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Thread: Love Rift No More

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    I'll get a little off topic for a sec and make the point at the end. I have a friend that was also my mechanic. I had him fix a Bobcat ATV and told him I only had $1200 to fix it. He said if he could take his time on it he would save me money. 3 months past and it was not fixed but he assured me it would be under $1200. I sold the Bobcat and called to see when it would be finished. Another few weeks past. I got a call to pick up the mule and my bill was $1957.97. He cleaned the gas out, replaced a clutch and belt. It was a 2009 model with 800 hours on it.... He is a nice guy with a nice shop but his service sucks and is over priced. I am starting to come to the same conclusion about Rift.

    I am will to pay for Great Service at a More than premium price but I don't call people who offer low quality service at a more than premium price friends.

    I have probably spent $4,000 or $5,000 on this game over the years. I had high hopes they would spend my money wisely. Please Trion, find the problem. Do patches at 1 or 2 am in the morning.

    I own 2 companies and have been in a similar situation. 99% of the time the fix is to reform the management. Promote the management change to the hurt parties and pray like hell they come back.

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    With your "off-topic" example you shared, your mechanic friend, or "friend" (depending on how you define a friend, like was he a stranger? Acquaintance? Friend? Close friend? etc.), not only completed a service that didn't meet an "acceptable" service-quality-to-cost ratio to you, but also broke his word, or promise or supposed promise, that his service given more time will be billed for less than $1,200.
    Breaking a verbal promise, especially in a case like this, is a form of dishonesty and thus can be a more serious offense to most friends and customers than offering an average or poor service-quality-to-cost ratio. Sure, legitimate circumstances or events that affect services can happen, but that'll still underscore his word, or the quality of whether or not one should trust his word.

    Granted, the dishonesty detail may not be too relevant with Rift, as stuffs outlined here have came or are still coming (although slowly) and they maybe careful on where they made promises (or quietly omit), though serveral price-correlating-with-quality derived expectactions are of course being corrected. I say corrected, as the price-correlating-with-quality assumption many customers may have in general can often be broken, exploited, or both.
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