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Thread: Let the them snowflakes fall.

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    Default Let them snowflakes fall.

    I find the term special snowflake syndrome, on the whole to be an insult to mankind, and everything worthy and worthwhile in the most exceptional people throughout history.

    Is this term part of a anti-individualist movement do you think?

    I think it gos deeper than that, and this sort of thinking is a part of the reason, for the decline in music novels and films, pop culture as well is suffering on the whole. As a side effect of the derogatory thing meant by calling someone a special snowflake'' in certain contexts.

    I am talking about the inability to distinguish good art from bad art in connection with this. I don't talk here, just about inevitable opinion, but rather, let me explain:

    Its promoting a mode of thinking that inhibits art because the philosophy creates a necessary lack of distinction.

    The individual person cannot discern various elements of realty...trying to make a things fit in a mold, be what sounds good... so they are conditioned to be emotionally and artistically, metaphorically speaking: color blind...so that everything props up and plugs into the delusional philosophy.

    Everything becomes more or less the same as everything else. Everyone the same as everyone else...then if that were so hypothetically speaking of course, why would one wish to exist at all?

    It would be like making a bunch of identical mmo characters with more or less the same preset.

    Fortunately this belief is a choice but many cannot overcome the social condoning. Its a cancer.

    I had rather a eternal blizzard of snowflakes, until snow-blind, than live in a hopeless, ugly, world as described above seeing everything in shades of grey...with a bunch of shallow clones parroting empty platitudes,bleating like sheep by choice,

    People would be living there life like the freaks in a twilightzone episode from the 60's...its enough to make one laugh.

    With what I call the new-age syndrome, you see...the contemplation of art and beauty, music and culture would lead to contemplation of other aspects of self and philosophy and the whole belief system, of which I speak: being a self propagated and collectively reinforced delusion in denial of objective reality...would fall down like a house of cards under its own weight.

    People cant let that happen, because it starts to connect to a misplaced false sense of security and self interest when the opposite is more true. Hence terms like ''special snowflake' as a slur to the thinking person. It seems safer that way to them. Its a way to try and de-legitimize another human being in some cases, just for being traditionally human and not playing along with the fantasy.

    Discernment is a prerequisite for good taste you see, which cant be allowed, because of the realizations, such perception would lead to...and so....people put up a wall of sorts.

    Greed, envy, jealousy, vanity...these are all valid even necessary things to a healthy, and whole person in balance with themselves.

    They are innate things in peoples design, like love, fear, compassion and so on.

    Suppression wont make them go away, its merely denial and hypocrisy. Whats needed is self control and self awareness,to bring inner peace...acceptance and understanding.

    One sees the good and worthiness in themselves and others without the need to lie to themselves, while seeing the whole for what it is.

    Knowing this completely there is no created complex or repression, only wisdom.

    Deluding ones self, on the other hand, leads to repression. Repression leads to a boiling point. Defensiveness, confusion and even cold hostility, irrational, reactionary behavior and/or thoughts ensue. Acting out, you name it.

    Such, Leading sooner or later, to tragedy both in the self and in society. Its a flatly dangerous movement in the long run, as evidenced on the nightly news. What we are seeing in recent events is a overcompensation that was inevitable.

    Things cannot be what they are not, no matter how good it sounds, who agrees with you or opposes you or what convoluted belief system you come up with on a certain level ''that is called insanity''. Also on a certain level all know this, which is why the incredible defensiveness.

    I am surprised but not shocked such derogatory, and pathetic self abasing terms, such as special snowflake, could be tricked into mainstream acceptance and taken out of even there original context...and misapplied to every exceptional individual that dares to think for themselves.

    If however you mean being a diva, then just say so, there is a difference you know, in what is implied, yet in some contexts, if someone calls you a ''special snowflake'' say damn right, and take it as a compliment, because after all why would you not?

    This is just my opinion, make of it what you will.

    If you confused by this I don't blame you...you have to remember there is such a thing as functional truth, language has its limits and there are only so many ways of telling people things without pissing them of needlessly.

    I cant straight out say it because I would be misunderstood even worse, but if your smart enough you get what I'm driving at. It looks like ranting but its not. What I am saying is important to consider in this day and time.

    I have something to say, but I am not a child, I don't need to shock people for fun...and...I'm not getting anything for posting this, no viewers....its rift forums, so I don't want controversy or the like to draw attention...but I do care about people, and society and culture, cant help it.
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