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Thread: For people saying WoW customer support sucks...

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    Default For people saying WoW customer support sucks...


    I love Rift, i don't play WoW anymore and still think rift is more awesome.

    The point is the picture, while being funny it also shows that WoW isn't from the devil (kinda..) and tells people to grow up I mean... really. Come on, enjoy rift if you can't enjoy wow, just shove it about it.

    PS! Not my ticket.
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    While the game might not be a mindblower for the ''epicest mmo searchers'' it's certainly is for me. The game is exactly what you want from a mmorpg.
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    I think we have witnessed the birth of a new word people ... I give you: "EPICEST"!
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    Default Oh

    if only you could see a small part of my customer service history in other games!

    2 betas so far for Rift though, and I only had one fatigue death loop, submitted a ticket and in about 3 mins a GM reset my character, closed my ticket and left me a resolved ticket summary of their actions!

    I was so pleased with this, I didn't have to explain my issue AGAIN to a rep after submitting it on the ticket, had a fast response time during a stress test , and I wasn't even expecting a GM since the last 6 betas I have been in didn't even have GM's online.

    Thank you Trion, keep up the good work up to and beyond launch!

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