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Thread: EQ2 fans producers letter- pvp server to return!

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    Default EQ2 fans producers letter- pvp server to return!


    hey all, I recently went back to eq2(this week) and had no idea what was going on with the game. I just wanted to post about the pvp server that will soon be in beta for those that used to play the game and loved pvp. I am one of them. I am not against Rift by any means but I think its time to move on...I just want to get the word out in case any of you guys are interested. If you never played eq2, its truly detailed almost as much if in some ways more than Rift. The pvp was so much fun back in the day and they got rid of the pvp and the pvp servers/server which I started on in the game so for me to come back this week and to find the dev's launching beta in the next couple weeks is a big deal. You can read the producers letter in the link above.

    I honestly hate to make this post on the game I loved and been with for the last 5 years but eq2 is and has always been my fall back game. I just wanted to let any old fans know and I truly hope Rift bounces back and maybe the new team here can take some advice from the dev's over at daybreak, I mean I give daybreak dev's credit for trying the pvp thing again and honestly I think Rift also had some of the best world/zone pvp back in the day and maybe the team here can try the same thing and bring back players, I do think that pvp is essential in all mmmorpgs, because it is half your players so when the pvp dies, they leave, that is another reason WoW has done so well because they try to keep the game both pvp and pve and not favoring one or the other..so that being said maybe Gamigo could try something like this as well and not be afraid to.I mean the class balance must come first here...and hopefully they are working on that...I honestly can't log into the game anymore.However I do to check in with my friends and guildies but I just can't work on this game anymore as in give time or money to it until something happens.

    I found a raiding guild on eq2 and we had 40 folks online and in discord to raid with two separate groups and honestly I didn't think eq2 was doing that well so I was and am truly excited to be back. I think I said this in another post, I wish Day break would have taken Rift....because at least those dev's are trying. Rift deserves to be in the hands of a company that will honor what the game is and how unique it is...so to see it go down like this I just can't do it. I mean I'm not saying Gamigo isn't gonna try but at this point I just have to move where I feel is another virtual home for me but I will always be watching Rift and coming back to check on my friends here for the last 5 years.....

    anyway,I'm not fully giving up on my beloved Rift because there is no reason to ...not yet anyway.

    if anyone is interested in joining our pvp guild we are creating if the beta goes well, give me a hollar, we are looking to have a huge team even set two's healer/dps in each group if this sounds interesting to you let me and you can always play pvp on EQ2 and pve here on Rift.

    take care all.
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    Everquest is a great game but because of how they treated Landmark and then the layoffs without pay last year just before Christmas (etc) I don't think Daybreak were/are the answer to picking up someone elses game.

    Have fun, whatever you play.
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