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Thread: Voice Server (Mohawk - TS2 and 3)

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    Default Voice Server (Mohawk - TS2 and 3)

    I can suggest you to choose ASPnix as your voice server provider. What they are offering?

    Mohawk was designed with optimization in mind to ensure minimal CPU usage. Compared to its competitor Voice over IP solutions, Mohawk uses 40% to 75% less bandwidth and CPU utilization. That gives you more resources for your applications, projects or games.

    While requiring less resources, it continues to provide high quality audio, that can generally be clearer than the average voice over IP client. Used by professionals, gamers, and the average Joe alike, Mohawk gets the job done without interfering with your productivity, or lack thereof.

    For a limited time only we are allowing new Mohawk Voice clients to use Mohawk free with 5 voice slots for the life of their package.


    They have US and Germany servers for your voice service.

    TeamSpeak is a legendary VoIP communications solution, and is used around the world by people of all types! Gamers, programmers, clans, businesses, families and more!

    The all new TeamSpeak 3 VoIP system is the next level of VoIP communications for all users ranging from businesses, gamers, inner-office communications, meetings, and personal communications! The newly evolved TeamSpeak 3 includes features like:

    * All new permissions system
    * Tabbed chat / multi-server capabilities
    * Text-to-speech
    * Avatars / custom server banners
    * Firewall friendly file transfers
    * All new codecs to provide superior voice quality
    * 3D sound / positional audio
    * Customizable interface / skinning support
    * And more!

    For a limited time only we are allowing new TeamSpeak 3 clients to use TeamSpeak 3 free with 5 voice slots for the life of their package.


    They have US and Germany located servers for your voice service.


    5 Slots Free Promo!
    10 Slots $2.40
    15 Slots $3.75
    25 Slots $6.00
    50 Slots $12.00
    75 Slots $17.25
    100 Slots $22.00
    150 Slots $30.00
    200 Slots $38.00
    250 Slots $45.00
    300 Slots $54.00
    350 Slots $59.50
    400 Slots $68.00
    500 Slots $80.00
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