Have you ever gotten sick of WYSIWYG editors that fall short of expressing who you are and forum tools that fail to keep you instantly and easily connected to what's going on in the topics/users/posts you are interested in?

This forum is pretty good. I like the colors and the navigation isn't so bad. However, I've seen a site that takes message boards to a whole new level of interactivity and polish. You may scoff when I tell you that it is a site for knitters, dyers, crocheters, et al. However, this is a fricking cool site. Casey rocks the code for innovative webmastering. He's got a forum that I look forward to using just so that I can have fun with all the little charming things he does.

For example: Recently on Talk Like a Pirate Day, he converted not only their website's language to Caribee-English, but people's posts were converted as well! Posts flagged as inappropriate posts are dimmed. Avatars can be hidden or disagreed with (flagged) or the user can be outright ignored. Posts can be rated individually. These are a tiny sampling of what Casey has done. It's a world apart from normal forums, to be sure.

Oh! You want the web address? It's ravelry.com. Rift webmaster - please check it out and ask him if he'd be interested in doing something for Rift. Hopefully, he'll license the code or help run your site for you. The depth and breadth of this code monkey's creation are sure to impress you even if you don't knit. With such a forum in place, we could grow our community and increase effective communication.