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Thread: Few question about rift

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    Default Few question about rift

    Hi, last time i played like 1.5 years ago and have some questions

    1. Is this game still full free to play ?
    2. What washe biggest changest in this game for the last 1.5 year ?
    3. What is max lvl now ?
    4. Do i need to spend money for item shop to be on the top ?
    5. Can u explain what every class do again ?:>

    thanks guys <3
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    Default hello

    1 for now yes
    2 for me it is the level 65 chat change now all serveur talk on the same channel
    3 65
    4 depend if you have time to play like all commercial mmorpg they let you the choice to buy a lot whit real money but you can play whitout the real money item shop
    5 manny class do manny things and in every class you have the choice to do manny rhings to
    but in game people ask you to do only a few of them raid want healler tank or dps

    (and sorry for my bad english )

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    Hello ProjectLife, welcome back to the game.

    As for your questions...

    1.. full free to play.

    Yes and no.
    It is not full free to play IF you want to play the Starfall Prophecy expansion. This expansion will launch november 16th and will increase levelcap to 70 and skill levelcap to 525.
    It is at this point intended, that players without the SfP xpack can not level over 65 on their characters and can not train their skills over 450. I am not sure how the minions will deal with materials at level 65, what I've seen sofar on PTS is that crafted gear can only be equipped by level minimum level 66.
    The gear upgrades will be through planar fragments, I do not know if this is something only for owners of Starfall or if this will be for all levels. If you want to see what it is all about, I'd suggest visiting PTS and look around for yourself.

    Yes, you can still play Rift without paying a single dollar/euro. You will only, if not buying the Starfall expansion, be limited to the level 65/450 cap.

    You might be able to gather enough Plat in game to find a player who is willing to gift you the expansion in exchange of Plat. I'm not sure on the rates on EU, but last time I checked it was around 19k for the standard edition on NA shards..
    I assume there is not a 100% coverage on the SfP xpack, so there will still be players doing content upto lvl 65.

    2 The biggest change.. There have been many changes in game.
    It has become easier for non-raiders to get raid gear. Tempest Bay is going to be the place where crafting will be concentrated. There are quest givers in Tempest Bay in the main hall, that give the weekly/daily quests for Nightmare Tide level. You will also find Howard there, the bunny giving a weekly quest for congealed dreams, that gives a choice between several rewards, amongst which fragments of darkness/madness, the currency to buy 175/200 hit gear in Rift Store.
    Basic open world gear is 100 hit, xprt 125 hit for level 65. The items that have HIT on them have changed. The current items now are helmet, gloves, chest, legs, weapons and neckpiece.
    There are earring slots, which can be unlocked through void stones (available in Rift Store)

    Chat has been combined... the level channels, world defense and crossevents channels are now Xshard, you can now see the chat from all shards in the same channel, to make it easier to communicate with players from other shards.

    There is the mentoring/sidekick option. You can join other players in a group and mentor down to adjust to the level at which you get xp from whatever you are doing. That way you will be eligible for certain rewards, which you would otherwise not get because of your own level.

    You can also sidekick. When in a group with other players, you can enable sidekick through your portrait menu and your level will be adjusted to the zone you are in. Your level will however never be higher than the level of any of the other players in your group.
    So if you are level 10, you join a group that has a level 50 as highest level, you will not be sidekicked over 50.
    I'm not certain on the following, but from memory, when the highest player in your group is level 50 and you are level 10, but walking in for example silverwood, you will not go higher than level 18, the zone level.

    NIghtmare Rifts are a different thing. You will be mentored to the level of the Rift, no matter what your own level is, when in the reach of that NMR.
    Nightmare Rifts are Rifts with no defined end stage. As long as you do the objectives from the NMR within the time limit, the Rift will not close. It is not the type of Rift you would want to solo.

    Another change is the addition of Plane Touched Wilds, which is content at level 65. It is located next to Droughtlands/Lantern Hook, you go from the Portal there to the west, into the hills to reach the area. Along with PTW came the Primalist calling, which is included in one of the soul packs from Rift Store.

    Along with PTWilds came the poison, burning and nightmare artifacts. You need the specific buff to see those artifacts. You can either buy the specific vials for the buffs or just collect artifacts in PTW to get the buffs. You will first get the poison buff, which also does poison damage. Next the burning buff, which does extra damage and finally the nightmare buff. The buffs stack.. Assuming that has not changed, you will need poison buff to get burning and burning to gain nightmare buff.

    You can click away the buffs in the buff bar. All 3 buffs do their own damage and more buffs means more damage. They last 30 minutes... So if you go artifact hunting, take a bunch of healing pots and drinks with you.. a self healing cast will not hurt either.

    Last thing.. minions. You can collect minion cards. This is a system that allows you to send minions on adventure and return to you with some rewards.
    You start out with one adventure slot, your first minion you can get for free in Sanctum/Meridian/Tempest Bay.
    The basic minions have one aspect on them..
    There are 6 aspects of the plane and 6 adventure type aspects.
    Planes are water, death, life, fire, earth and air.
    Adventure type (and with that determine the type of result you get from adventure) are harvesting, hunting, assasination, dimension, notoriety and artifacts.
    Minions can have a combination of plane + adventure type.
    Blue minions usually have 1 adventure type + one plane type.
    Epic minions usually have a combination of 4 aspects, always a combination of both categories.
    The adventures are a combination of plane + adventure type. The max score your minions can have on such a combination is 25 when at full level. Minions get MinionXP when finishing an adventure.
    They get more Mxp when going on an adventure that has the same aspect as shown on the minion card.
    Higher level minions with higher corresponding aspect score will give better results.
    Minions com from all sources, quests, kills, specific actions (there is one from a chest in GSB chronicle)
    and you can buy some in Store based upon notoriety level in Nightmare Tide.

    3 max level.. For characters it will be 70 if you have the Starfall expansion, level 65 if you do not have the Starfall xpack. Crafting will be 525 with Starfall, 450 without Starfall.
    PvP.. Sorry, I do not know the answer to that.

    4 P2W.. The opinions are divided on that.

    If you want to be level 70 and do endgame in Starfall, you will need the xpack. Yes, you can buy the xpack with real money. Or, like I mentioned above, find somebody who is willing to gift it to you for the right amount of Plat.

    Depending on what 'on the top' means for you, and how fast you want to reach that goal, you may feel you have to spend real money in the store.
    A lot of things in Rfit Store are available for credits. Those can be bought with real money. There is also the REX. Players can sell these REX through trade or on Auction House for plat. Using the REX gives 1250 credits and 2500 loyalty, which gives the option to buy things in Rift Store. Eventually, somebody will have paid with real money for that REX, but there is the option to get REX without spending that real money for it.
    Current rates for REX are 2400 to 2800 on NA shards and 4300 to 4800 on EU shards. On Auction House, the prices are usually higher than in personal trade, simply because it is a guaranteed/instant sell and there is no cut on the price from Auction fees.
    Auction House now has a listing fee, that is returned when selling the item on auction.
    On Auction House you can, if you have the full AH functionality, place some buy orders, asking for items to be sold to you at a certain price. In that case, you as buyer will pay the auction fee, which is enclosed in the amount you pay when posting your buy order.

    5 the different types each class can play..

    Depending on which soul packs you have, you can play any type you want.
    Mage can be tank, Warrior can play healer.
    All different types are Healer, DPS, Support and Tank.
    There are 5 different callings now. Mage, Rogue, Warrior, Cleric and Primalist.
    There are 3 soul packs.. Storm Legion souls, NT souls and Ascended souls( primalist included)

    If you do not have all soul packs, you may want to check in the presets in creation screen which souls might be interesting enough for you. All soul packs are available in Rift Store for credits.

    I hope this (long) reply gives you the answers you are looking for. For any other information... check PTS, drop your questions in Forum, ask in Xevents in game..

    Again, welcome back and enjoy the game!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ProjectLife View Post
    Hi, last time i played like 1.5 years ago and have some questions

    1. Is this game still full free to play ?
    2. What washe biggest changest in this game for the last 1.5 year ?
    3. What is max lvl now ?
    4. Do i need to spend money for item shop to be on the top ?
    5. Can u explain what every class do again ?:>

    thanks guys <3

    1. The game is f2p from 1-60. After 60 two required items move it from f2p to p2p option.

    Planwalker status is required to use gear after level 60 within the Nightmare Tide xpan. You can obtain this by paying out 50k void stone (by grinding it out *notice weekly cap*) or buying $15 worth of credits in the store.

    The next item is:

    Earring slots: This item is a must to have decent gear stats in the Nightmare Tide xpan. You will pay also 50k void stone (refer to note above) or $10 in credits in the Rift store.

    This totals about $25. If you're wise, find a cheap seller to buy the basic Nightmare Tide Expan off of for like $10. This is about its worth. A gaming comp has it for $16. Just google. It includes the planewalker and earring slots. But make sure to read the description/instructions to verify for yourself.

    Level 65- 70 Starfall Propehcy Xpan cost of $40 or $60.
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    a little comment on the planewalker status

    This does not refer to all gear, only a couple of pieces. Perhaps the most annoying piece is the t2 helmet in rift store, that requires planewalker...

    But you can realize enough good gear without planewalk.. it is by far not required to get bis or needed for every piece of gear/equip.

    Earring slots.. useful, but not a 100% necessity.. It is just a stats improvement, that is more important for end raid than open world.
    And 50k void stones is, weekly cap in consideration, still fairly easy to get. Carnages, calender reward, questing.. there are many sources, manugo game in goboro, draumheim and tarken included

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