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Thread: Does falling in love effect your play style?

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    Default Does falling in love effect your play style?

    The reason I ask is because I'm on the verge of just that and I have an idea of how I will/might be in love but at the same time I think if someone loves me they will set me free and let me do what I do..which is gaming. I mean I guess I'm asking how gaming effects relationships, it can't be worse than social media right?
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    That would depend on what the other person is like, I suppose. Are they another gamer? Even if they don't play Rift or mmorpgs in general, they should still understand.
    If they are not a gamer and they don't like it if you spend a lot of time gaming, then compare gaming to a hobby they spend time on. Do they watch a lot of tv? Work out at the gym a lot? Collect something? Applying this logic may help them understand that you need to still game.
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    Play less. Well unless she's in your guild okay.
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    I'd say it changes everything...

    Anything you think, feel, do has influence on what you do. When you pull somebody else into your world, that will bring other influences for both.

    Different is not necessarily bad or good.. it is what you make of it. It may require a bit of balancing in how you spend your time.. After all, a (good) relationship will require time to invest into the relationship.

    Other than that.. if the feelings are mutual, your significant will understand your desire to play a game, as well as you will understand your partners desire to spend some (private) quality time with you.

    And keep in mind... RL is all around you, this message is something coming to you through some cables and a box/machine on your desk ^^

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