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Thread: To the Dev's this Prime thing....????

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    Default To the Dev's this Prime thing....????

    So, I just wanna say a few things about this new server as I'm sitting in your newest city you added /created with a very small amount of people sitting around.....

    So sure it may work it may not but why this approach? Oh because a small few said so on the forums? I just want to know why ...

    This is a bad idea...for the reasons stated in many posts but here is mine, and its simple.
    If you can not keep up live servers to what they could be nor should be what makes you think another server will be different? Seriously, I want to know! You will bring 10/100 back if that....I can for see it. I dont think this server will be good for business. I think it is way more hassle than its worth. You are sitting on a MASSIVE platform that you can do anything with and another server is the answer???I dont get it.

    That is all because if I continue on I may just make some sense or a scene.

    oh and I'm sure you dont want to flush ALL your work down the toilet, which you'd be doing in a nutshell.

    I will always speak my mind and truths, this life got everyone living by some rules that I just dont agree with.
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    It's simple. Trion can no longer make money off of you. So what they are doing is trying to bring the older player base back with fantasies of their old time in the game.

    It's no longer about making a great game but cashing in on the success Rift once had.

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