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    Default Nostalgia -A Fine Old Guild's Website on Raiding - Part 1 -


    A few notes on raiding as we move further than 200 yards into Frozen Tempest.

    Some of you are new to raiding. Thatís just fine, in fact, itís better than fine. In my opinion, raiding in RIFT has never been in a better place. As great as Hammerknell was, the new 10 man is getting even more acclaim. Several sites and reviews have put Planebreaker Bastion (one of 2 new 20 mans) on the same level as Karazhan (old school awesome). Getting into raiding with us is also a great idea because we are not *******es, nor are we mean (out loud). We are attractive, competent, and quite swarthy.

    So welcome! We look forward to raiding with you. Take time to familiarize yourself with our general raid etiquette. Many guilds do things differently, I have included a list of the finer points of raiding with us.

    Raid Etiquette

    1) Get in teamspeak. You donít have to talk, but you do need to be able to hear us.

    2) Shut up. Just kidding, but Iím not. The only persons talking should be raid lead and whoever else is coordinating something. Iím personally very interested in your collection of human skulls, but we probably shouldn't go over that while packs of cleaving mobs are roflstomping the healers. This is especially true on wipes, we need to know what happened, information must be conveyed rapidly. Please keep TS clear so we can do that. If you have something to say, just type it out in raid. If you are not in the raid, DO NOT EVER TALK.

    3) Be ready to go. That means have your food/flasks/buffs/soul vit/planar gleeble/etc all ready. If you have questions, please ask. We love to help and we have hordes of people who will gladly make things for you. Really, they are bored, just say something. In fact, they probably already made what you need, so there.

    4) The raid leaders will determine who is dropping feasts for that night through a complex and rigorous analysis (rock,paper,scissors) of what options are available.

    5) Once we are far enough into the content to warrant a COTA style rez. We go down the raid list starting at the top left of the list, usually the tanks. When its your turn, get up, and burn your Call of the Ascended. If you donít have it, (charges ran out, tears clogging your vision, etc) let us know so we can get someone else. We want to be fighting again as soon as possible after a wipe and we do not want to have double soul walks with super awkward double COTAs.

    6) Real life happens. When it happens during a raid and its going to take longer than 5 minutes to fix, let us know so we can try to work around it. We will do our best to not boot you if we donít have to, but we have 19 other people to consider.
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    Default Part 2


    1) Know your role. Have options if possible. There are boss fights, and there is trash. Trash is lots of fun, but itís not. Trash needs to be silenced, snared, stunned, stuffed into a box, and lit on fire. ...

    2) Consider this, two 1.2 million hp birds, and a 2.1 million hp vortex, and a 34 million hp boss. They all need to die, and they all need to die in 5 minutes or so. You cannot kill the boss until the the cyclone is dead, you cannot kill the cyclone until the birds are dead. More dps makes this happen fast. Single target DPS makes this happen faster than AoE dps.
    If we assume the above to be true, then there should be a specific number and type of dps that most of the time, when attained will yield deaths to the aforementioned mobs before the timer runs out. That number and style is single target DPS of 9k or better from each of the 12 dps on that particular encounter.

    Why 9k?

    Its simple math, I can work you through it, but you are already bored. Suffice to say that we are expecting that 9k to turn closer to 10k with raid buffs/flasks/debuffs. Therein lies the magic of raiding. We do more dps as a group than 20 persons can do individually. These numbers reflect the dps check necessary to down the first boss of 20 man content in Storm Legion. As of this writing there are at least 8 more bosses after this one. Keep in mind this is Tier 1 raiding content. Thatís right; we have a whole other level of raiding awaiting us. It will not be getting any easier so we cannot Ďgear up to 9k as we go.í

    Some people cringe when they hear that they must meet a requirement to raid. To some, itís an elitist ideal perpetuated by turbo nerds with TI-135 calculators and lots of free time.

    It is not. The 9k benchmark is the number we either hit, or we wipe. There will be times that we will be well above this number, and still wipe. Hitting dps checks only gives us the ability to win the fight, not the fight itself. Another way to look at it is this, if we do not pass the raid dps check, but we do really hard mechanics perfectly, we will never win. Ever. If we do beer-rage level of dps but mechanically suck, we can still win. Itís crazy, I know. We can either work on our rotations or gear on test dummies, or we can throw consumables and time into the toilet.

    Are we going to stand at a dummy and parse you? Never. We will see it on the meters during the fight. This will prompt a severe rustling and a talking to. You have many tools to optimize your dps. Simple Meter, and a host of other add-ons work. If you donít like them, get someone who has them to parse you. Use the level 62 raid boss dummy. These can be found in Tempest Bay. You need to know what you can do, and what you need to work on. Itís as simple as gathering the data.

    Is it a more effort to get 9k ST? Yes, but this is raiding, itís the endgame, it isnít easy. Having said that, its never been easier. You can gear up 3 or 4 viable ways.

    What if I do 8k? Well, then someone has to do 10. But those people who are overachieving are already making up for tank/heal dps.

    The question is not, can we get by with less. We know we canít. We either pull the numbers, or we wipe all night. But you have to want to raid.

    You must do what it takes to get on the battlefield. That means more effort to maximize gear and essences, it means learning the ins and outs of your rotation, and it takes dedication. You donít just get to raid, you need to get your toon optimized for it.

    At the end of the day, we are all just playing a game, itís pixels on a screen. But if you want to see the super pixels, the ones at the end of the raid, you must put in the time. You do that, and we will put you in the room with some of the most intense fighting and rewarding encounters since your junior prom.

    I look forward to dying horribly with each and every one of you.

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