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Thread: Solar paneled Roads? Impossible? Not if you help these guys: Solar Roadways

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    Default Solar paneled Roads? Impossible? Not if you help these guys: Solar Roadways

    I saw this on one of my tech blogs and the attention they're getting right now is anemic so i'm bringing the message everywhere i can.

    These guys have something that can change the USA and potentially the entire world and are very much worth your support.

    Imagine replacing your asphalt road with solar panels.

    Now you're imaginging all the problems of those flimsy things you see on the side of the road right?

    Not here not with these guys. They've developed a surface that is not only solar conductive but VERY strong able to withstand the heaviest of road capable vehicles 125 TONS! (250 THOUSAND lbs.)

    They have finished their small scale testing and now are ready to go to the testing that will determine how viable a replacement it is for asphalt their traction standards exceed those set for our current roads and the things they can do with these roads is nothing short of astonishing.

    You wont ever need to paint them. LED lights will show the way giving far better visibility at night. Signs homes and businesses can be powered by this. Imagine the roadways of the USA covered in this and set up for it. They can be self heating. Icy and snow covered roads could be a thing of the past.

    The potential power generation is on an unheard of level and they need help to move forward.

    They've started an indiegogo and its not getting anywhere near the attention or money a project like this deserves.


    They are worth your money and your time this is one of the projects we need to move our world forward. This isnt just 'for the enviroment' or about money the best of things occur when all of it balls up into one thing that is RIGHT. This IS the next step foward for Infrastructure and i feel its worthy of your support. Pass it to your friends pass it to your parents pass it to anyone you can. Thanks for your time.
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    This is something that's similar to something that's already been invented and available in some countries, I forget where but there are some roads that already have UV conducting elements built into the surfaces at intervals that use sunlight and the heat generated by the sun on the tarmac to generate power to operate the streetlights and operating heating elements in the surface for de-icing in the winter, it's pretty cool.
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    Sounds cool on paper, but my ultimate concern would not be so much vehicular weight issues, but how things like applied friction over time, extremes in climates, and even things like damage from accidents, rocks slides, or even collapse would affect long term sustainability.

    As is, I suspect it would be significantly more expensive than producing asphalt, have its own complications for spot repair even if modular, and probably require a higher degree of training in a field that can occasionally be short-staffed due to being hard and risky labor with other possible long-term effects like hearing loss being near heavy machinery for prolonged periods.

    And while a potential green solution to renewable energy, there is also the consideration it could lead to closures of power plants, coal, and other related businesses. Living in a town where that has happened for other reasons, the social fallout could quite simply be called decaying. I wish the project luck, but money can and will fight it.

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    Not to mention when kids hack the grid and make "Zombies Ahead" look like child's play, lol.

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