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Thread: Infamous 2 Multiplayer

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    Default Infamous 2 Multiplayer

    My idea on multiplayer is:

    Lore - Assuming the ray sphere goes off in Infamous 2, it will affect many civilians around it causing them to gain powers as well, not as powerful as cole, but still powerful. They will be affected in different ways, not just electric powers, but other elements as well, and now there are all these minor superheroes running around New Marias.

    Customization - You will be able to create and customize your own civilian (for example, clothes, hair, skin color, etc), and choose his or her element/type of power. (example: Fire, Earth, Air, Electricity,telekenisis, etc) so not everybody acts the same and looks the same. Those different elements or whatever they should be called are the different classes, so its a class based system. Each class will have strengths and weaknesses. Some classes will be stronger against others, some will be weaker.

    There will be a good side and an evil side to each class, so like uncharted 2, you will be randomly assigned to either good or evil. The good side will have more...good looking customization. Evil side will have darker/more evil customization. Your karma in-game will not affect what side you are randomly assigned to.

    Each will have a seperate set of powers, and each will have a page with the control layout so you dont have to randomly mash buttons to figure out which does what.

    Game Types -I dont like open world PvP, so i want small battles (5v5, 6v6, idk, you get the point). There will be various game types

    Some game types we could have are:
    -Deathmatch - Your standard free for all mode
    -Team Deathmatch - Kill the other team until you reach a kill limit, or time runs out.
    -Capture the Flag (or.. ray sphere? xD)- Imagine grinding on stuff and flying with a flag? Awesome.
    -Domination/Conquest - Capture and hold different territories.
    -Last Man Standing - Elimination type game, 5 rounds, person who wins the most rounds wins.
    -Last Team Standing - Team-based elimination, 5 rounds, team who wins the most rounds wins.
    -King of the Hill - Two teams fight to hold an area, which changes after a min or two.

    NOTICE: All of the team-based modes are Good vs Evil
    Im sorry, i cannot think of any more, im tired, but you guys can add.

    The different classes that ive thought of are:
    .. you can think of more, im sure they wont have this many at launch though, DLC can add more.

    There should be a lobby-type system in place too that allows you to invite friends and join matches with them.

    Maps - Not sure how they could do those, maybe some of the smaller areas in the game... we havn't seen much though

    Character Progression/Unlocks - There will be levels withing Infamous 2 multiplayer, max level of maybe 50 or so. There will be perks/boosters, you unlock them as you level up, none of them game-breaking. (as in not overpowered)

    DLC - They could add more maps, custimization options in DLC, new game types, increase level cap, new perks/boosters, new classes, etc.

    Leaderboards - I want there to be leaderboards, i am very competitive, you can switch between overall, and friends. It would show various things such as:
    -Rank within the entire community
    -K/D Ratio
    -Whatever else there is xD

    Trophies - To earn the Platinum trophy, i suggest making multiplayer trophies not count toward the platinum, or make the multiplayer trophies easy to earn for the people who dont enjoy multiplayer.

    I dont think that Sucker Punch could impliment this system though It will require a lot of new animations/effects for each class, but, it would be great if they could, i dont know when Infamous 2 will be coming out, which is good, so they may have time to do this (PLEASE!)

    Please comment on this thread

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    Looking forward to the second one whenever they decide to release it, first one was pretty good. Great Idea's

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    Thanks - i loved the first one too, i just hope they add any sort of multiplayer, even co-op would be great. =\

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