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Thread: What are you watching?

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    Default What are you watching?

    So, I just seen the new Avengers film , Infinity War. I thought it was great. I was picturing my toon in Rift killing off the bad guys , haha. What do you guys think of it? I was also thinking of new spells during the show. I enjoyed it very much.I think this one was the best one by far , good story line and side/backstories and acting, not too cheesy lines. I thought the writing was well done on this one. I was picturing my mage or shaman taking out these jerks. lol

    What films or shows have you guys been into?
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    I just love GA (Ghost Adventures) and all sorts of paranormal shows/series/movies.
    Just got into watching Penny Dreadful (TV-series) again for the third time XD..love that series!

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    Still need to watch Penny Dreadful Season 3 ^

    We here have been watching S2 Dirk Gently (wish I was renewed) and when a friend visits, Altered Carbon (and then S2 Westworld).

    Big backlog of shows otherwise. Have decided to be at peace with it and just keep the list in a text document for reference. I've done similarly about PS1-PS2 games I may never play (I actually went through the list of every PS1-PS2 game ever released at least in NA), and somewhat with films. Then there's the Steam library and wishlist..

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