When your wife is waiting in the car and you're in the convenience store waiting in line to buy some snacks and drinks. The person ahead of you whips out their check-book. *skies begin to darken*

The clerk tells the customer that they don't accept starter checks. *jagged bolts of lightning arc across the horizon*

The customer whips out their food-stamp debit card and the clerk tells them it's being denied. *a bright flash opens the heavens above the store*

The customer whips out a $10 bill but the clerk tells them the bill is $12.57. *the roof peels away in a horrific grinding, screaming noise*

The customer tells the clerk to take the milk and eggs off the bill so that she can afford the mountain dew and donuts. *the death rift explodes into a wild vortex of chaos as giant slimy tentacles crush the customer to a pulp and tears her head off*

Clerk mumbles, "Next?"

True story... minus the death rift that SHOULD have happened!!