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Thread: Playing Aion for a change.....

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    Default Playing Aion for a change.....

    So, I have taken some time away from rift to go and play Aion.

    Its a fairly good game, plenty of PvP in openworld zones after level 20 (Eltnen, Morheim +).

    Its missing a few features that definitely give Rift the advantage in my eyes, but it is built on an engine that my computer handles a lot better than Rifts; Cryengine.

    Strangely, the thing I miss most is the ability to make incidental changes to my characters appearance without paying a small sum of real money to do so each time.

    I am playing a class that I kind of wish existed in Rift, or even just a take on the souls - The Engineer.

    Dual wield Revolvers and a secondary weapon of an Aether cannon (BFG) for the gunners, or a big battle-mover kinda suit that has a huge gun and does melee damage up close, summoned with a key called the Aethertech.

    In Aion, the Ranger(Bows only, no pet) and Assassin have their own major calling, the scout. Master of tracking and traps.

    Anyway, something I couldn't quite get my head around. Like in Rift, there are 2 Player factions - Elyos, the "light" side, also referred to in game lore as the Guardians, and, get this, their capital city is Sanctum.

    The other side are called the Asmodians, a darker side of things, much like rifts defiants, and their main city is called "Pandaemonium".

    I am only having a break from Rift, and will be coming back after 3.0 releases, but logging in once a week anyway just to get mail and let my guild know I am still around.
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    Anyway, something I couldn't quite get my head around.
    Rift had taken 'inspiration' from several gaming sources. This is likely one of them. Another (at least for 1.X content) was Dragon Age (even using same composer).

    In fact, when describing Rift to people, I sometimes call it a MMO version of Dragon Age, or more PvE and Western focused version of Aion. lol

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    I tried going back to Aion. Played it 1.5 years before finding Rift. Resource management is a pain, and the world pvp is a blessing and a curse. It's great when you're 65 and have ok if not great pvp gear. It sucks massively when you're 60-64, grinding out dailies and weeklies for your bloodmark gear and getting zerged by well geared veterans.

    My system also handles Aion better it does Rift. I like 2 of the support characters in Aion as well or better than my support characters in Rift. My chanter in can do about anything, and do it well. I really liked the buffs I could provide, increasing offense/defense, shielding, healing, increasing cast/attack speeds, increasing movement speed, etc. My songweaver was just fun because it was a mage with heals, good burst, good sustained, and the ability to heal mana for itself and group members at will. Additionally, turning people to penguins (sleep) was amusing, and paralyzing people was fun.

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    I also have played Aion for a couple years and will have to say the game is pretty fun, looks like they take care of the PVPers there way better than here. I left Aion to play pvp here for a change in pace. after playing here a couple years hoping Rift would keep throwing PVPers a little love, the new expansion has pretty much ***** slapped all the PVP community by taking away our PVP progression, gear, essences, runes, or anything special to a PVPer. I have clearly noticed a longer que times for PVP and the population seems to be dwindling because of the unpopular changes........I hope Trion reconsiders before too many people leave

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    I started Aion a few months after launch, played it like half a year... was great! Then after F2P I went on a new server for another playing session, played like half a year again.

    My opinion: the base game was the best. I pretty much disliked every update that the game had. Except chaos arena, that was awesome. But really, the abyss was just way cooler than all these open world zones like... what was it called, ingisson? And abyss sieges were way cooler than new area sieges. And Steel Rake and Dark Poeta were much more fun than newer instances imo. I also dislike the classes they put in the game at 4.0 and I dislike the gun weapons. Keep your tech/steampunk crap out of my fantasy MMO please!

    Also, 1.5 dredgion most fun PvP ever! (at that time there were no shields or restrictions and both teams could go anywhere from the start)
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