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Thread: Dead Space 2, Kotaku, and a guy called Gareth.

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    Default Dead Space 2, Kotaku, and a guy called Gareth.

    So, there I was playing Dead Space 2, cursing the fact that once again, devs have 'forgot' to code in functionality that enables you to map the side buttons on your mouse. I'm reminded of FEAR 2, and a bunch of other games. I suppose I'll have to download some 3rd party app again just so I can utilise all the buttons on my mouse. What is this, 1989 or 2011?

    Anyway I head online and see someone else with the same problem. Only difference is, this guy has to use his chin to game.


    That guy freakin owns. He was born with cerebal palsy and has difficulty controlling his limbs and mouth, so he improvises. He bought Dead Space 2 and tried to remap the forward button to a mouse button (which is what he needs to be able to do in order to play most games) because the funtionality doesn't exist in DS2.

    I no longer want EA to patch the game for me, I want them to do it FOR HIM. Talk about gaming with dedication. Fingers crossed that EA sorts it out asap.
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