"Musica Épica" i think its epic music in english :P

well, does somebody hear this style of music? i think its really good and i really like it

every "band" (dont know how to call ithem sorry xD) has a different style, so i will put some differents and you shall tell me if you liked it!
turn the volume up ! :P

X-Ray Dog:
X-Ray Dog - Here Comes The King
X-Ray Dog - The System
X-Ray Dog - Final Hour
X-Ray Dog - Acts of Courage
X-Ray Dog - From The Heart
other style:
X-Ray Dog - Screaming Souls
X-Ray Dog - Dangerous Encounter

Two Steps From Hell (a music company that makes songs for movie trailers or games):
Two Steps From Hell - Clair Voyant
Two Steps From Hell - Heart Of Courage
Two Steps From Hell - Eria
Two Steps From Hell - Frozen Moment
Two Steps From Hell - Infinite Legends

Brand X Music:
Brand X Music - Fearless - 300 somebody?
Brand X Music - Dogs Of War
Brand X Music - Forgotten World
Brand X Music - Never Surrender
Brand X Music - Armada
Brand X Music - Slay The Dragon

Immediate Music:
Immediate Music - Serenata Immortale
Immediate Music - Clash Of Titans
Immediate Music - Strength and Honor

uff xD post nº100! hope you like it