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Thread: Need League Of Legend players / Friends

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    Default Need League Of Legend players / Friends

    I play League Of Legends now rarely log on to RIFT after the souls launched.

    I have been playing LoL for 2 weeks I am pretty good because I practice in bot games, now I am doing pvp I need friends who are in the same situation.

    I am lv10 I do jungle, top, mid and bot the champions I own are Jinx, Thresh, Udyr "Ultimate skin" Zed, Katrina, Leblanc, Master Yi, Fiddlesticks, Kha Zix, Annie, Lissindra, Morgana, Yasao and Warwick.

    I am fed up with over extenders and feeders these people don't practice they just simply join pvp and get owned and mana drained from trying to get first blood. Either that or they don't speak English they just troll around I play for fun but I want to win.

    So I am looking for people of both sex's I don't care, who want to learn or already play who speak English and you MUST play on the EU west side I am in my 20's so mature people would be great. If you want to try we can always do player vs bots as in computer controlled so you can pick it up.

    Add me aoaoFOX
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    1. Your lvl 10 ... the people in your matches will also be ~ lvl 10 ( except for the smurfs)
    so do not be surprised at all if people on your team are inexperienced and/or sux.

    2. It will not get any better once you are lvl 30, League of Legends is an amazing game with
    the most toxic online community in existence. How you handle it will effect your game play
    experience more than anything else - if you can deal with it and not rage you will have so
    much fun, if not I give it about 2 wks before you punch a hole in your monitor.
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