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Thread: To all Engineer's any type that has meetings

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    Default To all Engineer's any type that has meetings

    Hey Engineer's Ever feel like this in a meeting with everyone who keeps calling you the expert but will not #^@^en listen, No matter what you cant say no, just figure out and get it done,


    This is how it is in the war room for me, as a VMware engineer for my company, I had a friend email me this and I thought it was spot on / hilarious, Its like Dilbert cartoons / acted out,

    And yes my company call's it a war room when we all have to be in there for any stupid reason that someones computer might be .0002 seconds to slow to load up.
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    I was shown this video during a "Communication in Engineering" module I had to take. The tutor's own take on it was that nothing is ever personal. Just that the marketing side wants to do a great job on their part and you want to do a great job yourself too. Damn marketing department and their over-promises.

    Personally, I thought they were just being racist, thinking that an Asian engineer can do anything.
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