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Thread: Get Ready for Takeoff

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    Default Get Ready for Takeoff

    She deserves a big raise

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    Now that's a creative way to keep costumers coming back :P

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    Good, except reminding people of the no smoking, I know it, but find it obnoxious anyway and smug to harp on it like its a given even though it is, Makes you want a smoke ''even if non-smoker''.

    Overall though 3 stars, everybody is a comedian but besides the smoking thing, pretty good. She has a possible career in stand up. Shes also mildly pretty enough to pull it off in mainstream comedy.

    The long hair on a stewardess, screams confidence and self assurance with zero insincerity in this day and age...too be able to wear it long, fluffy and free, shes not afraid. Good image. Her patter was also slyly amusing.

    Also she styles it well, its not lank and rat like, like some people think is pretty but just looks unhealthy like your hand would come away slimy. That style only looks good on brunettes with a certain Gothic look if they have the contrasting creamy complexion for it in my opinion. (or slicked back in a sort of cute severe look with the right outfit.)
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