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Thread: The cool thing about today

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    Default The cool thing about today

    Everyday is magic, we are alive but today was special for many reasons and one of them was I was trying ti finish the skull rain quest and I had spend a good amount of time on it , however some random person showed up to do it and I told them"hi and they said hello" so I asked them can we join parties in case one of us gets it and he agreed and said good idea". So he made it up on the rocks and I told him he could transfer servers untill he found the quest objective and he said oh I forgot about that. But as we were waiting I asked him how he got there and he showed me and I got up there, lol and I was thinking to myself don't physically show me lol but he did and I got up there. Then he had issues getting back up, I told him its cool man if I get the quest objective we both win. I was hopping shards and and finally found one and told him DEEPWOOD and he comes there and I take it and he didn't get credit for it. I felt really bad...so bad that I stayed to help him get his. We ended up talking and I asked him if he knows of the old games like might and magic 6. He said oh yeah I have them all. Well oddly enough I was looking the old games up to learn how learn how to play them on my pc the night prior. He suggested a few sites and I am very happy!
    oh he finally got back on the rock and started to shard hop ,he eventually found it! I told him I would stay there till he got it to help him and it was the least I could do. after he had got it, we continued to talk about games and I helped him with the next and final quest for him.

    I guess my reasoning to post this is that you just never know and that be mindful of others while they are questing, you never know you are gonna meet.
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    That's wonderful! <3

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