Gday all

ausMMO. A new home for MMORPG gamers in Australia. Ok, and kiwis too - fine! I was going to go with "anzacMMO", but felt it was disrespectful to the real ANZACs.

Seriously though: welcome mate. In fact, this site is all about mates. About community. And that starts with you. This is a place to talk ****, find old mates, check out MMOs, find guilds, get info, read write ups and generally get your game on. Eventually, we'll have an active, owning guild in every major MMO title.

Southern Legion. Aurora Noctum. Reverence. Vendetta. Bloody Convicts. vF. Allure. Exodus. Nexus. If you recognise these names, you've got mates here. And you can find em, no matter what game they currently play. Which is the whole point of this site. To keep mates in contact and help everyone get a foot up, no matter wtf you wanna do.

here is really good link it tells you all about ausmmo features and direction.