.
    - Favor costs have been updated on many items across rank 1 through 4 sets.
    * Increased the experience, coin, prestige, favor, and notoriety awarded from completing Warfront daily quests.
    * Increased the Notoriety awarded for Warfront outcomes. Wins award 250, Ties award 150, and Losses award 100.
    * Also increased the amount of Prestige and Favor awarded for losses or ties in Warfronts.
    * The range for receiving rewards from kills in Warfronts now includes the entire zone.
    * The Battle for Port Scion: Infiltrators using Step Into the Shadows will lose their grip on Sourcestones.
    * Updated The Battle for Port Scion Notoriety rewards:
    - Eldritch Vanguard Steed and Noble Guard Valmera no longer have a Notoriety requirement and can be purchased from the General Favor Quartermasters.
    - Friendly-rank necklaces have been upgraded to Epic items.
    - Decorated-rank rings have been upgraded and now require Honored to purchase.
    - Revered-rank weapons have been moved down to Decorated. Two-handed Warrior weapons are now available.
    - Eldritch Vanguard Warsteed and Noble Guard Armored Valmera can now be purchased at Revered.
    - New consumable helm Runes are now available at Glorified.
    * PvP Quests: Securing the Port and Relentless Assault now only update when winning matches in The Fall of Port Scion.
    * Black Garden: Riftstalkers' Flashback can no longer be used while carrying the Fang of Regulos.
    * The Battle for Port Scion: The stacking buff Sourcestone Empowerment, granted from turning in Sourcestone, no longer reduces damage taken.
    * Reduced the favor cost of Cultist's Focus to 8550 Favor. It was previously priced as a 2-handed item.

    * Avoiding Death's Grasp: Now properly gives credit and has an updated description.
    * Back In the Bottle: Time limit reduced to 100 seconds to match the encounter.
    * Baron It All: Now displays under the proper category and gives achievement points.
    * Keep Your Enemies Close: Now specifies the proper ability.
    * Look Into the Light: Now functions as intended.
    * Melted Sludge: Should properly give credit.
    * Pressure Cooker: Updated the description text and made it so you can actually get credit for this achievement.
    * Rapid Assault: Abyssal Precipice: Fixed so this achievement is not always awarded, even when the criteria has not been met. Characters who had received it while not actually completing the required task will have this achievement removed.
    * The Silent Vigil: Achievement can now be gained by Defiants.
    * Spikeless: Now gives credit only to the player completing the achievement rather than the whole party.
    * There Will be Blood: Fixed an issue where credit was not properly being awarded.
    * We Three Kings: Fixed a case where Derribec wasn't always giving proper credit for being the last alive.
    * Champion of the Droughtlands, Droughtlands Hunter: Guardians should now be able to achieve these.
    * The achievements 'Thwarting Their Plans', 'On the Hunt', and 'Stillmoor Days, Mathosian Knights' could potentially not credit properly if the associated quests were completed as a group. If you were caught by this, you've now been credited with the appropriate achievement. It will also work properly for those yet to complete them.

    * Party member portraits for members in different instances should stop turning non-interactable.
    * Fixed a bug that could cause incorrect animations to play when stacking polymorph effects.
    * Added an Ambient Occlusion option to the Advanced Video Settings which makes lighting look super cool.
    * Improved quality of shadows.
    * Fixed an issue causing visual effects to occasionally streak across the screen.
    * More natural-looking character skin.
    * Improved the appearance of Water Elementals and Living Oceans.
    * Updated sounds for High Elf and Kelari males.
    * Voiceover audio should no longer continue to play after you have logged out or teleported.
    * Improved rendering of ghostly characters.
    * Fixed an issue with physics which could cause players to become stuck in a 'falling' state on certain collision. Oh, silly gravity.
    * Corrected some audio stuttering at the end of combat, specifically in Iron Pine Peaks, Shimmersands, and Droughtlands.
    * Turned up the relative volume of the ready check sound.
    * Corrected party pet portraits displaying incorrectly when zoning in or out of Dungeons or Slivers.
    * Fixed incorrect visual textures sometimes being shown on NPCs.
    * Updated the ambient sound of rivers to prevent some audio drop-outs.
    * Attack sounds for weapon-based melee attacks should come through a bit more clearly.
    * Made some audio adjustments to Assassin abilities.
    * Touched up audio for Paragon and Justicar abilities.
    * Various ability sound fixes based on user bugs and feedback.

    * Tab-targeting now skips hostile players if you are not PvP flagged and have the PvP Auto Flag option turned off.
    * You can now use the ESC key when typing in chat while the respawn countdown window is active.
    * If all nameplates are disabled in your settings, pressing Ctrl+U will only toggle the UI.
    * Added the @mouseoverui macro argument to supplement @mouseover; @mouseoverui will oly select from UI elements and never pick targets when not moused over a UI selection.

    * Adjusted window size and panels.
    * Browse: Moved Results field to the bottom of the window. Reduced size of Category filter dropdowns.
    * Auction: Added a checkbox to set the same price as an existing auction on new auctions.
    * You can now filter results by Item Rarity, Calling, Lesser or Greater Essence types, Min or Max Buyout Price.
    * All tabs can be sorted by stack size.
    * The Auction and Bids tab can be sorted by unit price.
    * Clicking a text field on the Auction UI now highlights existing text in that field.
    * Pressing the ENTER key when creating an auction now creates that auction.
    * You can now price an auction you are creating by buyout price or unit price.
    * You can now automatically set the starting price to be the same as the buyout price when creating an auction.
    * Auction prices now always display the Bid amount above the Buyout amount, and the location of the Bid amount does not move if there is no Buyout set.
    * The Auction House now shows "Apothecary" rather than "Alchemy" when searching recipes.
    * Made better error messages for the Auction House.

    * Group and Raid overhead arrows, map icons, nameplates, and ground reticules are now all blue to maintain consistency, instead of mixed colors.
    * A blue "X" now distinguishes your own map waypoint target from others in your group.
    * You may now hide your character's shoulder armor in much the same way as the Hide Helmet option works.
    * An option has been added to the Raid window (default key: Y) to lock raid frames from being moved outside of Edit Layout mode.
    * When departing a guild and joining a new one, your member notes and officer notes will be reset.
    * The Guild MOTD text box now allows you to type in it even when other things are updating in the guild UI window.
    * Added more specific error text when trying to trade with a character that is out of trading range.
    * Splitting stacks of items in your inventory now brings up a count window showing the total stack size instead of always displaying one less than the full stack amount.
    * The Spell Power tooltip also explains that it increases outgoing healing.
    * A dropdown has been added under Misc settings to change/add a modifier key to activate the right-click context menu in game, or to disable it entirely.
    * Raid markers can now be seen on player, target, target of target, and focus target frames.
    * Fixed an issue where icons, particularly arrows, on the edge of the minimap would show in the wrong location.
    * Waypoints are now cleared when changing characters or leaving the main world map (i.e. entering Warfronts).
    * Fixed some quest highlighting bugs when opening, closing, or scrolling through the Quest Journal.
    * The Class Mechanic UI now updates size when changing the global scale, rather than waiting until your next role change.
    * The 'only show my debuffs' setting now only applies to targets that you can harm.
    * The Settings option for 'Show All Party Buffs' is now 'Show only my buffs on target', which behaves the same was as the Debuff visibility options.
    * The 'show all party buffs' filter now applies to frames other than just the party frames for party members.
    * Added a new minimap filter to show High Level Quests.
    * Fixed a bug causing the 2D Scrolling Combat Text to appear in an incorrect location when playing at resolutions wider than 2000 pixels.
    * Fixed a bug preventing ability tooltips from displaying when mousing over a buff icon on the target or pet portraits.
    * The crafting window should no longer reset the scroll bar position randomly while you have it open - same with the skill and soul training windows.
    * The middle mouse button can now be properly bound to the 'look behind' function.
    * Video capture now stops when resizing the game window.
    * Party member portraits now show a Role icon next to the player name.
    * Player mouseover tooltips now show the character's Role if you are grouped with them.
    * Fixed bank bags that wouldn't always save their positions on your screen.
    * The Notoriety panel of the character window now lets you view more than one notoriety group at a time.
    * You may now track artifact set progress on-screen much like quests.
    * The Artifact pane of the Character window now has a built-in search – search for the artifacts you’re missing, or search for the collections themselves!
    * You can now click on an artifact or empty artifact slot in the Artifact pane while viewing the Auction House to search for that item.
    * The Guild Exp contribution column on the Guild UI has been changed to show the member's total Achievement score.
    * Raidframe ready check marks should be more readable.
    * Text for raid warning messages should be more visible, appear instantly, and come with a sound effect.
    * Raidframes no longer show players as 'dead' when they zone.
    * Sending an in-game mail message now attempts to auto-complete the subject line based on recently typed subjects.
    * If you attach an item or coin to a mail and the subject text is empty, it will auto-fill the name of the item into the subject field.
    * Mail expiration text in the mailbox now says "Expires in X days" rather than just "X days from now".
    * Zone names on the main map no longer change size weirdly when clicked on.

    * Added alert flashing (similar to aggro flashing) to the client on the Windows taskbar for LFG popups while the game is minimized.
    * While waiting in a server queue, you can now click the Settings button to change game settings.
    * Bandwidth optimizations.
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