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Thread: New Year and Family Traditions

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    Default New Year and Family Traditions

    Hi All, as we approach the New Year, I like also like to reflect on memories that make me smile, hence this topic is Family Traditions. Please feel free to share and wishing you all a Very Happy New Year!
    Last Tag
    It’s called Last Tag.

    The objective is to be the last one to “tag” the other before the party breaks up.

    The contestants are usually family members, as in an uncle and his three grown nephews.

    The Match’s starting zone begins inside the house after holiday gluttony, dozing and calls from the women “it’s time that we get ready to go, traffic will be heavy”.

    A twinkle in the eye of a nephew, standing up and stretching, parting hugs, kisses and handshakes signals the Match is about to begin.

    A simple shoulder tap of three fingers and the word “tag” is gently spoken.

    Round 1 is now in play. The tagged person now wears the look of complete shock and awe, recoils like a cobra and springs like a cheetah in a high speed pursuit of the taggee. Any person, furniture, or objects that start tumbling are grabbed for by usually us women of the house. When the next “tag” is completed,

    Round 2 is in play. The match has now travelled up the stairs to the second floor, sounding distinctly like a stampeding pack of water buffalos. After much crashing sounds and the giggling laughter of grown men, the victor will run down 2 stairs at a time, appear with a face red from laughter, fling the front door open and now,

    Round 3 is in play. If there is snow on the ground, snowballs are “official tags”. The contestants now stream out of the front door and positions are taken. Those choosing to be in a melee position attempt to stuff snow down the others’ shirts, the ranged aim for buttocks of those retreating.

    The match ends when the departing manage to get into their automobiles or a tie situation where a second round of cocoa and cookies is served.
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