This thread is here for the same reason as the last two - I'm bored. It also has a secondary reason though, back when DDO came out a good portion of the playerbase was from P&P rather than MMOs and despite my general confusion about RP on an MMO (can't see the point) this created a different and more enjoyable playerbase in my opinion. In fact, in addition to that it has a tertiary reason... I'm curious if anyone wants to think about setting up a game (heh, maybe of Rift? I never played that but I have the books)

Anyways, I've been playing P&P for a decade or so, but haven't played in about a year. Mostly play 3.5 D&D, dislike 4E intensely. I also play Paranoia, some Whitewolf stuff, Nobilis (my favorite RPG, but one I've never done more than a one shot in), FUDGE, Tri-stat, and a handful of other games I'm forgetting because I'm on painkillers.

So, anyone here interested in playing or DMing? Don't really know if this'll come to anything, but figured I'd check and see if anyone in the community was interested.