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Thread: Old School EverQuest Players? Heard of Project 1999 Classic EQ?

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    Default Old School EverQuest Players? Heard of Project 1999 Classic EQ?

    Just found this gem a month ago, and have been playing ever since. Wow the nostalgia lol. Enjoy

    EQ Classic Server:

    Our Guild/Gaming Community:

    Our Live Streams:
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    Rift Tribunal

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    Yeah, definitely have heard of it..but after several years of playing EQ and EQ2 fairly hardcore, I'm basically over it. My husband and I have a lot of really good memories from playing EQ together especially, but without a solid player base that includes a significant chunk of new players mixed in with the 'old schoolers' (as in, a retention of a good mix rather than a static population of 'back in the day' players), I just don't think it would be the same.

    About a week ago, as we sat playing Rift, we talked about the time when we played EQ. Even the bad stuff (from really old-school days when losing your corpse FOREVER was a real threat) is remembered somewhat fondly (because it's likely not to happen again), The treasured times (being on the Stormhammer server and in a fantastic top raiding guild, for example) are something we could write about.

    Now I'm going to be thinking about selling in EC and all the shenanigans that ensued during the day...

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    Played it in its early states and dabble here and there. Could never re-commit to the game, it just saps all your time.

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