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    Post Hotfix #14: [NA] 8:00am PDT 4/8/11 - [EU] 2:00am BST 8/04/11

    Hotfix #14

    * Rings from the event merchants are now properly labeled as 'Unique'. These rings were previously set to be Unique but the text was not appearing on their tooltips.
    * Added a display for the level requirements to Shadetouched Weapons Cache quest starting items. The level requirements existed previously but were not displayed on the item tooltip.
    * Death Rift: Eternal Souls: You know that dragon that had wings but liked to walk a lot? He flies now!
    * The Battle for Freemarch zone event now rewards Otherworldly Sourcestone for participation while the River of Souls event is underway.
    * Adjusted the stage objectives for the River of Souls event Rift, 'Pride Before the Fall'. Added better messaging to the stages involving the Soothing Stone Light.

    * Fixed the Normal Practice Dummy having the defenses of a Boss Practice Dummy.
    * Guild Perk: Planar Protection: Fixed a bug that caused this perk to consume Banner reagents.
    * Fixed a bug where the Sir or Dame title would occasionally not be sent to eligible characters.
    * Corrected the stats on the essence 'Elusive Prey' to have Melee Critical Hit instead of Spell Critical Hit.

    * Fixed issues in high-level zones that could cause Invasions to not spawn. This should help with zone events not spawning their Invasions as well.

    * Scotty's Induction Ceremony for the Runeguard will no longer be interrupted by hostile creatures appearing in the same area.

    * The rare spawn mob, 'Pandora', can now be killed by Defiants.

    * Over 100 new item drops have been added to Expert Dungeons and Raids!

    * Expert: Scarn: Fixed the fires so they stay stuck on the bone piles.
    * Expert: Scarn: Molten Phlegm effect is now cleansable. If your buddy is on fire, put them out!
    * Expert: Scarn: Reduced area of Scarn's frontal cleave so it shouldn't catch players who are visibly outside of the front area of effect.

    * Duke Letareus, Infiltrator Johlen, and Oracle Aleria now drop 3 items when killed.
    * Prince Hylas now drops 4 items when killed.
    * Greenscale now drops 4 items when killed, and additional Relic items have been added to the possible drop list.
    * Resolved a rare edge case where the instance would crash during a raid wipe-triggered Lord Greenscale reset.

    * Addressed a bunch of audio issues with combat sounds being very quiet or not playing at all.
    * The Lute purchased from Artifact rewards has more even-volume sound effects.
    * More audio volume-level fixes for sounds playing too loudly (level up, anyone?) or too quiet.

    * A system fix to Unique-Equip crafted items that made them look for the base item when checking the Unique-Equip status went in with the 1.1 patch. This made identical rings or weapons with different Augment or Rune types unable to be equipped at the same time (or re-equipped if you already had them on a character and removed one or both). We are taking a look at the current Unique-Equip crafted items affected by this to see if further adjustments to their power are needed in order to keep them desirable.
    * You can no longer close opened crafting reward containers and lose items left inside.
    * Edit 4/8/11 - Guardian quests from dropped Cloth starters (The Caress of Cloth, Textile Texture, and From a Humble Scrap) can once again be completed and lead to the follow-up provided by the turn-in NPC.
    * Calamitous Runes and Ravaging Runeshards now provide Spell Critical Hit. Devastating Runes and Destructive Runeshards now give Melee Critical Hit.

    * Added a self-cast modifier key dropdown under Settings -> Combat. This allows you to set a key that will always try to self-cast an ability if that key is held while the ability is used (such as setting up 'Alt' to allow 'Alt+1' to attempt to self-cast the ability in hotbar slot 1).
    * There are now two sliders to scale the size of player and NPC nameplates under Options -> Name.
    * Video recording: A bit rate slider has been added to the recording options window that will affect the quality and size of the video created.

    * Coin lock should be behaving better for players who also run VPN software on their machines.
    * Server performance improvements.
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