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Thread: Help me plzz

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    Default Help me plzz

    OK so my wife and I are bored out of our minds waiting for Rift. I was considering to go back and try out VG. I bought it for release and never played it because of a horrible launch and it was an unfinished product. I noticed a lot of VG players are interested in Rift. So, this brings me to some questions for you all.

    Is it worth playing?
    Are the servers dead?
    Which server would be best/most populated?
    Did they fix all the issues the game had?

    I ask here instead of on the VG forums because I want an unbiased answer in case anyone was wondering. So if you can help me out any info would be great.

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    VG is still alive, but you have to love it. There have been a ton of bug fixes since launch four years ago. It is not a perfect product though. There are still new bugs with the new content added, but it is not unplayable by any means. Population has seen a decline in recent years. There have been two server mergers since launch, the last one happening not but a few months ago. So, your server selection is limited. Basically, now they have a US, European, and PvP server I believe.

    I do not think you will be let down, but don't expect to play it for long. There are better titles out there now and coming soon. Probably the biggest thing going against VG is the lack of interest these days. It is worth a shot to see if you get hooked, but it is not for everyone is what I guess I'm trying to say.

    Hope that shed some light.

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