Hey folks

So for US peeps this may not make a huge amount of sense to begin with but bear with me...In the UK we have a charity that offers support to people battling cancer and their families; they help them with organising their finances, support them during their treatment and are an ear for anyone affected 24/7 in times of crisis.

Like most in this world I have been indirectly affected by cancer having seen my grandfather and my mother in law pass away, a dear friend beat the odds and beat stage 2 cancer (remission for 24 months now...she is my hero) and another who is currently undergoing treatment.

I have often felt useless facing this, words are nothing but platitudes when you have someone sobbing in pain from the treatment that will potentially save their life so I decided to try to do a little thing to make a little bit of a difference.

Below is the link to something called Brave the Shave...it is a sponsored event where I am going to shave my locks for Macmillan Cancer Support. What I am asking is for you to take a moment to read, maybe even chuck a bit of money at my fundraising page (you may not think 1 or $1 is much but consider this....what if 200 people donated that? 300? every penny makes a difference), or share this on your social media Time spent is just as valuable and I get that for some that is also what is affordable.

Thanks for reading through this and please don't laugh too hard at my pic

Brave the Shave