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Thread: Frontier Internet!!Help!

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    Default Frontier Internet!!Help!

    Hey guys, I am having MAJOR issues with this company and my net. I'm so frustrated at this point because I have DSL through them and it has been dropping signal for days now, called them up, they set up a tech to come out for today and the rep we made the ticket with was supposed to put in the field tech notes to call me and the called my bf instead, we told them he would be at work. So the rep never put that in the notes so the tech came out and left. Called them again and the rep said the other rep failed to put my number in the notes.....Omg.. This rep had me go into my pc and change my password on the network? didnt work...So I asked when is the soonest they can come out, they say two days....I ask if my ticket can be escalated due to the first rep not communicating the right information, they check and say no we can't do that. So I settle for Thursday. My internet came on for a few minutes and I call them again, this time a guy says you are dropping 200 or more times a day and that my net would be spotty... He said it is for sure an issue on the outside lines! I knew that! why didn't the rep before say that? Instead Wasting my time doing internal changes?! I am so exhausted with dealing with this company! I'm paying for net and this game! I also work online so, this is not good!

    I just wanna know if any of you guys have experienced this crap company and also if you know how to resolve these DSL issues.
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