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Thread: I want Mass Effect 3

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    Default I want Mass Effect 3

    Who here plays/loves Mass Effect? I play an Adept and I love them in the 2nd one. I have a thing for super powered individuals. I'm always topping the charm/paragon meter because being a good guy is way to much fun. The only issue is, when the third one comes out during the holidays, my dude has a relationship with both Ashly Williams and Miranda, the fallout is going to be scary to play through .

    There were a lot of choices in Mass Effect 2 that are rather serious like blowing up the Hieratics or Rewriting them. To use the base or destroy it, stuff like that. I'm personally 50 50 on the Genophage but sense I saved Wrex and he has ways to manage birth rates of the Krogan, I'm pretty sure it's ok to keep it.

    What do you guys do in your games? What do you think ME3 will have in store for us?
    Control over the elements is under-rated in every game I play. They are often separated and dull. For once why can't we have an epic tornado of elements? Heck, make a blinding huge sandstorm with wind and earth and use water to make mud at a target's feet and rain blazing meteors onto the person. Animation would be a nightmare but worth every second .

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    I only played 2 but fell in love with it, 3 looks more like your in a losing war from the trailer and apparently a lot of it will take place on earth? Either way i'm sure it will be a great game.

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    <----Shepards trollface

    I remember my first playthrough of mass effect 2 I only did like two of the loyalty missions, almost everyone on my team was wiped out but Garrus, Miranda, and Legion
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