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Thread: Feeling Left Out.

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    Default Feeling Left Out.

    FML! I had school today, and when I come home, I'm like. YES! GONNA GO PLAY! So, I log in...update... THEN THERES THIS PATCH OR SOMETHING FOR 3 HOURS! UGHGH!!! I've been waiting to play all week. It better be as good as it looks. Now, I'm in pain...Waiting...Oh well, at least my ex is on MSN. Still, no one to talk to on forums ); So inactive now. Hope it downloads faster.

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    was running at 1.1 mb/s, 1 hour remaining. Then I decided to download a TES4: Oblivion mod to play while waiting. 250 kb/s. No problem, expecting that. Mod finishes, stays there. It's still there now. One hour remaining. Guess I'll leave it til tomorrow :/
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