Hotfix #13: 2:00am BST 5/3/11

* The intensity of Alsbeth’s assault on Telara is increasing! The number of rifts, invasions, and zone events is rising in all zones!
* Fixed a bug that was allowing some creative people to equip one more weapon than they had hands for. This was not an intentional advantage of being an Ascended.
* Removed Valmera mounts from the resourceful Defiant players who managed to purchase them. Don't worry, we refunded the cost, and hope you enjoyed them while they lasted!
* The Dye Vendors will be returning from their vacation with this update.
* Guild and PvP Quests: Killing the same character more than once will again give credit toward these quests.
* Quest: Harbinger of Sorrows: Modified quest text for better clarity.
* The Saga of the Endless: Trophies of Death: Quest now updates by closing Death Rifts.

* Warriors: Tempered Will, Paladin's Devotion, and Ruthless Pursuit can now only be used when the Warrior is under one of the effects these abilities remove.
* Tracking abilities no longer dismount you on use.

* Protective Companion's Pounce taunt now properly causes the taunt target to switch to the pet.

* Icy Carapace: Rank 7 now lists the correct damage for this ability.

* Charge Booster: Reworded description for more clarity. Using Detonate with 5 Combo Points will fire off a Booster Charge, dealing 50% weapon damage. The total damage dealt is increased by 15% for every point spent in Saboteur above 21.

* Tactical Strike: Fixed an issue causing this to trigger several times more often than it should. Now triggers 5% per point spent. Damage increase to target has been reduced from 10% to 5% per stack. Description updated to note that this stacks up to 5 times.

* Residual Absorption will no longer show as a buff that can be clicked on to remove.

* Empowered Darkness: Ability will no longer get overwritten by weaker buffs.

* A number of Greenscale belts were incorrectly equippable by all characters. They are now limited by class for equipping.
* King's Breach: Expert: Konstantin's Mathosian Fury can no longer be removed by player abilities. It also has a tooltip description!

* Salvaging Rings and Necklaces that use gems in their recipes now returns salvaged gemstone items as well as regular gems.
* Crafted bow: The ability on Hawk's Talon was not triggering, and has been fixed.
* Crafted bow: Verdant Archbow's tooltip has been corrected so it properly lists the damage done.
* Relic-quality items should now be Salvageable and Runebreakable, although why you would want to break such lovely items remains a mystery. But you can, if you want to!