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Thread: need to know

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    Default need to know

    I have $2400 to buy a new pc with.
    id just like some info on what to get?
    what is better for gameing INTEL our AMD?
    I was told that teir both good but intel cost more

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    you really don't need to spend that much nowadays but if you want a powerhouse that will run your games 10 times over you can go that route

    i recommended looking at originpc.com if you want the powerhouse and good support for and problems you may have.

    i would recommend to get nvidia graphics and a solid state hard drive i can go into more detail if you like happy to help a fellow gamer

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    I would recommend hopping over to reddit /r/buildapc or a few of the other related subs like /r/pcmr to get help.

    There's a quick and easy build page here: www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/wiki/builds

    I'd also recommend pricing it all out on pcpartpicker.com, which reddit will probably advise anyway.

    Oh, and comparison charts can be found on tomshardware, cpubenchmark.net and videocardbenchmark.net.

    ...one more...for the games you want to play, check out if your rig will handle it at game-debate.com

    IMO $2,400 is a tad bit of overkill unless you're looking to run some crazy flight sims and intend to buy a yoke and stuff.
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    i would recommend saving your money, you do not need a high performance rig for rift at all. i know people who play on emachines and have no issues.

    if thats the only reason you are upgrading.

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